10 Apr '15, 12pm

[email protected] updates its #FOIA regulations, adopting some changes suggested by public commenters

The Department of Justice last week published newly updated regulations on implementation of the Freedom of Information Act, with several notable changes made in response to public comments. Fifteen sets of comments were submitted by individual members of the public or public interest organizations after the Department released its draft FOIA regulations in 2011. In a lengthy Federal Register notice on April 3, the Department addressed all of the comments, and actually adopted a number of the changes recommended by public commenters. Among the changes that were approved: * The revised regulations explicitly include news organizations that operate solely on the Internet as “representatives of the news media,” making them exempt from search fees. * “The revised fee schedule includes a decrease in duplication fees due to advances in technology.” * The revision adds language s...

Full article: http://fas.org/blogs/secrecy/2015/04/doj-foia/


Bing Updates Image Search

Bing Updates Image Search

searchenginewatch.com 09 Apr '15, 8pm

Bing is rolling out a more elaborate version of its Image Search. By studying user behavior, Bing found that pictures are ...