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‘White knight’ needed to save @RoyalNavy's last Sea Vixen fighter after emergency landing Read: https://t.co/Q4ImoJvsOk

‘White knight’ needed to save Navy's last Sea Vixen after emergency landing 30/06/2017 Upwards of £3M and four years' work is needed to return the Navy's last airworthy Sea Vixen to the skies after an emergency landing. The veteran fighter suffered undercarriage failure and pilot Commander Simon Hargreaves was forced to bring Foxy Lady down at Yeovilton after a successful appearance at Duxford Air Show. The belly landing made for a spectacular sight, throwing up flames and sparks as the jet travelled on its fuselage for several hundred yards before eventually coming to a halt; Cdr Hargreaves was not hurt. Although Foxy Lady came through the landing intact, a comprehensive survey of the jet by engineers shows she suffered far more extensive damage than first thought. The hydraulic failure which prevented the undercarriage lowering also meant the jet's flaps - used to provid...

Full article: http://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/news-and-latest-activity/news...


PR: TE Connectivityに聞く!

PR: TE Connectivityに聞く!

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As if we needed another singing competition show?

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We have The Voice on NBC, ABC stole American Idol from Fox and now Fox reportedly wants back in the singing competition bu...