11 Aug '18, 5pm

Manzoor Pashteen refused entry by Shaheed Captain Sher Khan's Brother.

Instead of being hyper nationalist like arnab goswami try and think normally. If he raises his voice for missing people there is nothing wrong in it. People have gone missing in their thousands without any legal reason. I love My army , but this blind following of "our army is always right "no matter what is exactly the reason why we are in a mess. They are not angels and prone to mistakes. In the past our army has been involved in alot of grey areas. Progressive countries hold their military accountable for everything not let them give them a free reign to do whatever they want.

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'Taliban Khan' is fighting for minority rights.

defence.pk 11 Aug '18, 5pm

I earnestly hope that he is able to keep this promise. We must ensure equality and freedom to all, irrespective of colour,...