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Affordable AR-15 Kits Under $300 In Stock – Grab Yours Today!

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Are you looking for an AR-15 kit that won't break the bank? Your search is over! We have scoured the internet to find ar-15 kits under $300 in stock, so you can build your own rifle without breaking your budget.

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So whether you're a seasoned gun enthusiast or just starting out, don't miss out on our comprehensive guide to ar-15 kits under $300 in stock. Read on for all the details!

AR-15 Kits Under $300 In Stock: The Ultimate Guide

Are you looking for an affordable way to build your own AR-15? Look no further than these AR-15 kits under $300, all of which are currently in stock and ready to ship. Whether you're a seasoned gun owner or just getting started with building firearms, these kits offer everything you need at a price that won't break the bank.

What is an AR-15 Kit?

An AR-15 kit is simply all the parts needed to assemble your own semi-automatic rifle. These kits typically include the upper receiver assembly, lower receiver assembly, barrel, gas block and tube assembly, bolt carrier group (BCG), charging handle and handguards.

By purchasing an AR-15 kit rather than buying each component separately, you can save both time and money. Not only do most kits come with all necessary components included in one package but they also usually cost less than buying each part individually.

Why Choose An Affordable Kit?

While it may be tempting to splurge on high-end components for your new firearm build or upgrades if affordability is important then going for more affordable options like this list of ar 10 parts under $50 may help reduce costs without sacrificing functionality. With so many great options available today at prices that won't break the bank there's really no need to spend more than necessary on gun gear.

There are several benefits associated with choosing an affordable kit over other options such as buying individual parts or purchasing pre-assembled rifles:

  1. Affordability – As mentioned previously by selecting from our selections of top-quality yet low-priced ar 10 lowers & uppers available online today users can save lots of money while still achieving high-quality results when building their firearms from scratch;

  2. Customization – By being able to choose every single component yourself users have full control over how their firearm looks performs thus making it effectively custom-built;

  3. Learning – By assembling the rifle yourself, you will gain valuable knowledge that can be applied to future builds or when maintaining your firearm.

Top AR-15 Kits Under $300 In Stock

  1. PSA 16" M4 Carbine Length 5.56 NATO Classic Rifle Kit (Price: $299)

This kit from Palmetto State Armory is a great option for those looking for a classic M4-style carbine at an affordable price point. The kit includes everything needed to build out the upper and lower receiver assemblies, including a chrome-moly vanadium barrel and bolt carrier group.

  1. Del-Ton DT Sport Lite AR-15 Rifle Kit (Price: $269)

Del-Ton's Sport Lite kit is another excellent choice for those on a budget, featuring all the necessary components to build out a lightweight rifle with an A2-style front sight post and polymer handguards.

  1. Anderson Manufacturing AM-15 Stripped Lower Receiver & Upper Receiver Bundle (Price: $149)

This bundle from Anderson Manufacturing includes both stripped lower and upper receivers, allowing users to fully customize their build from scratch while still keeping costs low.

  1. DTT Customs "Predator" LR-308 DPMS Style Build Kit with Remington Barrel (Price: $289)

While this isn't strictly an AR-15 kit per se but rather more of an ar 10 platform variant it still offers incredible value given its pricing under our set limit of under three hundred dollars! This comprehensive build package includes almost everything needed to construct your own long-range .308 rifle with premium components like Magpul MOE furniture system already in place right off the bat!

Tips For Building An Affordable AR-15

  1. Do Your Research – Before purchasing any parts or kits online make sure you do your research about each component involved in building up one's desired firearm configuration so that no mistakes are made during the assembly process;

  2. Look For Deals – While some kits may be priced very affordably, there are still opportunities to save even more by looking for sales or special promotions offered by retailers;

  3. Watch Tutorials – There are many excellent tutorials available online that can walk you through each step of the assembly process, helping you avoid costly mistakes and potential damage to your rifle components.


Building your own AR-15 can be an exciting and rewarding experience. By choosing one of these affordable kits under $300 in stock, you'll have all the necessary parts at your fingertips without breaking the bank. Remember to do your research and take advantage of deals when possible, and always follow safety guidelines during assembly. With a little patience and attention to detail, you'll have a top-quality firearm that's custom-tailored just for you!


What is an AR-15 kit?

An AR-15 kit is a set of parts that includes everything needed to build your own rifle with the exception of the lower receiver. The lower receiver is considered the firearm and, therefore, must be purchased separately by someone who has passed a background check. An AR-15 kit can come in various configurations depending on what you want to use it for such as hunting, target shooting or self-defense.

Are there any good quality AR-15 kits available under $300?

Yes, there are many good quality AR-15 kits available under $300 if you know where to look. However, keep in mind that some people believe that cost and quality have an inverse relationship when it comes to firearms. This means that if you buy a very cheap kit then you may get what you pay for.

One great option would be Aero Precision's M4E1 Carbine Complete Lower Receiver with its Gen 2 Enhanced Handguard Combo which currently sells frequently for just below $300.

Another option could be Palmetto State Armory’s Classic Freedom Rifle Kit which provides everything except ammo and magazines at around $259 – this includes all parts required including upper/lower receivers made from 7075-T6 Aluminum forging.

What tools will I need to build my own rifle using an AR-15 kit?

To assemble your rifle using an AR-15 kit, some basic tools are required including hex keys (Allen wrenches), pin punches (roll pin punches), pivot pin installation tool & hammer among others depending on specific requirements of each manufacturer's instructions provided within their kits manual booklet.

The process itself isn’t too difficult but having access to certain specialist equipment will make life easier – plus securing things such as torque wrench at correct values becomes even more important especially when assembling barrel components.
So make sure before starting out building your gun ensure all necessary items required by manufacturer instructions are at hand to save potentially costly mistakes.

Is it legal to build my own AR-15 using a kit?

In most states, it is legal for an individual to build their own AR-15 using a kit as long as they are legally allowed to possess firearms. However, some states have additional requirements such as registering the firearm with local law enforcement or utilizing specific components designed for that state's regulations (such as California’s ban on certain magazines).

You still need the lower receiver and pass all applicable background checks before starting building your gun at home. ATF considers any unfinished lower receiver part of a firearm; therefore, you must comply with all federal laws governing firearms purchase and ownership.

How long does it take to assemble an AR-15 from a kit?

The time required assembling an AR-15 from scratch can vary depending on your level of expertise; however, this should not prevent anyone without prior experience attempting this project.
Standard assembly time usually ranges between 2 hours -5 hours depending upon several factors like how complex parts are within each manufacturer’s instructions provided in their respective instruction manuals.

If you do not have previous experience working with tools or assembling items yourself then expect longer timescales. Always remember that putting together one's own rifle is satisfying but patience during assembly and correctness of details makes all difference when dealing with precision machinery like firearms.

Can I customize my rifle built from the kit?

Yes! One great aspect about building your rifle using an AR-15 Kit is getting complete control over customizing every little detail exactly how you want them.

Most kits will come pre-assembled for ease but understanding what each component does allows adding other modifications or swapping out pieces creating customized look & feel best suited towards user comfortability.

There are many options available including aftermarket stocks/grips/trigger systems/flash suppressors/muzzle brakes/picatinny rails etc., so research carefully before purchasing anything especially when budget is limited.

In summary, building your rifle using an AR-15 kit provides a great opportunity to customize your firearm for the purposes that you intend to use it for while keeping cost down. Just make sure that you follow all instructions provided by the manufacturer and comply with all applicable laws before attempting this project.

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