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  • USS Constitution - America's Ship of State

    history.navy.mil 20 Oct '16, 1pm

    USS Constitution , “Old Ironsides” USS Constitution ’s victories at sea during the War of 1812 inspired a nation and helped mark the emergence of the United States as a world-class maritime power. USS Constitution is crewed by a select group of active-duty U.S. Navy Sailors who share ...

  • 80-G-473728

    history.navy.mil 27 Aug '16, 12am

    Seaman Paul Gray, of San Dimos, California, practices riding on a Japanese bicycle while carrying a parasol, in late August 1945. Photographed by Lieutenant Wayne Miller, USNR. The U.S. Navy occupied the Yokosuka Naval Base, near Tokyo, on 30 August 1945. Photograph may have been take...

  • Today marks the 71st anniversary of the sinking of the World War II Cruiser USS Indianapolis (CA-35)

    Sinking of USS Indianapolis

    history.navy.mil 30 Jul '16, 9am

    (CA-35) was a tragic moment following the completion of a secret mission that directly contributed to the end of World War II. After a successful high-speed run to deliver atomic bomb components to Tinian, the decorated Portland -class cruiser continued to Guam. Indianapolis was en ro...

  • Harry S. Truman (CVN-75)

    history.navy.mil 25 Jul '16, 12pm

    The first U.S. Navy ship named Harry S. Truman . (CVN-75: Displacement 101,378; length 1,092'; beam 252'; draft 41'; speed 30 + knots; complement 6,275; armament NATO Sea Sparrow Basic Point Defense Surface Missile System, two 40 millimeter saluting guns, 85 aircraft, class Nimitz ) H...

  • World War I

    history.navy.mil 28 Jul '16, 5pm

    World War I, into which the United States entered in 1917 on the side of the Allied forces, was one of the bloodiest conflicts in history, with more than 9 million combatants killed. The global conflict introduced modern technology to warfare, which resulted in unprecedented carnage a...

  • New details surface on loss of #WWII USS Indianapolis. Get the story:

    New Details Surface on Loss of WWII USS Indianapolis

    history.navy.mil 25 Jul '16, 5pm

    The meeting between Indianapolis and LST-779 has been seemingly overlooked in previous studies of Indianapolis. “It’s obviously gratifying to find a part of the story that hasn’t been told—to discover a new part of an important episode in U.S. naval history,” said Hulver. “But more im...

  • John Glenn (T-MLP 2)

    history.navy.mil 15 Jul '16, 3pm

    John Herschel Glenn, Jr., born in Cambridge, Ohio, on 18 July 1921, attended primary and secondary schools in New Concord, Ohio, followed by Muskingum College in New Concord (1939). During his junior year, he enlisted in the Naval Reserve (28 March 1942), for training as a Naval Aviat...

  • #OTD in 1972, 1st African-American achieves flag rank in the #USNavy. Find out who:

    Gravely, Samuel L.

    history.navy.mil 01 Jul '16, 9pm

    Vice Admiral Samuel Lee Gravely, Jr. had a distinguished naval career as a surface warfare officer and manager. All leaders, civilian and military, officer or enlisted, government service grade or Senior Executive Service could learn the characteristics of effective leadership from Gr...


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