25 Apr '13, 5pm

Betting this is @drewryun's next gun purchase: "Henry Big Boy .44 – Americana Defined"

Betting this is @drewryun's next gun purchase: "Henry Big Boy .44 – Americana Defined"

All American, versatile, hard-hitting and definitely deserving of praise. The first time I heard of a Henry rifle was on a Louis L’amour book on tape probably 25 years ago, while my family and I were on a road trip. A character in the book was meting out frontier justice on whomever. The imagery of circled wagons defended by lever-action Henrys will forever be in my mind. Henry began making lever-action rifles in 1860, when they were first patented by Benjamin Tyler Henry. There is an infamous pic from the Civil War showing a group of Union cavalrymen posing with their Henry rifles, shown below. The story of the Henry rifle is the stuff of legend and is inseparably connected with American history. Henrys found themselves on both sides of the Civil War and both sides of the Indian Wars. 7th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Most, if not all of you, are familiar with lever-action ...

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Big boy sneakers!!

Big boy sneakers!!

instagram.com 26 Apr '13, 3pm

Aww that's cute :) u have a handsome little boy :)

Big pixels are back!

Big pixels are back!

yankodesign.com 24 Apr '13, 4pm

The 8-bit Bumper for iPhone 5 and 8-Bit Sleeve for iPad Mini hearken back to the beginnings of the video game revolution, ...

Interesting new blog from @HomeEnergyMag: Nest(ing): A Home-Energy Home Run For Mother Earth

Interesting new blog from @HomeEnergyMag: Nest(...

homeenergy.org 25 Apr '13, 10pm

Maximillian Auffhammer, associate professor, agricultural and resource economics With Earth Day just behind us, I briefly ...

A big blow for Big Coal in Wisconsin

A big blow for Big Coal in Wisconsin

grist.org 25 Apr '13, 12am

Under the settlement, filed in federal court in Madison on Earth Day, the utilities will be assessed a civil penalty of $2...

The Big Wedding

gv.com.sg 07 May '13, 9am

THE BIG WEDDING is a smart, witty and often outrageous comedy that gives an intimate view of a modern family through their...

A Boy and his Atom. A Story by IBM

element14.com 04 May '13, 12am

IBM have been working overtime with their STM machine to move a sequence of atoms in a Stop Frame animation. Here's the re...