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  • Dewey, George

    history.navy.mil 24 Jun '16, 1pm

    Admiral Dewey had on board Olympia as his pet a badly spoiled dog. He was very fond of it and in his eyes it could do no wrong; however he was alone in that opinion and both officers and the crew, particularly the afterguard sweepers, detested the animal. The dog was smart enough to k...

  • Happy Birthday to #POTUS @GeorgeHWBush! @USSGeorgeHWBush Learn more about #41 here:

    Bush, George H. W.

    history.navy.mil 12 Jun '16, 6pm

    LTJG George Bush's citation for the Distinguished Flying Cross Christman, Timothy J. "Vice President Bush Calls WW II Experience 'Sobering.'; Naval Aviation News 67 (Mar-Apr 1985): 12-15. George Bush in World War II: A Short Bibliography. Upon hearing of the Pearl Harbor attack, while...

    1. Navy.mil - View Image navy.mil 13 Jun '16, 9am
  • Japanese Story of the Battle of Midway

    history.navy.mil 05 Jun '16, 4pm

    On the fifth anniversary of the Battle of Midway, the Office of Naval Intelligence publishes the official Japanese action report of this engagement, recently translated under the supervision of the Naval Analysis Division, United States Strategic Bombing Survey, and here available in ...

  • Gay, George Henry

    history.navy.mil 04 Jun '16, 6pm

    Lieutenant Commander Gay was born at Waco, Texas, 8 March 1917. He completed an engineering course at the Agricultural and Mechanical College, College Station, Texas, and was on the Rifle and Pistol Team there. He entered the US Naval reserve at Houston, Texas, 12 February 1941. Lieut...

  • New Jersey II (BB-62)

    history.navy.mil 23 May '16, 9pm

    The Japanese response to the Marianas operation was an order to its Mobile Fleet; it must attack and annihilate the American invasion force. Shadowing American submarines tracked the Japanese fleet into the Philippine Sea as Admiral Spruance joined his task force with Admiral Mitscher...

  • USS Constitution - America's Ship of State

    history.navy.mil 20 May '16, 9pm

    USS Constitution , “Old Ironsides” USS Constitution ’s victories at sea during the War of 1812 inspired a nation and helped mark the emergence of the United States as a world-class maritime power. USS Constitution is crewed by a select group of active-duty U.S. Navy Sailors who share ...

  • Oklahoma (Battleship No. 37)

    history.navy.mil 02 May '16, 1pm

    The 46th state of the Union, admitted on 16 November 1907. The name, in Choctaw, means "red man." (Battleship No. 37: displacement 27,500; length 583'; beam 95'3"; draft 28'6"; speed 20.5 knots; complement 864; armament 10 14-inch, 20 5-inch, 4 21-inch torpedo tubes (submerged); class...

  • Naval History and Heritage Commandより、香川県さぬき市の志度湾(鴨庄湾)にて大破着底したしまね丸。 https://t.co/R4aOJ1EWln https://t.co/CyPHWuCNqX

    NH 85891

    history.navy.mil 27 Mar '16, 1pm

    Download Image: Low (PNG, 319x319px, 59KB) Med (JPEG, 1280x1280px, 192KB) High (TIFF, 6206x4898px, 29MB) Title: SHIMANE MARU (Japanese merchant aircraft carrier, 1944-1948) Caption: Photographed in about 1947-48, showing damage received by bombing at Shido, near Takamatsu. This ship w...


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