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Hump Day Hook for February 27 from Made For Her #scifi #military #romance #HDH via @jsubject

She wouldn’t. She’d asked to be reassigned for the exact reason before her. She felt her heart race. Beads of sweat formed across the back of her neck. Unlike the other genetically modified Daniels, D32 was the only one to look exactly like her late husband. He and Daniel had the same large and broad build that had always made her feel safe, never threatened. His blond hair made a buzz-cut look good on his perfectly shaped head, and his eyes…they were such an intense blue that she became lost in them if she stared too long. Flashbacks of her and Daniel in bed flooded her mind, and she shook them away. The man in front of her was a clone. And she needed him to leave. “D32, what are you doing here?”

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27 Feb — Announcement |

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