• A Navy destroyer collided with a merchant vessel off the coast of Singapore

    Navy destroyer collided with merchant vessel off coast of Singapore

    businessinsider.de 21 Aug '17, 1am

    The USS John S. McCain at sea. Thomson Reuters A US Navy destroyer collided with a merchant vessel off the coast of Singapore on Sunday, the Navy said. The destroyer, the USS John S. McCain, collided with the vessel Alnic MC at 5:24 a.m. local time, according to a Navy statement . Ten...

  • Bitcoin is back around the $4000 mark - Business Insider

    Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum price August 21

    businessinsider.de 21 Aug '17, 7am

    Bitcoin's rally is pausing , with the digital currency dipping below $4,000 briefly in early trade on Monday. Bitcoin surged against the dollar last week, breaking through $4,000 for the first time two Sunday's ago before peaking at $4,479. However, after pausing for breath on Friday ...

  • Bitcoin cash is crashing

    Bitcoin cash price crashing

    businessinsider.de 21 Aug '17, 5pm

    Wipe out Ian MacNicol/Getty Images Bitcoin cash is crashing on Monday, trading down nearly 20% at $579 a coin after soaring to a record high of $942 during an impressive weekend rally. In the process, bitcoin cash reclaimed the spot as the third-largest cryptocurrency, according to Co...

  • This 18-year-old digital-currency millionaire thinks bitcoin could hit $10,000 a coin

    Bitcoin millionaire Erik Finman on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash

    businessinsider.de 20 Aug '17, 1pm

    Bitcoin millionaire speaks at a TEDx Teen conference back in 2014. Erik Finman Erik Finman may be only 18, but he's a millionaire, thanks to a very shrewd and early investment in bitcoin. And despite the recent tumult in the world of digital currency and a huge run-up in the value of ...

  • Over half a dozen residents of this San Francisco 'castle' have become bitcoin millionaires

    PHOTOS: Bitcoin millionaires living in San Francisco's 'Crypto Castle'

    businessinsider.de 20 Aug '17, 2pm

    Melia Robinson/Business Insider The Crypto Castle is a three-story home in San Francisco where young tech workers eat, sleep, party, and plot the future of money. A majority of the millennial tenants invest in bitcoin, a new kind of payment system that allows people to buy things and ...

  • BI – Wall Street's biggest bear thinks bitcoin will surge to $6,000 https://t.co/9SZxeSnDuM

    Bitcoin to hit $6,000 by mid-2018, Tom Lee says

    businessinsider.de 18 Aug '17, 4pm

    Fundstrat Founder Tom Lee is amplifying his bullish bet on bitcoin. Fundstrat Fundstrat Founder Tom Lee isn't so positive on the stock market these days, but he's amplifying his bullish bet on bitcoin . In a note on Friday, Lee forecast that the cryptocurrency could rise to $6,000 a c...

  • JOHN McAFEE: Here's why you can't call bitcoin a 'bubble'

    JOHN McAFEE: Here's why you can't call bitcoin a 'bubble'

    businessinsider.de 15 Aug '17, 1pm

    John McAfee John McAfee John McAfee's MGT Capital recently announced it is mining for cryptocurrencies . There are innovations peppered throughout history that have changed human culture beyond recognition. One such innovation was the adoption of agriculture. Prior to this adoption, t...

  • Bitcoin

    Bitcoin price surges past gold: CHART

    businessinsider.de 18 Aug '17, 10pm

    Bitcoin has had its ups and downs since its introduction in 2009, but it's been on a rocket-ship ride of late. On Sunday, it surpassed the $4,000 mark for the first time. Some investors consider bitcoin a safe haven that's comparable to gold. Like gold, the digital currency isn't tied...