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350 Legend AR 15: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Rifle

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When it comes to firearms, the AR-15 is an iconic weapon that has been trusted by military personnel and gun enthusiasts alike for decades. One of the latest additions to this popular platform is the 350 Legend cartridge, which has been making waves in shooting circles since its introduction in 2019.

The 350 Legend AR-15 combines the reliability and versatility of one of America's most beloved rifles with a powerful cartridge that offers impressive ballistics at both short and long ranges. This combination makes it an excellent choice for hunting, target shooting, and even home defense. But what exactly is a 350 Legend AR-15? How does it compare to other popular cartridges like .223 or .308? In this article, we'll take a closer look at this exciting new addition to the world of guns. Keep reading to learn more!


The 350 Legend AR-15 is a powerful rifle that has gained popularity in recent times. This rifle has been designed to offer hunters and shooters an impressive combination of power, accuracy, and versatility. In this article, we'll be taking an in-depth look at the 350 Legend AR-15.

What is the 350 legend ar 15?

The 350 Legend AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle that uses .350 caliber bullets. This round was developed by Winchester specifically for use in the AR platform. It offers excellent performance for hunting and target shooting.

Benefits of using a 350 legend ar 15

There are several benefits to using a 350 Legend AR-15:

  1. Power: The .357 diameter bullet used by the cartridge offers plenty of stopping power for big game hunting.
  2. Accuracy: The cartridge's design ensures consistent accuracy over long distances.
  3. Versatility: The round can be used for hunting or target shooting with equal effectiveness.
  4. Reliability: Winchester designed this round specifically to work flawlessly with modern sporting rifles like the popular AR platform.

Comparison between other calibers

When considering purchasing a new firearm, it's important to compare its capabilities against other similar firearms on the market:

Caliber Bullet Size (inches) Muzzle Velocity (fps) Energy Foot-Pounds
.223 Remington 0. 3225 1282
.308 Winchester/7. 62x51mm NATO 0. 260 Remington
.450 Bushmaster 0. 300 Blackout 2206
.458 SOCOM /450 SOCOM /10" 1958

As you can see from this table above, The caliber does not seem very large compared with others such as .308 but if we consider how those rounds behave when they hit targets well then we can see the difference.

Tips for using a 350 legend ar 15

When using a 350 Legend AR-15, it's important to keep in mind a few tips:

  1. Ensure proper maintenance: Regular cleaning and lubrication of the rifle will ensure that it continues to function smoothly.
  2. Use appropriate ammunition: Make sure you are using high-quality ammunition designed specifically for this cartridge.
  3. Practice safety first: Always follow firearms safety guidelines when handling any firearm.


The 350 Legend AR-15 is an excellent choice for those seeking power, accuracy, and versatility in their hunting or shooting endeavors. Its .357 diameter bullet offers plenty of stopping power while being accurate over long distances. With proper maintenance and care, this rifle will provide many years of reliable use.

So if you're looking for a new rifle that can handle anything from small game to big game hunting or target shooting with equal effectiveness then look no further than the 350 Legend AR-15!


What is a 350 Legend AR-15?

A 350 Legend AR-15 is a rifle that operates on the semi-automatic platform and chambers the .350 Legend cartridge. It is an intermediate caliber designed for hunting and recreational shooting. The upper receiver of this rifle can be mounted on any standard lower receiver, which makes it easily customizable. The 350 Legend cartridge provides high velocity, flat trajectory, and less recoil.

The .350 Legend cartridge was specifically designed to comply with legal requirements for deer hunting in states where certain calibers are restricted. With its impressive ballistic performance, it has quickly become popular among hunters who want to take down medium-sized game at longer distances without excessive noise or recoil.

A typical 350 legend AR-15 would come with a barrel length ranging from 16 inches to around 20 inches depending upon preference along with other features like fore-end guards handguards rails etc.

How does the .350 legend compare to other cartridges?

The .357 Magnum cartridge first entered service in the United States in the late '30s as an improvement over previous revolver rounds used by law enforcement agencies during that era; It was developed primarily for self-defense but also served well for varmint control when loaded appropriately. Today it still remains one of America's most popular handgun rounds because of its versatility.
On comparison however we see that while both these cartridges have similar bullet weight options available however their velocities differ significantly (1200 fps vs >2000fps), given various factors including barrel length etc.. One could say that they serve different purposes – while one caters better towards close-range defense situations(like within home) ones' property/household ; other serves better when it comes to long-range precision shooting/hunting scenarios.

Compared against bigger calibres such as .308 Winchester or even shotgun slug loads ,the advantages offered by using this caliber give distinct benefits reducing felt-recoil up-to almost half of what one could expect from typical .308 loads, and while shotgun slug loads can serve similar purposes for hunting but the advantage with this round is that it operates on a rifle platform giving better accuracy.

What are the benefits of using a 350 Legend AR-15?

The primary benefits of using a 350 Legend AR-15 include its versatility, reliability, accuracy, and power. The rifle is ideal for hunters who want to take down medium-sized game at longer distances without excessive noise or recoil. Its flat trajectory makes it easier to aim accurately at long ranges while maintaining high velocity provides enough knockdown power required by most deer hunters.

Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry around in the field without tiring out your arms or shoulders over extended periods making them also suitable as ranch/homestead defense weapons when needed.
Another potential benefit would be legal compliance – Given certain state restrictions on caliber sizes used in hunting such as Michigan this round was specifically designed keeping these regulations into consideration allowing individuals residing in those areas access to yet another option when exploring their equipment options.

Additionally,the wide availability of parts/accessories dedicated towards customising these rifles further allows users ample opportunities catered towards specific needs/preferences both aesthetically and functionally.

What type of ammunition does a 350 Legend AR-15 use?

A 350 legend AR-15 uses .350 Legend ammunition cartridges that are easily available online and offline stores across several brands/manufacturers. The cartridge typically houses bullets weighing between 145 grains up-to almost double i.e.. around ~280 grains mostly intended for big-game hunting categories(like Elk) providing adequate penetration while maintaining desired energy levels required by majority states' regulations regarding minimum requirements deemed ethical killing shots..

There are multiple variants available depending upon bullet weight preference etc., so like any other firearm owner interested parties should research before buying ammo/magazines taking into account factors including barrel length/weight along-with any additional modifications done on the rifle (even down to types of optics/red-dots used) for optimal performance and accuracy.

Is a 350 Legend AR-15 suitable as a home defense weapon?

While the 350 Legend cartridge’s velocity, flat trajectory, and moderate recoil make it ideal for hunting or recreational shooting, some consider it an excellent option for home defense. It can be an effective tool in scenarios where long-range accuracy plays a role but the noise levels could still be expected to remain within acceptable levels. However like any firearm one should always prioritize safety when handling firearms especially in enclosed spaces where over-penetration risks can pose threats towards loved ones/property inside.

In our opinion , rifles chambered in .223 Remington are more popular among most homeowners due to their widespread usage across law enforcement agencies/homeowners alike and thus more available options both commercially & legally when it comes ammunition/magazines/parts/accessories etc..Nonetheless, with appropriate precautions taken & adequate training on use/care; this caliber certainly holds potential given its overall range/energy features discussed earlier which would make them formidable tools against potential intruders at longer distances while staying safe/having complete control during deployment.

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