09 Feb '13, 7am

Congratulations to Jason Holman. You've just become the most hated man in America! #military

Congratulations to Jason Holman. You've just become the most hated man in America! #military

Congratulations to Jason Holman. You've just become the most hated man in America! #military Congratulations to Jason Holman. You've just become the most hated man in America! Like · Comment

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  1. 30 May '14, 11pm

    Do the responsible thing & delete this. He was hacked...

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  2. 20 Feb '14, 3am

    Jason Holman
    12700 Indian School Rd NE Apt 102
    Albuquerque, NM 87112
    (505) 948-1912
    [email protected]

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  3. 13 Feb '14, 4am

    He lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Owns Dreambig productions!!

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  4. 12 Feb '14, 9pm

    irresponsible, disrespectful, low-life piece of shit he is. he wants to throw God into the mix, God not only created us equal he created this world and the way it turned out to be WAS HIS PLAN. so if he has an issue with God's plans.. he needs to take that up with him in private, not through a social media site just for the attention. he can talk a big talk but when he's standing before God and has no answers as to why he wasted the life God blessed him with, i hope he is cast to hell to burn for all eternity.

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  5. 12 Feb '14, 8pm

    my boyfriend is currently serving in kuwait and whoever this stupid fuck is needs to do a serious self and life check. he's just embarrassed that he IS NOT A HERO OR SOMETHING GREAT nor will he EVER have or get the respect that the men and woman fighting for our country have. he's gotta bring down the ones who are actually doing something with their future and risking their lives for the safety of HIM, HIS FAMILY and HIS LOVED ONES because he's too lazy to fulfull his future and is just a waste of space life and seems like a waste of God's time. he needs a crucial reality check, and when it happens, which it will, i hope he suffers as he eats those harsh words he was so tough to WRITE . God did create us equal, but not everyone fulfills the potential God put in us, and the moron who wrote this is most definitely one of those people who will die never knowing what his ever was. so again, don't make him famous that's not the potential God invested his time in for that self-less, irrespon

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  6. 09 Feb '14, 3am

    being that he went and deactivated his facebook

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  7. 27 Jan '14, 12pm

    He just isnt hated in America there are people who in Australia looking for him on facebook....

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  8. 26 Jan '14, 8pm

    Wow, this guy is stupid asshole. How you can call us dumb asses? We have more education than you!! We have Doctors, Nurses, Engineers, Pilots, all kind of professionals that have more dedication and love for this country than you!! I volunteer because I want to serve not because I couldn't get in college. I did got in college and served too. Probably more than you can say. You need to get your information from a real source not from your ass(^%&^&^%(**_(.

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  9. 24 Jan '14, 9pm

    Fuck you Jason Holman and to the UN American cocksuckers who agree with him. I've earned 2 degrees and a Masters from Texas A&M been in the USN for 10 years and going strong.
    There is plenty of room in hell for all of you fucking disgusting pathetic human beings you call Americans, do me a favor before your trip to hell stop by Texas and meet the end of my friends Ruger, Smith and Wesson and Mr. AK himself.

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  10. 08 Jul '13, 1am

    Hey, this guy has a problem with Soldiers. I'm willing to bet that his girlfriend or wife had their ass tore open by a Marine home on leave. This puke could also be upset cause his fat ass was turned away.

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  11. 21 May '13, 1am

    Here is the address & email of United States Navy Seals for all that want to bad mouth the U.S. Military. Write them want you think if you have the guts.

    E: [email protected]
    T: (888) USN-SEAL (888) 876-7325
    F: (619) 437-2873

    SEAL + SWCC Scout Team
    2000 Trident Way, Building #613
    San Diego, CA 92155

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  12. 15 May '13, 2am

    I've noticed a couple people agreeing with this guy. I respect your right to your opinion, but you should respect the men and women who have laid their lives down to defend that right. Should we be in the Middle East? Yes. Should we have gone as far out as we did? No. We got the man who did 9/11 and it should be done with, but its not. So i agree with some points who agree with him, but as for this fat ignorant coward, not a chance. Too stupid for college? In case this guy didnt know, we have nuclear technicians in the military, which by the way im sure even though he went to college he wouldn't know how to handle nuclear energy, and also require PhD's by civilian contractors.

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  13. 10 Apr '13, 10pm

    Dude needs to learn to spell first, I mean I'm no grammar nazi but seriously it helps you spell check..if your so flustered while typing that can do it too, is that it Jason were you flustered?, I wonder what made you so mad at our troops...I bet it has to do with your masculinity (or lack there of) did you really say you wouldn't defend your family?... or is it the fact that you can't do what real men do..Oh and the men who were drafted are hero's in my eyes AND it's because it's voluntary is what makes all of them hero's, that's the beauty of America people like you can continue to be whiny little girls, leave the hard jobs for the big boys...If you don't like it there's always a deserted island you can go to.

    -Signed Wife, daughter, grand daughter and daughter in law of a proud Veterans.
    Army, Airforce, Navy AND Marines!

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  14. 10 Apr '13, 10pm

    Look at all the cowards agreeing with this guy..did you all fail basic training or something? it's like y'all are jealous lol.


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  15. 10 Apr '13, 7pm

    it's because he says everyone in the military is too stupid for college and are only good for catching bullets.

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  16. 10 Apr '13, 3pm

    Why he is hated no one was drafted to do any military work in decades so basically anyone that goes I to the military is a stupid optionless loser. No respect for them or the government of the United States. I could live my life the exact same way and may be better but just never tried any place else I wanted to live. Take out his rants and raves about "god" and he is 100% right. The "god" stuff makes him lose credibility because believing in "religion" is a sign of low intelligence and stupidity. Not at all a surprise stupid soldiers thank god and pray. Just funny how dumb this country is.

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  17. 09 Apr '13, 11am


    There's his profile. Have at it!

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  18. 09 Apr '13, 2am

    He became the most hated man - for what? We should NOT have been in the Middle East at all. Don't blame it on 9/11. We were already meddling with their business in the 90's. Murder is murder is murder. There are SO many men and women who came out of the military HATING what they have done. Jason, THANK YOU SO MUCH for saying what many of us also believe. What the troops are doing IS wrong. I absolutely do not support the troops. I understand many people support their country's troops even when they do wrong (example: citizens of Germany during Holocaust). Why are so many people against this man? People to the right have always approved of war. A democrat is president so of course now the left approves of war. It is no mystery why the anti-war protesters are so hard to spot and speak out. It's just the usual, boring, repetitive politics. And the war drags on..
    "We were told we were fighting terrorists. The real terrorist was me. And the real terrorism is this occupation." -Mike Prysner

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