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AR 15 100 Drum: The Ultimate Magazine for Uninterrupted Firing Action

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The AR 15 100 drum is a sought-after accessory for gun enthusiasts, especially those who love using the AR-15. This high-capacity magazine allows you to fire multiple rounds without having to change magazines frequently or reload often. It's an essential accessory for hunting, shooting competitions, and self-defense situations.

If you're looking to improve your shooting experience with your AR-15 rifle, then the AR 15 100 drum is definitely worth considering. With its ability to hold up to one hundred rounds of ammunition, this magazine will help you unleash a continuous stream of firepower and give you an edge in certain situations.

In this article, we’ll cover everything there is to know about the AR 15 100 drum – from what it is and how it works, its benefits over other magazines available in the market today down to some tips on how best utilize the product so that can maximize your firearm's performance potential. If you're interested in knowing more about this exciting accessory that every gun enthusiast should own at least one of these days – make sure not miss out on reading what we have prepared for you here!

AR 15 100 Drum: A Comprehensive Guide

If you're a gun enthusiast, you've likely heard of the AR-15 rifle. It's one of the most popular rifles in America and is loved for its versatility and customization options. One such customization is the use of drum magazines, which can hold up to 100 rounds at a time! In this comprehensive guide, we'll go over everything you need to know about using an AR-15 100 drum magazine.

What is an AR-15 100 Drum Magazine?

An AR-15 drum magazine is a type of high-capacity magazine that holds more rounds than traditional magazines. The "drum" refers to its shape – it's cylindrical in design and can hold up to 100 rounds at once! This makes it ideal for those who want extended firing without having to reload frequently.

Advantages of Using an AR-15 Drum Magazine

There are several benefits associated with using a drum magazine with your firearm:

Extended Firing Time

Drum magazines offer significantly more firing time than standard or even extended capacity magazines due to their large capacity.

Better Accuracy

With fewer interruptions from reloading, shooters can keep moving through drills or exercises without breaking their flow reducing shot-to-shot timings improving overall accuracy on target acquisition


Drum mags come available in different sizes depending on caliber making them suitable for both short-range engagements as well as longer-range targets.

Comparison Between Different Magazines Types

Here’s how they compare against other types:

Type Rounds Held Disadvantage
Standard Magazines Up To Around Thirty Rounds (Depending On Caliber) Frequent Reloads Required; Not Suitable For Extended Firefights
Extended Capacity Magazines Fifty Upwards Depending On Manufacturer And Caliber Can Be Bulky And Heavy; Easier To Jam
Drum Magazines Up to One Hundred Rounds Expensive; Bulky

Tips for Using an AR-15 100 Drum Magazine

Here are some tips that will help you get the most out of your drum magazine:

Choose the Right Caliber

Make sure you choose a drum magazine that's compatible with your firearm and caliber. This is crucial as using an incompatible or wrongly sized magazine can lead to jams or malfunctions.

Practice Proper Maintenance

Take care of your drum magazines, make sure it stays lubricated and clean in order to reduce friction between moving parts, which can cause stoppages.

Follow Laws And Regulations

Be aware of local laws and regulations regarding high-capacity magazines. Make sure you abide by them at all times when carrying or transporting a firearm fitted with any type of high-capacity magazine.

In Conclusion

Overall, an AR-15 100 drum is ideal for anyone who wants extended firing time without having to reload frequently. They provide better accuracy on target acquisition reducing shot-to-shot timings and come in different sizes depending on caliber making them versatile enough for short-range engagements as well as longer-range targets. By following our tips above, gun enthusiasts can enjoy these benefits while keeping their firearms running smoothly!


What is an AR 15 100 drum?

An AR 15 100 drum is a high-capacity magazine that can be used in firearms, such as the AR-15 rifle. These magazines are designed to hold up to 100 rounds of ammunition, which allows the user to fire their weapon for extended periods without having to reload frequently. The design of these drums varies depending on the manufacturer and model but most commonly they are made from polymer or aluminum.

This type of magazine provides several advantages over traditional magazines with lower capacities. Firstly, it reduces reload time significantly because each drum can hold up to five times more rounds than a standard magazine. This means that shooters spend less time reloading and more time focusing on their target during competitions or self-defense situations.

Secondly, it also eliminates the need for carrying extra magazines which can increase bulkiness and weight for military personnel who need lightweight gear when operating in combat zones.

One thing worth mentioning about high-capacity drums is that they may not be legal in all states within America due to state laws regulating ammunition capacity (check your local regulations before purchasing).

How do I install an AR-15 100 round drum?

Installing an AR-15 100 round drum requires following specific instructions from its manufacturer – this will vary between brands so make sure you refer back accordingly.

In general though:

  1. Start by ensuring your firearm has been unloaded
  2. Insert your empty magazine into the mag well
  3. Run through system checks before firing

It's essential you follow product-specific instructions since installations vary between products based on factors such as size & shape; failing this could lead you exposed at risk during shooting sessions – so always take caution!

When done correctly though installing should feel pretty straightforward with some practice under supervision beforehand taking care not let any mistakes slip through unnoticed like leaving shells behind after loading etcetera!

Are there any drawbacks associated with using an AR-15 100 round drum?

Although, high-capacity magazines such as the AR-15 100 round drum provide many benefits; there are several drawbacks associated with their use.

The first and most obvious downside is that these magazines can be quite heavy, making them less ideal for shooters who prioritize lightweight gear. Additionally, they may not fit well in all firearms – again depending on size & shape.

Secondly, while high-capacity drums allow you to fire more rounds without reloading frequently; this also means that you're firing more rounds at once which can cause overheating of your firearm. This leads to malfunctions or even damage if firing continuously for extended periods and thus reducing its lifespan.

Lastly, using a drum magazine may attract unwanted attention from those who believe it's excessive firepower – this could lead to legal issues depending on where you reside within America so always research before purchase!

Are AR-15 100 round drums reliable?

The reliability of an AR-15 100 round drum depends on the manufacturer and model involved. Drum magazines have a reputation for being less reliable than traditional box-shaped designs due to their increased complexity. However, many manufacturers have worked hard over time towards minimizing any setbacks experienced when using their products – by creating quality material builds like aluminum instead of plastic which has been known degrade quickly under regular use.

Some things worth noting when purchasing include researching customer reviews beforehand (especially from reputable sources), checking warranty periods offered plus doing proper maintenance after each usage session such as cleaning out excess dirt or debris left behind etcetera And lastly practicing good habits like keeping distance between yourself & others while shooting sessions ensuring safety is maintained throughout – failure do so could put lives risk!

Is it legal to own an AR-15 100-round magazine?

It's important note legality about owning an AR-15 100-round magazine varies based upon location.

In some states within America such high capacity mags are completely illegal to own – whilst others allow ownership with caveats such as restrictions on use, carrying, purchasing or other factors.

Make sure you check your local laws before considering purchasing an AR-15 100 round drum magazine. Failure do so could lead consequences from fines all way up towards criminal charges depending on severity of offense committed.

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