The Future of Coastal Artillery

The Future of Coastal Artillery

Several technological shifts in warfare brought about the wholesale demise of coastal artillery shortly after the Second World War. Aerial bombardment out-ranged all guns no matter what caliber, and in the case of North American coastal fortifications, Soviet nukes simply reduced them to irrelevancy. But could current trends become the impetus for a resurgence in coastal "artillery" for the world's navies? To some extent this has already happened, as relatively low cost and mobile surface to surface anti-ship missiles have proliferated to both state and non-state forces. Lebanese Hezbollah set the precedence for their use against Israel's Hanit in 2006. China and Russia have held a monopoly on producing and selling these systems, but Western powers are starting to take notice. Kongsberg's Naval Strike Missile is ground, air, or sea launched and has been acquired by Poland ...

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