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.22 Conversion Kit for AR 15: Upgrade Your Rifle’s Versatility

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The .22 conversion kit for AR 15 is a popular choice among gun enthusiasts, especially those who like to shoot at the range. This kit allows you to convert your standard AR-15 into a rimfire rifle so that you can use .22 caliber ammunition instead of the larger, more expensive rounds. With this conversion kit installed, you can enjoy all the benefits of shooting with an AR-15 but with significantly less recoil and noise.

One of the advantages of using a .22 conversion kit is that it's much cheaper than buying another rifle altogether. By converting your existing AR-15, you save money on purchasing additional weapons and ammo. Additionally, shooting with a smaller round means less wear and tear on your firearm as well as lower maintenance costs.

If you're interested in learning more about how to install or use this type of conversion kit properly, then keep reading! In this article, we'll explore everything from the best brands and models available in today's market to tips on how to maintain your converted weapon for optimal performance.

.22 Conversion Kit for AR 15: Everything You Need to Know

If you own an AR-15, you may have considered adding a conversion kit to your collection. A popular choice is the .22 conversion kit. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the .22 conversion kit for AR-15s.

What is a .22 Conversion Kit?

A .22 conversion kit allows gun owners to switch out their rifle's original upper receiver with one that fires smaller caliber ammunition, such as the versatile and affordable .22LR round. The process of changing out upper receivers can be done quickly and easily without any modifications necessary.

The benefits of using a converter are many; first off, it’s cheaper than buying another gun solely designated for using separate ammo types or even better quality rounds such as target-grade bullets or hollow points. Additionally, firing smaller calibers through your firearm helps increase barrel life while decreasing overall wear-and-tear on other parts.

Advantages of Using a Conversion Kit

There are numerous advantages when it comes to owning and using a conversion kit:


The main advantage of owning one is cost-efficiency since purchasing ammunition in bulk or large quantities can result in savings over time compared with buying fewer rounds at higher prices per bullet weight class/type used by some intermediate cartridges (5.56mm/.223 Remington), which may be more expensive than others like 9mm Luger cartridges commonly used by handguns.


Conversion kits also offer versatility when hunting small game animals since many states allow hunters only rifles chambered in rimfire calibers during certain hunting seasons; thus providing AR owners an opportunity not available before they owned this type firearm.

Practice Your Aim

Lastly but not leastly – practicing shooting skills! With its low recoil characteristics making them easier-to-shoot firearms models while still being semi-automatic weapons, many AR-15 owners appreciate the opportunity to practice target acquisition and shooting drills before firing higher powered rounds.

Which .22 Conversion Kit is Right for You?

There are many conversion kits available on the market today. Here we will discuss a few options worth considering:

CMMG .22 LR Evolution Upper

This kit provides a unique charging handle design that emulates an AR-style operation with enhanced ergonomics. The Evolution upper is also manufactured with high-quality materials to provide shooters with reliable accuracy time and time again.

Tacticool 22LR Conversion Kit

The Tacticool kit comes in two versions: one that includes a barrel, bolt carrier group (BCG), and magazine; another version without the barrel but still includes all necessary BCG components for installation onto your existing rifle's 5.56mm or .223 Remington upper receiver assembly.

Tips When Using Your Conversion Kit

When using your conversion kit, it's important to remember these tips:

  • Always clean and lubricate your firearm after use.
  • Use high-quality ammunition to prevent malfunctions.
  • Try out different brands of ammo before settling on one.


In conclusion, owning a .22 conversion kit can be beneficial for those who own an AR-15 rifle. They offer versatility when hunting small game animals during certain seasons where only rifles chambered in rimfire calibers are permitted as well as being more cost-effective than buying separate firearms designed solely for this purpose alone! Remember always clean & lubricate – choose well-made ammo every chance possible while trying various brands until you find what works best at enhancing each training session or match-day performance!


What is a .22 conversion kit for AR 15?

A .22 conversion kit for AR 15 is an accessory that allows you to convert your standard centerfire rifle into a .22 caliber firearm. It typically includes a magazine, bolt carrier group, and barrel designed specifically for the smaller caliber round. This versatile add-on enables shooters to practice and train with their preferred rifle platform without having to pay expensive ammunition costs associated with traditional calibers.

The conversion kits are especially useful for avid hunters and competitive shooters who want to improve their skills while maintaining the same look, feel, weight distribution and trigger control of their primary firearm. Additionally, because shooting rimfire rounds produces less recoil than centerfire rounds (due in part to its small size), it can be effectively used by beginners or those who need more target practice before moving up in firepower.

Is it legal to use a .22 conversion kit on my AR-15?

Yes! In most states across America as well as many other countries around the world including Canada & Europe it's completely legal (but check your local laws). Most gun enthusiasts choose these kits so they can enjoy plinking or target practicing without emptying out their wallet every time they go shooting.

However we recommend consulting your state's specific firearms regulations before purchasing any accessories that may convert semi-automatic rifles into automatics; this includes bump stocks which have been banned by federal law since late 2018 due in part because of events like Las Vegas massacre where bump stocks were used on some weapons.

Are there different types of .22 Conversion Kits available?

There are several types of conversion kits available from different manufacturers including CMMG Inc., Tactical Solutions, Chiappa Firearms USA among others. These vary depending upon how much you're willing spend but despite differences between brands all customarily require no gunsmithing work or modifications done beforehand meaning installation should be easy enough even if you’re not particularly gun savvy.

There are also different options within each brand to choose from depending on your preferences, needs and budget. Some of the most common options include stainless steel or black nitride finishes, enhanced extractors and firing pins for better reliability, match-grade barrels for improved accuracy (up to 1/2 MOA), special coatings to reduce fouling and improve cleaning time among others.

How accurate are .22 Conversion Kits?

Accuracy can vary between kits but generally speaking these conversion kits provide solid performance in terms of grouping shots together at 25 yards with a range that can extend up to 100 yards or more if you have sufficient skill as a marksman. The smaller caliber round provides less recoil than traditional centerfire rounds meaning shooters of all levels will find it easier shoot accurately making it an ideal platform for honing skills before moving onto larger calibers.

It's important to note that one downside is that not all .22 ammunition behaves consistently across different firearms so testing out various brands before settling on a favorite would be beneficial. Also be sure not skimp when purchasing ammunition as some cheaper bulk ammo has been known occasionally cause jamming issues – particularly with certain kit models due its lack higher quality standards versus premium grade products manufactured by companies like CCI or Remington.

Can I use my existing AR-15 magazines with the conversion kit?

No! Standard AR-15 magazines aren't compatible with .22 LR cartridges due their size difference; instead you’ll need special rimfire-specific mags which come included in most conversion kits sold today (some may offer both options). It’s worth noting though that some high-end brands such as Black Dog Machine LLC make their own proprietary magazines specifically designed feed smoothly without any hiccups while other manufacturers may require slight modification magazine catch prevent malfunctions during shooting sessions so read instructions carefully beforehand

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