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2022’s Top AR 15 Stocks: Discover the Best Options for Precision and Comfort

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Looking for the perfect AR 15 stock to upgrade your rifle? The search for the best AR 15 stock can be overwhelming, with dozens of options available on the market. Whether you're an experienced shooter or a beginner looking to enhance your weapon, finding the right stock is crucial for accuracy and comfort.

In this article, we'll explore some of the top contenders for best AR 15 stocks in 2022. From adjustable length-of-pull and cheek welds to durability and lightweight design, our list covers essential features every shooter should consider before purchasing a new stock. So if you want to take your shooting game up a notch with an optimized setup tailored specifically to your preferences, keep reading!

Best AR 15 Stock 2022: The Ultimate Guide

If you're looking to upgrade your AR 15 rifle, one of the best and easiest ways is by changing its stock. The right stock can improve your accuracy, comfort, and overall shooting experience.

But with so many different options on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the best AR 15 stock for your needs. In this guide, we'll break down some of the top options available in 2022.

Benefits of Upgrading Your AR 15 Stock

Before diving into our top picks for the best AR-15 stocks for this year let's understand why upgrading from a standard issue factory fitted option is beneficial:

Improved Accuracy: A good quality aftermarket stock will provide better stability and control over recoil leading to improved accuracy.

Better Comfort: A comfortable grip will help reduce fatigue during long hours at shooting ranges or hunting trips while also providing a secure hold that minimizes any slipping or sliding issues.

Customization Options: Upgradeable stocks offer customization options such as storage compartments or swivel attachment points which are not possible with fixed-issue stocks straight out of factories.

Factors To Consider When Choosing An Ar-15 Stock

Before jumping straight into buying an aftermarket accessory do pay attention to these crucial factors that influence your buying decision:

  1. Material: Stocks made from durable materials like aircraft-grade aluminum alloy or polymer blends are ideal due to their durability against harsh conditions.

  2. Comfortability: You require complete comfort when holding an ar-15 rifle since they have high recoil tendencies choose a model ergonomically designed increasing user satisfaction level.

  3. Type Of Shooting Use Case: Different shooting disciplines have unique requirements when it comes to weapon configurations – Target shooters may prefer detachable buttstocks whereas tactical shooters would want foldable ones.

  4. Price Range: Aftermarket accessories aren't cheap but choosing well-priced options that meet your requirements can save you money.

Top Picks For Best Ar-15 Stock 2022

Here are our top picks for the best AR 15 stocks of this year:

Magpul MOE SL-S Carbine Stock

Magpul is a respected name in the gun industry, and its MOE SL-S Carbine Stock is one of the most popular options on the market. Made from reinforced polymer, it's lightweight and durable. The stock features a comfortable cheek weld and compartments for storage.

B5 Systems Bravo SOPMOD

The B5 Systems Bravo SOPMOD has been adopted by various military units worldwide thanks to its reliability and flexibility. It offers five different positions in addition to being made from high-quality materials such as reinforced polymer making it ideal for use in harsh conditions.


Luth-Ar MBA-3 Carbine Stock boasts adjustable length-of-pull (LOP) settings without using any tools! Its incredibly lightweight design features an ergonomic grip with no slip texture giving users complete control over their rifle during long hours of shooting sessions.


Upgrading your AR 15 stock may seem like a small change but can have significant benefits regarding accuracy, comfort levels while also providing numerous customization options depending on your requirements ultimately enhancing user experience greatly.

After considering these factors we recommend selecting either Magpul MOE SL-S or LUTH MBA-3 due to their durability, ergonomics design & customizability while still being affordably priced – overall great value-for-money products for enthusiasts looking into upgrading their ar-rifles .


What is an AR-15 Stock and Why is it Important?

An AR-15 stock is a crucial component of the rifle. It serves as the interface between your body and the weapon, providing a comfortable shooting experience while also allowing you to adjust the length of pull (LOP) for optimal accuracy. A good stock can also help reduce felt recoil, making follow-up shots faster and more accurate.

