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  • Oklahoma (Battleship No. 37)

    history.navy.mil 02 May '16, 1pm

    The 46th state of the Union, admitted on 16 November 1907. The name, in Choctaw, means "red man." (Battleship No. 37: displacement 27,500; length 583'; beam 95'3"; draft 28'6"; speed 20.5 knots; complement 864; armament 10 14-inch, 20 5-inch, 4 21-inch torpedo tubes (submerged); class...

  • Naval History and Heritage Commandより、香川県さぬき市の志度湾(鴨庄湾)にて大破着底したしまね丸。 https://t.co/R4aOJ1EWln https://t.co/CyPHWuCNqX

    NH 85891

    history.navy.mil 27 Mar '16, 1pm

    Download Image: Low (PNG, 319x319px, 59KB) Med (JPEG, 1280x1280px, 192KB) High (TIFF, 6206x4898px, 29MB) Title: SHIMANE MARU (Japanese merchant aircraft carrier, 1944-1948) Caption: Photographed in about 1947-48, showing damage received by bombing at Shido, near Takamatsu. This ship w...

  • AWMより、1945年9月撮影の特2TL型山汐丸。同年2月17日、第58任務部隊艦上機による空襲で被爆着底したもののようだ。 https://t.co/QVjdNZMSm4 https://t.co/OQOk4OAq1Z

    SC 211765

    history.navy.mil 10 Apr '16, 8am

    Download Image: Low (PNG, 319x319px, 54KB) Med (JPEG, 1280x1280px, 192KB) High (TIFF, 6174x4918px, 29MB) Title: YAMASHIO MARU (Japanese Aircraft Carrier, 1944) scuttled in Tokyo Bay in September 1945 Caption: YAMASHIO MARU (Japanese Aircraft Carrier, 1944) scuttled in Tokyo Bay in Sep...

  • Famous Navy Quotes

    history.navy.mil 24 Jan '16, 2am

    Admiral David Glasgow Farragut (1801-1870). Aboard Hartford , Farragut entered Mobile Bay, Alabama, 5 August 1864, in two columns, with armored monitors leading and a fleet of wooden ships following. When the lead monitor Tecumseh was demolished by a mine, the wooden ship Brooklyn sto...

  • Nautical Terms and Phrases - Their Meaning and Origin

    history.navy.mil 19 Sep '15, 5pm

    Nautical term, dating from at least the early 1600s, meaning the outfit of sails used by a ship. The term was revived after World War II, when a Navy ship's complement of electronics could be referred to as its electronics suit, and its total armament might be called its weapons suit....

  • 80-G-490487

    history.navy.mil 30 Aug '15, 4pm

    U.S. and British warships anchored in Sagami Wan, outside of Tokyo Bay, Japan, on the day the Allied ships entered Japanese waters, 27 August 1945. Photographed from USS South Dakota (BB-57) as the sun set behind Mount Fuji's distinctive cone. Official U.S. Navy Photograph, now in the...

  • Navy Birthday

    history.navy.mil 13 Oct '15, 6am

    Navy Birthday Navy Birthday Highlights and Images Navy Logos Commemoration FAQs Plan of the Day Notes Administrative Direction and Planning Digital Content Scripts, Speeches, and Messages Origins of the Navy Battle of Midway Midway History and Imagery Battle of Midway Commemoration NA...

  • USS Enterprise

    history.navy.mil 24 Sep '15, 2pm

    Campaign Against the West Indian Pirates The Bashaw of Tripoli Act to Protect Commerce Operations Against West Indian Pirates Navy and Marines vs. Piracy, Africa Suppression of Piracy on Johanna Island Incidental Anti-Piracy Operations, Gulf of Siam Fish, Family, and Profit: Piracy an...


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