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350 Legend in AR-15: Enhancing Your Shooting Performance

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The AR-15 platform is a highly versatile and customizable firearm that has been the go-to choice for gun enthusiasts and professionals alike. One of the latest additions to this iconic rifle is the 350 Legend cartridge. This newcomer packs a punch with its impressive ballistics, making it an excellent choice for hunting or range shooting.

If you're unfamiliar with this new cartridge, don't worry – we've got you covered in this article. We'll dive deep into everything you need to know about using the 350 Legend in your AR-15 platform, from its history to how it performs on paper and at the range.

So whether you're looking to upgrade your rifle setup or simply curious about what all the fuss is about, keep reading as we explore what makes the 350 Legend such an exciting addition to any arsenal.

350 Legend in AR-15 Platform: The Ultimate Guide

Are you tired of the same old calibers in your AR-15 platform? Do you want to try something new that offers better performance and more versatility? Look no further than the 350 Legend.

What is the 350 Legend?

The 350 Legend is a relatively new cartridge designed by Winchester. It was introduced in early 2019 and quickly gained popularity among hunters and shooting enthusiasts. The cartridge's main selling point is its ability to work with standard AR-15 magazines and lowers, making it an affordable option for those who already own an AR-15 platform.

But what sets this cartridge apart from other popular options like .223 or .308? For starters, it has significantly less recoil than these cartridges while still maintaining great stopping power. This makes it easier to shoot accurately for longer periods of time without feeling fatigued.

Another benefit of the 350 Legend is that it's legal for hunting in states where straight-walled cartridges are required. This opens up hunting opportunities for those who live in areas where traditional rifle rounds are not allowed.

Comparisons with Other Calibers

To fully appreciate what makes the 350 legend special, let's compare some common calibers used on an AR-platform:

Caliber Velocity (fps) Energy (ft-lbs) Recoil
.223 Remington 3,240 fps 1,282 ft-lbs Moderate
.300 Blackout 2,260 fps (125 gr) 1,360 ft-lbs (220 gr) 1,389 ft.lbs Moderate/High
.308 Winchester/7.62x51mm NATO* 2 ,820 fps(168gr) /
                                                        							    								             		          																														2,619 ft-lbs(168 gr)  /                                          																			                   3,339 ft-lbs (180gr)|High|

|350 Legend|2,300 fps|1,800 ft-lbs |Low|

As you can see from the table above, the 350 Legend offers a lower recoil than traditional rifle cartridges like .223 Remington or .308 Winchester while still providing excellent energy and velocity. It's important to note that although it has less energy than some of these cartridges in terms of muzzle velocity and force at impact (ft.lbs), it is designed as a hunting round for medium-sized game so its performance is more well-rounded.

Benefits of Using the 350 Legend

One of the main benefits of using this cartridge is its accuracy. Thanks to its low recoil and flat trajectory design, shooters are able to maintain accuracy even at longer distances. This makes it an excellent choice for both target shooting and hunting.

Another benefit worth mentioning is cost-effectiveness. Because this cartridge works with standard AR-15 magazines and lowers without requiring any modifications or additional parts uniquely designed for 350 legend rounds there's no need to purchase equipment separately—saving you money in terms buying ammunition components.

Tips For Optimal Performance

To get optimal performance from your AR-15 platform using a .350 legend caliber cartridge follow these tips:

  1. Use quality ammunition: This will help ensure accurate shots every time.
  2. Keep your barrel clean: A dirty barrel can lead to inaccurate shots.
    3.Use appropriate sights/optics: The flat trajectory means that long-range sight adjustments might be necessary if you're accustomed aiming with other calibers like .223 remingtons; remember proper eye relief when selecting scope magnification levels too!
    4.Practice good trigger control techniques
    5.Know your limits – understand how far away targets are before taking shots


The versatility and performance of the 350 Legend make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to switch up their current AR-15 caliber. Its low recoil, flat trajectory, and cost-effectiveness are just a few of the reasons why this cartridge is quickly becoming a popular option among hunters and shooting enthusiasts alike.

By following our tips for optimal performance, you can get the most out of your 350 legend ammunition when using it on an AR-15 platform. Happy shooting!


