29 Jan '14, 10pm

See #Marines’ impact in Haiti in the wake of a 7.0 magnitude earthquake.

Follow The Marines Toward The Sounds Of Chaos In This Original Web Series From the mountains of Afghanistan to the shores of Haiti, Marines are ready and able to face down the threats of our time at a moment's notice. Now for the first time, you can move with the Marines toward the sounds of chaos in the web series filmed on the front lines by the Marines fighting on them. Check back often for new videos-because chaos lurks around the corner. And where there is chaos there are Marines nearby; ready and able to silence it. Select a marker above to watch marines fight chaos around the world As America's Crisis Response Force We Are Organized, Trained and Equipped to Face Down the Threats of our Time, Anywhere in the World, At a Moment's Notice. General James F. Amos, Commandant of the Marine Corps

Full article: http://www.marines.com/global-impact/toward-chaos/unified...


Service that makes an impact. #Marines

marines.com 31 Jan '14, 12am

Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) - becoming a Marine Officer The NROTC program provides the Marine-Option Mids...