24 May '12, 3pm

What would you make in a @techshop?

DARPA, VA & TechShop partner to encourage innovation, build skills, explore iFAB design strategies To innovate we must make, and to protect we must produce. This is a theme that ties together DARPA’s numerous advanced manufacturing efforts. One such effort, part of the Adaptive Vehicle Make (AVM) portfolio, is called Instant Foundry Adaptive through Bits (iFAB). iFAB seeks to create a foundry to rapidly design and reconfigure manufacturing capabilities to support the fabrication of a wide array of military vehicles. Now, thanks to a new collaboration between DARPA, the Department of Veterans Affairs and TechShop, a test-bed will exist to examine new methods and various approaches to creating an effective iFAB. At the same time, the facilities provide a space for innovators to access industrial tools, training and equipment needed to pursue their own ‘make’ ideas without th...

Full article: http://www.darpa.mil/NewsEvents/Releases/2012/05/24.aspx