What is the 350 legend cartridge and how does it perform in an AR-15 platform?

The .350 Legend cartridge was introduced by Winchester in 2019. It was developed as a straight-walled hunting cartridge for use in states where only such cartridges are legal. With its high velocity and powerful performance, the 350 Legend has quickly become popular among hunters who want to take down medium-sized game like deer effectively. In an AR-15 platform, the 350 Legend provides a reliable solution for those who want more power than what traditional AR-15 calibers can provide.

The .350 Legend is designed to deliver impressive energy transfer at distances up to around 250 yards with minimal recoil, making it ideal for new shooters or those sensitive to heavy recoil weapons. When fired from an AR-15 rifle, its low recoil allows for quick acquisition of follow-up shots resulting in higher accuracy and placement of rounds on target.

AR rifles chambered with this caliber offer greater versatility when compared with standard hunting rifles due to their semi-automatic capability allowing faster shooting rate leading towards quicker multiple hits on target if required during defence or other scenarios.

Can I convert my existing AR-15 rifle into a .350 legend?

Converting your current rifle into a .350 legend may be possible but usually requires substantial changes including barrel replacement, bolt carrier group upgrade or replacement, magazine well modification etc.. A change like this should be made by professionals experienced working with firearms – Do not attempt it yourself unless you have sufficient knowledge about building custom firearms.

You will need specialized tools such as barrel nut wrenches and action blocks that allow you safely work on your firearm without causing any damage which would compromise safety features needed while firing ammunition through these types of guns; failure could result serious injury so make sure before attempting gunsmithing activities regarding modifying any firearm parts done under professional supervision only!

What kind of bullets are used typically used when shooting .350 legend in an AR-15 platform?

The .350 Legend cartridge is typically loaded with bullets between 145 and 180 grains. This range of bullet weight provides excellent stopping power for medium-sized game as well as self-defense situations. The most popular types of bullets used are Full Metal Jacket (FMJ), Hollow Point (HP) and Ballistic Tip.

When it comes to FMJ, they are typically very affordable, reliable, and perform consistently with every shot fired from your firearm. HPs on the other hand can be much more expensive but offer superior accuracy due to their aerodynamic design which keeps them stable during flight path reaching target with high penetration capabilities suitable for hunting purposes.

Ballistic Tips provide a combination of both benefits listed above – these rounds have been designed specifically for hunting applications by providing rapid expansion upon impact while still retaining enough mass behind it so that there's plenty left-over energy transferred into the target delivering knockdown power needed when hunting larger game animals.

What advantages does shooting .350 legend in an AR-15 platform offer over traditional calibers like .223 Remington or 5.56 NATO?

Shooting a .350 Legend round offers several key advantages over traditional calibers commonly found in the AR-15 such as .223 remington or 5.56 NATO:

Firstly, it provides greater stopping power than either caliber due to its higher grain weight; this means you will be able to take down medium-sized game more effectively at longer ranges making this caliber ideal choice hunters looking achieve clean shots that drop animals quickly without any suffering induced upon them by firing multiple rounds repeatedly until they go down.

Secondly, since the straight-walled design allows use States where only such cartridges are legal providing greater versatility; some States has imposed restrictions on certain semi-automatic rifles fired using bottlenecked rifle cartridges chambered within their states’ boundaries but not applicable if you’re firing straight-walled cartridges like .350 Legend.

Thirdly, shooting a straight-walled cartridge like .350 Legend provides better accuracy over longer distances compared to bottlenecked cartridges since there is less taper in the cartridge walls which allows for consistent feeding and chambering while still maintaining accuracy through the bore.

Can I use my existing AR-15 magazine when shooting .350 legend rounds?

In most cases, you cannot use your existing AR-15 magazines when firing a 350 legend round. This is due to its wider case diameter than other standard calibers used by AR platforms. Magazines designed specifically for the 350 Legend are readily available from various manufacturers such as CMMG or ASC.

The good news is that these magazines typically have similar dimensions to standard magazines – so they'll fit into your rifle without any issues related to size or form factor but it's not advisable using non-compatible magazine types with this caliber since it may lead misfeeds which could be dangerous during intense situations where firing multiple shots within short amount of time required.

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