01 Aug '13, 4am

Top 20 Jokes of Weinergate #Comedy #tcot #tlot #Military #NRA #teaparty #LNYHBT #GOP

Top 20 Jokes of Weinergate #Comedy #tcot #tlot #Military #NRA #teaparty #LNYHBT #GOP

Would Obama resign over the deaths of scores of innocent Mexicans in the wake of the Fast and Furious scandal? Would he resign if a U.S. Ambassador died in a preventable attack on a U.S. consulate? Would he resign if he casually murdered dozens of young children by drone strikes? Or how about when he trashed the Fourth Amendment with the NSA’s surveillance of millions of Americans? Was his confiscation of the personal records of a slew of reporters, thus violating the First Amendment, enough for him to allude to resignation? No, no, no. But if Barry Soetoro’s name was ever tainted by a sex scandal, you’d better believe he’d be out in a hurry.

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