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AR-15 22 Conversion: Transform Your Rifle into a .22 LR Plinker!

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The AR-15 is a highly sought-after rifle by gun enthusiasts and professionals alike. Its adaptability to various situations makes it a versatile weapon of choice for many users. But what happens when you want to switch things up but don't want to purchase an entirely new firearm? Enter the AR-15 22 conversion kit.

The AR-15 22 conversion kit allows users to convert their existing rifle into a .22 caliber option, providing a more cost-effective solution for those who wish to train or practice shooting without breaking the bank on ammunition costs. This kit can easily be installed onto your firearm, allowing you better accuracy and precision while using less powerful ammunition.

In this article, we will dive deeper into what makes the AR-15 22 conversion such an attractive option for gun owners. We'll explore its benefits and drawbacks, how it works, and provide insight on how it compares with other firearms in terms of performance. So if you're interested in learning more about this exciting accessory for your favorite rifle, read on!

AR-15 22 Conversion: A Comprehensive Guide

The AR-15 is a versatile rifle that has been in use by the military and civilians alike for decades. One of the great benefits of this firearm is its ability to be customized, allowing users to switch out parts and accessories as they see fit. One popular conversion for the AR-15 is the 22LR conversion kit, which allows shooters to fire .22 rounds instead of standard ammunition. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about ar-15 22 conversion.

What Is an AR-15 22 Conversion Kit?

An ar-15 22 conversion kit replaces your rifle's standard bolt carrier group with one specifically designed for .22LR rounds. This allows you to shoot cheaper ammo without having to purchase a separate firearm dedicated only for that purpose. The kits usually come with a barrel insert and magazine adapter as well.

Why Should You Consider an Ar-15 22 Conversion?

There are several reasons why someone might consider upgrading their rifle with a .223/5.56mm-to-.22lr caliber converter:

  1. Cost Savings: Ammunition can be expensive, especially if you're shooting frequently or attending training courses regularly.
  2. Increased Accuracy: Shooting smaller caliber rounds can help improve accuracy over time.
  3. Reduced Recoil: Firing .223/5.56mm can produce significant recoil which may affect accuracy; smaller calibers like .222lr have much less kickback making it easier on beginners or anyone looking for more precision shooting.

How Does an Ar-15 2l Conversion Kit Work?

The process of installing an ar-l5 lr converter kit usually takes just minutes once you get familiarized with your gun's mechanics – simply remove your existing bolt carrier group (BCG), replace it with new BCG included in most kits along side other additional components such as barrel insert & mag adaptor. Once that's done, load up your magazines with .22LR rounds and get ready to shoot.

The Benefits of Using an AR-15 22 Conversion Kit

Aside from cost savings mentioned earlier, there are other benefits to using an ar-l5 lr conversion kit:

  1. Flexibility: You can switch between calibers easily, meaning you have two guns in one.
  2. Practice ammunition: Shooting cheaper ammo is a great way to practice without breaking the bank.
  3. Availability: .223/5.56mm rounds might be difficult to come by at times but smaller calibers often remain available even during shortages.
  4. Reduced Noise Pollution: Firing a rifle indoors or in residential areas can produce significant noise pollution which may disturb neighbors; smaller caliber rounds like .222lr produce much less noise.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Ar-15 22 Conversion Experience

To ensure optimal performance when using your ar-l5 lr conversion kit, consider these tips:

  1. Use quality ammunition – Higher quality ammo typically fires more consistently than lower-end options and helps avoid jams/failures.
  2. Keep It Clean – It's important to keep both your gun clean as well as the converter components free of debris or rust so they'll function properly over time!
    3 ) Adjusting Sights – Depending on what type of sights you're using it may require some adjustments (windage/elevation).


An AR-15 is a highly customizable firearm that meets the needs of many types shooters out there today due its accuracy & versatility. With an ar-l5 lr conversion kit installed within minutes, this popular rifle platform becomes even more adaptable allowing you shoot cheaper ammunition while also improving accuracy and reducing recoil!


What is an AR-15 22 conversion kit?

An AR-15 22 conversion kit is an accessory that allows you to convert your standard .223/5.56 caliber AR-15 rifle into a firearm that shoots .22LR ammunition. The kit contains a replacement bolt carrier and magazine, which are specifically designed to fit the dimensions of the smaller round.

The benefit of this conversion is that it allows for cheaper shooting as .22LR ammunition tends to be significantly less expensive than other calibers. Additionally, shooting with lower recoil can be beneficial for younger or less experienced shooters who may find larger calibers uncomfortable.

It's important to note that not all AR-15 rifles are compatible with these kits, so it's essential to check compatibility before purchasing one.

Can I use any brand of 22lr ammo in my Ar-15 Conversion Kit?

While most brands of .22LR ammunition will work fine in your converted rifle, there can be some issues with certain types. Since the bullet diameter and weight vary from other cartridges used in an AR platform such as those chambered in 5.56mm NATO or .223 Remington., magazine feeding cycles may become problematic because rimfire priming technology requires more consistent pressure than centerfire priming techonology; hence magazines must fully support and contain rounds consistently while they are being stripped off during cycling (feeding).

Additionally, some high-powered loads or niche handloads may cause damage due higher pressures produced by specific bullet design like jacket thickness/rigidity at given velocities which exceeds what was tested on weapon system from manufacturer specifications regarding maximum pressure limits per cartridge type along with muzzle energy ratings etc..

To avoid these issues, consult the manufacturer's instructions and use only recommended ammo types when firing your converted rifle.

How does using a Conversion Kit impact accuracy?

In general using a conversion kit doesn't have much impact on accuracy since most kits come preassembled and have been tested to provide the same level of accuracy as the standard .223/5.56 version of your rifle.

However, it's important to keep in mind that the .22LR bullet is smaller and lighter than a typical 5.56mm bullet, so wind drift may be more significant at longer ranges. Also, since most kits use a different magazine type compared to what you would typically use for .223/5.56mm rounds Some shooters report minor changes in point-of-aim vs point-of-impact when transitioning between magazines due to differences such as sight picture or release button location.

In general though, these impacts are minimal if present at all and should not be considered significant enough reasons not use an AR-15 22 conversion kit if shooting low cost ammo is your main concern.

Is it legal to own an AR-15 Conversion Kit?

Yes! owning an Ar-15 conversion kit is legal in most states within USA; however there are certain state laws regarding firearms which can make things complicated depending on where you live by way of restrictions on modifications/accessories one may add along with other factors like capacity limits etc..

It's always important check local regulations before purchasing any firearm accessory regardless whether it’s just a simple gun cleaning kit or something more complex like this converted rifle setup.

How easy is it to install an AR-15 22 Conversion Kit?

Installing an AR-15 22 conversion kit can vary based on various factors including manufacturer specific instructions included with purchase along with experience level working with rifles' internals.

In general though installing this type of addon isn't terribly difficult for those comfortable working with their rifles already who also posses necessary tools required (such as screwdrivers) will generally find installation process fairly straight-forward .

However before attempting installation yourself read directions thoroughly first making sure safety procedures outlined within guide are followed exactly from start to finish including steps such as removing bolt carrier group from rifle and properly lubricating parts before initiating firing sequence. Additionally, if you're not comfortable working with firearms internals, it may be wise to have a specialist do the installation for you to avoid any damage or complication when gunsmithing which could lead to dangerous malfunctions during operation.

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