05 Apr '15, 10pm

#POTD #HMAS SNIPE @Australian_Navy Ton-class minehunter:

returned to Australian waters in May 1975 and commenced survey operations, most notably in the approaches to Darwin in the aftermath of Cyclone Tracy. During the month-long operation, several sunken trawlers and other navigational hazards were located, most of them victims of the Cyclone, and whose fate had previously been unknown. On 22 September, Snipe was detached from surveying duties in South Australian waters to search for the wreckage of a crashed Bristol Freighter aircraft in Bass Strait. On 21 November, she was called upon once again to search for the wreckage of a crashed aircraft; on this occasion, a Sea King helicopter which had ditched into the water near Shoalhaven Bight. Sonar contact was made on 28 October in 210 feet of water and a four-day resurfacing operation began on 8 November. Snipe towed the wreckage of the aircraft to Jervis Bay.

Full article: http://www.navy.gov.au/hmas-snipe