Posted By Uncle Jimbo • [October 04, 2013]. BRUCE BECHTOL, of the Strategic Studies Institute, joins guest host JIM HANSON to discuss the Cold War style of ...


  • Muslim Brotherhood agitating in Ferguson, MO 14 Nov '14, 3pm

    There are soon to be protests and almost certainly riots in Ferguson, MO when no charges are brought against the police officer who shot Mike Brown. The facts of the case do not seem to matter to the professional outrage mongers who are organizing the mayhem. They made their closed mi...

  • Here's a story interviewing Jason H. Flanery from his marine days. #VonderritMyers

    Marines Fight With "Six-Packs" 20 Nov '14, 12am

    CAMP MERCURY, Iraq (March 9, 2006) -- Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to want one. Marines with Regimental Combat Team 5, based in Camp Fallujah, test-fired the latest in the Corps’ arsenal of weapons’ improvement, the M-32 Multiple shot Grenade Launcher. It’s a six-barreled, 40 mm bea...

  • Iran may end up the winner in Iraq 11 Sep '14, 3pm

    I read thru the statement that President Obama made last night regarding his plan to address ISIS (which he kept calling ISIL) and I'd like to address some of the problems we will face with this. As someone who's actually developed the plans to address problems in Iraq and Syria, and ...

  • via Blackfive | Task Force Black back on the attack #Military #SOT

    Task Force Black back on the attack 25 Aug '14, 9pm

    Task Force Black is back and that is some excellent news. US Delta and SEAL team six operators are joining forces with the British SAS to take the fight to the enemy. Elite British and US special forces troops are forming a hunter killer unit called Task Force Black – its orders: “Sma...

  • Vets for a Strong America hold Hillary accountable 14 Jul '14, 2pm

    Getting information about the Benghazi debacle has been almost impossible in the face of a full on campaign of obfuscation and lies from the administration. But there are some options still available and Vets for a Strong America took advantage of the power of FOIA . Veterans for a St...

  • via Blackfive | You can't end wars; they are won or lost #Military #SOT

    You can't end wars; they are won or lost 13 Jun '14, 10am

    President Obama is learning a lesson about strategy, but the price is beig paid by the Iraqi people (and the Afghans for that matter). You can declare a war to be over, or ended responsibly, and then pat yourself on the back for it. But if the enemy doesn't agree, their vote counts mo...

  • Why Is the Defense Department Trying to Fund Climate Change Studies? 27 May '14, 7pm

    Soooo...the Obama Admin and DoD (same thing) has pushed the DoD to spend funds on studying climate change implications - presumably for military issues. Let's be clear that weather ABSOLUTELY affects military operations. Let's be clear that, whether or not you believe in climate chang...

  • A real strategy for ISIS & Islamist Extremism 02 Sep '14, 2pm

    A real strategy for ISIS & Islamist Extremism You can't end wars if your enemy doesn't. Obama's complaint about needing a strategy ignores the fact that he had one, it just failed. Airstrikes and pretending we are not at war didn't work. The enemies of freedom are on the march. It is ...

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