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  • Belleau Wood I (CV-24)

    history.navy.mil 13 Jan '17, 7pm

    After some preliminary training in Chesapeake Bay in late May and a week of availability at Norfolk, Belleau Wood sailed for the West Indies on 8 June to carry out her shakedown cruise. Anchoring off Port of Spain on the 13th, the light carrier spent the next two weeks conducting batt...

  • Arkansas (BB 33)

    history.navy.mil 14 Jan '17, 8pm

    USS Arkansas, a 26,000 ton Wyoming class battleship, was built at Camden, New Jersey. Commissioned in September 1912, she spent her first seven years of service with the Atlantic Fleet. In 1913, Arkansas cruised in the Mediterranean, and in 1914 she participated in the U.S. interventi...

  • USS Independence (CVA 62) is commissioned #OTD in 1959.

    Independence V (CVA-62)

    history.navy.mil 10 Jan '17, 3pm

    Freedom of control by others; self-government. V The fifth Independence (CVA-62) was launched by New York Navy Yard 6 June 1958; sponsored by Mrs. Thomas Gates, wife of the Secretary of the Navy; and commissioned 10 January 1959; Captain E. Y. McElroy in command. One of the newest cla...

  • #USNavy aircraft carrier @USSGeorgeHWBush (CVN 77) is commissioned #OTD in 2009. @Bush41Library

    George H. W. Bush (CVN-77)

    history.navy.mil 10 Jan '17, 2pm

    The 41 white stars symbolize President George H.W. Bush, the man for whom the ship is named, who encouraged Americans to use “power” to help people. The rays of light that appear on the seal’s horizon represent President Bush’s concept of a thousand points of light. He urged Americans...

  • Maine II (Battleship No. 10)

    history.navy.mil 29 Dec '16, 6pm

    Maine, the 23d State, was admitted to the Union in 1820. II The second Maine (Battleship No. 10) was laid down by William Cramp & Sons, Philadelphia, Pa., 15 February 1899, a year to the day after the destruction of the first Maine; launched 27 July 1901; sponsored by Miss Mary Preble...

  • Medal of Honor

    history.navy.mil 21 Dec '16, 2pm

    The Navy and Marine Corps' Medal of Honor is our country's oldest continuously awarded decoration, even though its appearance and award criteria has changed since it was created for enlisted men by Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles on 16 December 1861. Legislation in 1915 made naval...

  • Essex IV (CV-9)

    history.navy.mil 31 Dec '16, 4pm

    A town and county in Massachusetts. IV The fourth Essex (CV-9) was launched 31 July 1942 by Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co. sponsored by Mrs. Artemus L. Gates, wife of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Air; and commissioned 31 December 1942, Captain D. B. Duncan comma...

  • Kitty Hawk II (CVA-63)

    history.navy.mil 27 Dec '16, 3pm

    A series of racially motivated disturbances occurred on board. Extended deployments and long line periods had produced a nearly intolerable strain on the crew, fueled by the racial tension endemic throughout the armed forces. In a well intentioned effort to alleviate some of the tensi...


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