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20in Barrel AR 15: Enhancing Accuracy and Distance in Long-Range Shooting

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The 20in barrel AR 15 is a popular rifle among military, law enforcement, and civilian gun enthusiasts. It is known for its accuracy and versatility in various shooting scenarios. With a barrel length of 20 inches, this rifle offers improved muzzle velocity and better long-range shooting capabilities compared to shorter barreled versions.

Whether you are looking for a reliable home defense weapon or an accurate hunting rifle, the 20in barreled AR-15 can meet your needs. Its lightweight design and customizable features make it easy to handle and shoot accurately in different situations.

If you're interested in learning more about the benefits of owning a 20in barrel AR-15 or how to choose the best one for your specific needs, then keep reading this article. We'll delve into everything you need to know about this popular firearm so that you can make an informed decision before purchasing one yourself!

20in Barrel AR 15: The Ultimate Guide

If you're a gun enthusiast, then you must know about the AR-15. This firearm has gained immense popularity over the years due to its versatility and reliability. But did you know that choosing the right barrel length can make all the difference when it comes to accuracy and range? In this guide, we'll take an in-depth look at everything you need to know about a 20in barrel AR 15.

What is a 20in Barrel AR-15?

As evident from its name, a 20 inch barrel is one of several lengths available for an AR-15 rifle. It's longer than most standard barrels which are around sixteen inches long. An extended-length barrel like this offers many benefits that we'll discuss later on.

Benefits of Using a Longer Barrel

The primary advantage of using an extended-length rifle barrel is increased accuracy over longer distances as there's more time for gas pressure to build behind the bullet before it leaves the muzzle. Additionally:

Better Ballistic Performance

A longer barrel provides better ballistic performance because it allows for higher velocity and smoother trajectory compared with shorter barrels.

Recoil Management

Longer barrels also aid in recoil management by spreading out felt recoil over time making shooting much easier.

Long Range Shooting

Another benefit of using a long barreled rifle like this is its ability to shoot accurately at greater distances than typical carbine or midlength options.

Comparing Different Lengths: Do They Matter?

One common question asked by many shooters is whether different lengths affect their shooting experience? While some people believe that shorter carbines are ideal for close-range combat, others prefer mid-length rifles due increased stability provided by frame extensions resulting in improved balance which makes them suitable overall.

Let’s compare three typical lengths;

Carbine (14 -16 Inch) Barrels:

Carbines have always been the popular choice for close-quarters combat. Their shorter length makes them ideal for quick target acquisition, but this comes at a cost of sacrificing long distance accuracy.

Mid-Length (18-inch) Barrels:

Mid-length rifles are becoming more and more popular among gun enthusiasts because they provide better balance, recoil management, and improved accuracy due to their longer barrel length.

Rifle Length (20-inch) Barrels:

A 20 inch AR15 barrel provides superior ballistic performance with increased bullet velocity resulting in a flatter trajectory. The longer length also leads to better recoil management that keeps you on target while shooting.

Tips for Choosing the Right Barrel

Choosing the right barrel is essential if you want your rifle to perform optimally. Here are some tips that will help:


Knowing what type of shooting or hunting you plan on doing most often will help guide your decision-making process when it comes time to select a new weapon.


Longer barrels can be costly; hence knowing how much money you're willing to spend can narrow down your options significantly.


In conclusion, choosing the right barrel is vital if you want optimal performance from your rifle. A 20in Barrel AR-15 provides excellent ballistic performance by increasing bullet velocity which results in flatter trajectories making it perfect for long-range shooting. Additionally, it offers great recoil management as well as being suitable overall so consider investing in one today!


What is a 20in barrel AR-15?

A 20in barrel AR-15 is a type of rifle that features an AR-15 platform with a barrel length of exactly 20 inches. It has become popular among shooters who value the accuracy and velocity that comes with longer barrels. The longer barrel results in higher bullet velocities, which translates to better accuracy and increased range. Additionally, the longer sight radius resulting from the longer length helps with precision aiming.

The standard size for an AR-15 rifle barrel is about 16 inches; therefore, having a 4-inch increase makes it stand out as unique amongst other rifles in its category. While there are some disadvantages to this length such as weight and maneuverability, it offers significant benefits for long-range shooting.

One must also note that owning an Ar-15 with a twenty-inch-long tube requires compliance with local laws and regulations regarding firearms ownership.

How accurate is the 20in Barrel Ar-15?

When compared to shorter-barreled rifles like those that have barrels measuring around sixteen inches or less; the twenty-inch-long barreled Ar -1s more accurate because of various factors like higher bullet velocity due to increased time spent inside the bore while accelerating before exiting.

The increase in velocity means reduced wind drift over greater distances allowing usages at well over four hundred yards accurately commonly referred by gun enthusiasts as “varmint” hunting.

Notably while using standard ammunition types such as .223/5.56 rounds especially when heavier bullets between sixty-five grains through seventy-seven-grain loads are used.

Is A Twenty-Inch Barrel Too Heavy For An AR Rifle?

It's not uncommon for people buying guns primarily focused on home defense or close-quarters combat situations tend towards lighter weapons designed primarily for short ranges encounter but if you’re looking into getting into long-range shooting then choosing options designed explicitly for such purposes should be what you seek

While this isn't necessarily the case, it's essential to note that twenty-inch barrels are somewhat heavier than their shorter counterparts. This additional weight can sometimes make them more challenging to handle for extended periods or in fast-paced situations like those encountered when room clearing.

However, there is also a significant advantage to having a heavy barrel; this extra mass reduces recoil felt during firing sessions resulting in greater accuracy during follow-up shots.

What Are Some Of The Best 20in Barrel Ar-15 Brands?

There are numerous brands of AR-15 rifles available on the market today. Each of these brands varies significantly concerning quality and price point.

Some popular examples include Colt Manufacturing Company which was responsible for developing the original AR series rifles as well as Daniel Defense and Rock River Arms, both reputable companies with excellent track records in producing high-quality firearms.

Other notable manufacturers include Smith & Wesson M&P rifle line, Bushmaster Firearms International LLC and Ruger Inc., whose name should be familiar with most gun enthusiasts around the world due to its reputation for producing top-quality products.

Can You Use A 20in Barrel Ar-15 For Hunting?

Yes! While it is not recommended for hunting situations where you will encounter dense foliage or other obstructions that may impede your movement such as stalking through thick woods with lots of underbrush growth. Its use is better suited towards open country shooting scenarios such varmint hunting like prairie dog or coyote hunts

It’s important note before using an AR platform rifle taking into consideration region-specific laws governing your area regarding caliber choice (minimums) bullet types allowed etc., often required permits/licensing needed before embarking on any hunt featuring large game animals(Deer/Bear).

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