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2021’s Best AR-15 Kits Under $300: Top Affordable Options

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Looking for a reliable and affordable AR-15 kit under $300 in 2021? Look no further! The market is flooded with various AR-15 kits that cater to different needs, making it overwhelming for first-time buyers. However, finding the perfect one can be a daunting task if you don't know what to look out for.

That's why we've put together this comprehensive guide on the best AR-15 kits under $300 available in 2021. Whether you're an enthusiast looking to upgrade your rifle or seeking a budget-friendly option without breaking the bank, we've got you covered. From complete upper receiver assemblies and stripped lower receivers to full rifle build kits – we'll explore all options available within your budget range! So buckle up and read on as we dive deep into the world of affordable AR-15s!

AR-15 Kits Under $300 2021: The Ultimate Guide

If you're a gun enthusiast or looking to build your custom AR-15 rifle, then you must know that building an AR-15 can be expensive. However, there are ways to save money by purchasing an affordable and quality kit. In this guide, we'll explore the best options for AR-15 kits under $300 in 2021.

What is an AR-15 Kit?

Before we dive into the list of top-rated kits under $300 let's first understand what constitutes as an "AR" kit. An AR (Armalite Rifle) is a semi-automatic rifle designed by Eugene Stoner in the 1950s and later adopted by the US military as their primary infantry weapon, commonly known as M16.

An "AR kit" typically includes all parts required to assemble a semi-automatic version of this firearm at home; it does not include serialized components like lower receiver or barrel which need FFL transfer from licensed dealers.

Benefits of Building Your Own Rifles with Kits

Building guns from scratch has become very popular among gun enthusiasts over the years due to several benefits such as:


Choosing your own parts provides more customization freedom than when buying pre-assembled rifles off-the-shelf while also saving time on assembly since most parts come pre-fitted.


Building your own rifles allows you to save money while also acquiring knowledge about how each part operates within its system giving room for upgrades and repairs when needed without having professional help every time hence saving more bucks!

Learning Experience

When assembling firearms yourself using kits, it enables gaining hands-on experience with weapons that can increase knowledge about their workings which could come in handy during emergencies where professional assistance may not be available immediately

Technical Understanding

Assembly requires learning technical skills & concepts related directly or indirectly towards firearms operations making one better equipped to handle them in an emergency situation

Top 5 AR-15 Kits Under $300

1. PSA PTAC M4-style Carbine Kit

The PSA PTAC M4-style Carbine kit is one of the most affordable options available on the market, retailing at just over $200. The kit comes with a 16-inch barrel, A2 flash hider, gas block assembly, and handguards.

2. Anderson Manufacturing AM-15 Lower Receiver Parts Kit

Anderson Manufacturing AM-15 lower receiver parts kit comes with all the necessary components for building an AR-15 lower receiver except for its serialized component (lower receiver itself) that requires FFL transfer.

3. Del-Ton Sport Lite Rifle Kit

Del-Ton Sports Light rifle kit presents another budget-friendly option under $300 that includes everything needed to assemble a complete rifle other than stripped lower reciever e.g., upper assembly w/ BCG & charging handle installed along-with collapsible stock & pistol grip both coming in black color unless specified otherwise by manufacturer or distributor.

4. DPMS Oracle Upper Build Kit

DPMS Oracle Upper Build kits are designed as drop-in replacements for existing rifles or used while building new ones from scratch using aftermarket parts like trigger group pins set etcetera – this could save significant bucks compared to buying pre-built weapons directly off-the-shelf!

5. Brownells BRN16A1 Retro Rifle Builders’ Set

Brownells BRN16A1 Retro Rifle Builders' Set is another excellent example of retro-styled firearms collection developed specifically targeting gun enthusiasts who prefer vintage looks matched up perfectly well with modern functionality – it comes in several configurations depending on customer requirements but generally features old-school design aesthetics such as "slab-side" receivers combined with modern components like chrome-lined barrels which helps maintain long-lasting durability and reliability over time without compromise!


Building an AR-15 rifle can be a fun and rewarding experience, especially when you have the right tools and kits at your disposal. With this guide, you now know that building your own custom AR-15 doesn't have to break the bank as we've shown some of the best options for under $300 in 2021. Remember always to follow all legal procedures while assembling a firearm from scratch!


What are AR-15 kits under $300, and why are they popular?

AR-15 rifle kits that cost less than $300 have become increasingly popular among gun enthusiasts in recent years. This is largely due to the fact that they give people an affordable way to own and build their own high-quality rifles without breaking the bank. These kits typically include everything needed to assemble a complete AR-15, including a lower receiver, upper receiver assembly, barrel, bolt carrier group (BCG), charging handle, handguard or rail system.

The popularity of these budget-friendly rifle kits has also been driven by several factors such as the rise of DIY culture. People enjoy the satisfaction of building something themselves from scratch and seeing it come together into a working firearm. Additionally, many gun owners appreciate having more control over their firearms' quality by assembling one themselves using parts specifically chosen for their performance.

However it is important for potential buyers to do thorough research on any particular kit before purchasing as some low-cost options may sacrifice quality or safety features in order keep costs down.

Are there any downsides to buying an AR-15 kit under $300?

While building your own custom AR-15 can be an exciting process full of opportunities for customization at lower prices points there may be some drawbacks associated with going with cheaper options.

One major downside could be sacrificing accuracy with cheaper barrels which could lead not only too inaccurate shots but also decreased durability over time from continued use.In addition some lower priced offerings might not include standard safety features such as dust cover or forward assist so again consumers should ensure they do proper research before making purchases.

Another factor to consider when looking at inexpensive builds is potential reliability issues: Some components may wear out faster than others leading towards functional issues like misfeeds on reliable firing

Can I legally purchase and build my own Ar 15 Rifle Kit?

Building your own firearm has always been legal within federal laws governing ownership and use of firearms. However, there are some accountabilities that come with this process such as ensuring the rifle complies with federal regulations and keeping a record of its ownership for accountability purposes.

In addition to making sure your build is in compliance with federal laws regarding firearms ownership, you must also ensure that it adheres to any state or local laws governing firearm ownership and possession.

What are some popular AR-15 kits under $300?

There are many options available on the market when it comes to affordable AR-15 rifle kits, so choosing one can be overwhelming. Some popular ones include Anderson Manufacturing AR 15 Lower Receiver Parts Kit ($69), PSA Gen2 PA10 Complete MOE EPT 16" .308 Rifle Kit ($299), Delton Sierra 316L Optics Ready MLOK Rifle Kit ($329) and many more.

Each kit offers different features like varying barrel lengths,pick rails,different finishes etc., so potential buyers should evaluate their needs before making a purchase. It is essential to compare product specs before buying anything since each kit's components can vary widely in performance from one another.

Can I upgrade an inexpensive Ar-15 Kits Under $300?

Yes! Inexpensive Ar 15 builds offer the chance for customization at lower prices points than pre-built rifles from manufactures may provide.Most builders will find upgrading key parts like optics,magazines,bolts,sights etc., improve overall performace over time.

It is important however to make sure you don't sacrifice quality by going too low on price – make sure you do research beforehand so that upgrades won’t negate savings already made through initial budget-friendly purchase.Other things like accessorizing such as adding sling attachments,laser aiming devices or forward grips are other ways owners might personalize their builds over time without sacrificing reliability

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