29 Nov '14, 2pm

Who'd have thought that 2 #Welsh farmers would be wanted by the SAS? Read why - by @owen_author #ASMSG #military

Wayne Gamm was born on a remote sheep farm on a mountainside in north Wales on a stormy night in June. The weather was not significant because it rains a lot in that part of Wales, in most parts of Wales in fact, pretty often. The doctors, the midwife and even the family itself, wanted the baby to be delivered in the nearest hospital because they knew that he was going to be large and it was her first baby, but for reason's that will become apparent, his mother and grandmother thought that would be a very dangerous idea. His father, Samuel Gamm, was the son of sheep farmers from Devon in England and he had met his future wife while touring in Wales as an itinerant sheerer. Wayne's mother, Gwynedd was a Welsh-speaker from the area. All of her family had been born on the farm, Yr Ardd Y Ddraig, The Dragon's Garden, for as far back as they knew - a family bible put that at at...

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