There are two main types of stocks: fixed and adjustable. A fixed stock has a set length that cannot be changed, while an adjustable stock allows you to customize your LOP to fit your body type or shooting style. Adjustable stocks are generally preferred by most shooters due to their versatility.

When choosing an AR-15 stock, it's important to consider factors such as weight, durability, ergonomics, and compatibility with other components on your rifle. The best AR 15 stocks in 2022 will offer all these features along with improved functionality compared to previous models.

What Are Some Key Features To Look For In An AR-15 Stock?

When selecting an AR-15 stock in 2022 there are several key features worth considering:

  1. Material – Stocks made out of materials like polymer or lightweight aluminum tend make rifles lighter without sacrificing strength.
  2. Adjustability – Being able adjust its height helps in getting better cheek weld which improves accuracy
  3. Durability – Choosing quality materials that stand up well against constant use ensures longevity
  4. Comfort – Having grips that aren't too rough allow for longer sessions at the range.
  5. Compatibility – Ensure compatibility with standard buffer tubes so you don’t have issues attaching it on later

Additionally some modern designs offer add-ons like storage compartments within them which may be useful for hunters who need extra ammo readily available when needed.

Ultimately though what works best depends upon each individual user’s needs/preferences but having >one feature outlined above usually means great value-for-money especially in 2022.

What Are Some Of The Best AR-15 Stocks Available In 2022?

Great question! Here are some of the best AR-15 stocks available in 2022:

  1. Magpul CTR (Compact/Type Restricted) – One of the most popular options for good reason, great value and improved battery storage compared to previous versions.
  2. B5 Systems SOPMOD – Designed with military-spec materials this is one tough stock that can handle even the toughest conditions
  3. LMT Defense SOPMOD – Similar to B5 system's approach, perfect for those who want a "mil-spec" rifle build
  4. Bravo Company Manufacturing Gunfighter Mod.0 – Ergonomic and lightweight with excellent durability
  5. Daniel Defense Collapsible Buttstock – A nice standard option that has been getting great reviews from users.

All these stocks offer adjustability, high-performance features including new sliding mechanisms or rubber padded butts which ensures maximum comfort during extended shooting sessions. Having said all that it still pays to research more before buying any AR-15 stock.

How Do You Install An AR-15 Stock?

Installing an AR-15 stock involves simply attaching it onto your buffer tube securely. The process is relatively straightforward but may require a few specific tools.

Firstly ensure your firearm is unloaded before beginning installation process as safety comes first and foremost in handling firearms.

Then remove any existing buttstock if you have one attached then align your new buffer tube (if purchasing separately). Once aligned properly slide it into place ensuring there’s no gap between where they meet each other until fully attached at end piece connected on receiver end plate area using appropriate torque settings recommended by manufacturer instructions . Then attach spring mechanism followed by backplate ensuring no excessive tension either way so everything fits together snugly without wobbling or rattling during use

Lastly secure all hardware included like screws into designated attachment points while tighten them down, then test out the stock ensuring it's not loose by shaking it slightly and adjusting length of pull (LOP) as needed.

If you're not confident in your ability to install an AR-15 stock, seek assistance from a qualified gunsmith or watch videos online for visual guides.

Can I Use An AR-15 Stock on Other Rifles?

While some stocks may work with other rifles, it is crucial that you ensure compatibility before attempting to use them. There are many different types of buffer tubes and attachment mechanisms used in various rifles so a "one size fits all" approach does not apply here.

In general though most quality manufacturers will have specific models designed for certain firearm styles including the popular ones like M4 carbine’s or AK platforms You can also browse forums where people discuss their experiences fitting stocks onto non-standard firearms model which allows finding suitable choices within such niche markets as well.

To avoid damaging either your rifle or new stock always check manufacturer guidelines beforehand so that whatever new part being added should fit perfectly before installation begins. In full honesty though when purchasing carefully this shouldn't be an issue especially if buying from reliable brands and vendors who offer quality products made specifically for each firearm type/model.

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