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  • Special Operations Beyond War and Peace

    fas.org 17 Apr '15, 1pm

    “Power and influence are now diffusing to a range of actors, both state and non-state, who have not traditionally wielded it,” said Gen. Joseph L. Votel , Commander of U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM), last month. Under these circumstances, “Traditional approaches to deterrence...

  • No Fly List: Govt Offers New Redress Procedures

    fas.org 14 Apr '15, 2pm

    The government will no longer refuse to confirm or deny that persons who are prevented from boarding commercial aircraft have been placed on the “No Fly List,” and such persons will have new opportunities to challenge the denial of boarding, the Department of Justice announced yesterd...

  • Justice Dept Updates its FOIA Regulations

    fas.org 10 Apr '15, 12pm

    The Department of Justice last week published newly updated regulations on implementation of the Freedom of Information Act, with several notable changes made in response to public comments. Fifteen sets of comments were submitted by individual members of the public or public interest...

  • DHS Seeks Increase in Domestic HUMINT Collection

    fas.org 06 Apr '15, 1pm

    The Department of Homeland Security aims to increase its domestic human intelligence collection activity this year, the Department recently told Congress. In a question for the record from a September 2014 congressional hearing , Rep. Paul C. Broun (R-GA) asked: “Do we currently have ...

  • Two New Judges Appointed to FISA Court

    fas.org 06 Apr '15, 1pm

    The Chief Justice of the United States has named two new judges to the eleven-member Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), the Court announced last week. Chief Justice Roberts designated Judge James P. Jones of the Western District of Virginia and Judge Thomas B. Russell of ...

  • Domestic Drones & Privacy, and More from CRS

    fas.org 02 Apr '15, 1pm

    The anticipated deployment of thousands of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) — or drones — in American skies raises unresolved privacy concerns that have barely begun to be addressed, according to a new report from the Congressional Research Service. The CRS report provides “a primer on p...

  • Grob G520T Egrett

    fas.org 04 Apr '15, 8am

    A total of five airplanes were built, the single-seater Proof-of-Concept aircraft, three production single seaters and one two-seater trainer. After an evaluation period, the two Air Forces decided that the aircraft did not fit their requirements. Since then, some of the single seater...