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AR-15 350 Legend: The Ultimate Guide to Power and Performance

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The AR 15 350 Legend is a popular rifle among gun enthusiasts and hunters alike. It's a modern sporting rifle that delivers impressive performance and accuracy, making it an ideal choice for various shooting activities. The AR 15 platform has been around for decades, but the addition of the .350 Legend cartridge makes it more versatile than ever before.

The .350 Legend is a straight-walled cartridge that was developed specifically for hunting in states where straight-walled cartridges are required by law. It offers impressive muzzle velocity and energy at short ranges, making it perfect for taking down deer-sized game with minimal recoil or damage to meat. With its combination of power and precision, the AR 15 350 Legend is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after rifles on the market today.

If you're interested in learning more about this incredible firearm and what sets it apart from other rifles on the market, then keep reading! In this article we'll go over everything you need to know about the AR 15 platform chambered in .350 Legend – from its history to its unique features – so that you can make an informed decision when choosing your next rifle.

AR-15 350 Legend: The Complete Guide

The AR-15 is one of the most popular rifles in the world. It has been around since the 1960s and has undergone many modifications, but it still remains a favorite among gun enthusiasts. In recent years, there has been a lot of buzz about a new addition to the family – The AR-15 350 Legend.

In this article, we will dive deep into everything you need to know about this rifle round. From its comparison with other rounds in its class, its benefits and tips on how to use it effectively.

What is an AR-15 350 Legend?

The .350 Legend cartridge was introduced by Winchester Ammunition at SHOT Show back in January 2019 as an alternative for those who want more stopping power than what they can get from calibers like .223 Remington but less recoil than that offered by larger cartridges like .308 Winchester or even .30-06 Springfield.

When compared to other popular rounds used with an AR platform such as .223/5.56mm NATO or even the larger calibered options such as; 6.5 Creedmoor or 7mm–08 Remington -the AR-15 chambered for the “straight-walled” case design of Winchesters’s new round provides a better overall balance between performance & usability while keeping up accuracy and target impact effectiveness within medium range distances (upwards from 250 yards).

Comparisons Between Other Popular Rounds

The big question that every gun enthusiast asks before investing their hard earned money into any firearm is; How does it compare? Here's how:

Comparison with The Popular .223/5.56mm NATO

To start off our comparisons let us first take on one of if not THE most common ammunition used with an Ar-platform today: The good old “five-five-six”.

Bullet weight wise these rounds have a lot of similarities, the .223/5.56mm NATO’s lower grain options are quite similar to that of the 350 Legend with its higher grain offerings – and vice versa.

However, when it comes to energy output – The AR-15 chambered for .350 Legend has been found to provide more than double that what is offered by its counter cartridge over distances exceeding 250 yards while still retaining accuracy up close.

When it comes to ballistic performance between both cartridges there's not much difference in terms of drop and velocity; as they both use nearly identical bullet speeds in most cases (around ~2000 FPS). Where things start differing is noticeable after the round starts traveling beyond 200 yards or so where the increased weight & size carried by Winchester’s new cartridge takes effect delivering more significant impact on target areas even with less precise aiming.

Comparison with 6.5 Creedmoor

The market favorite among precision-shooting enthusiasts– “Six five Creedmoor” is already well known for its outstanding ballistic abilities, but how does it stack against our subject at hand?

Ballistically speaking there's little comparison here– The six-five creedmore has much greater range than anything coming out from an AR-15 chambered for a .350 legend round could ever hope (at least theoretically) achieve due to inherent barrel length limitations experienced when shooting from rifles built on this platform type while maintaining optimal muzzle velocities required for long range target engagements without major compromise on shoulder recoils force needed during sustained fire sequences.

Benefits Of Using An AR-15 Chambered For A 350 Legend Round

Now that we've covered comparisons let us dive deep into some benefits you can gain using this caliber:

Stopping Power At Mid Range Distances

One of Winchesters main selling points behind developing their new offering was providing hunters who need something powerful enough (and legal) within mid-range scenarios i.e: animal hunting or personal protection from larger prey.

The .350 Legend cartridge achieves this by providing twice the energy output of a standard 5.56 NATO round when hitting targets beyond 250 yards away. And even though it has less penetration than some popular big bore offerings like .30-06 Springfield it still packs enough punch to incapacitate any animal within ethical hunting distances.

Recoil Reduction

If you are familiar with shooting an AR-15 platform, you know that recoil can be quite harsh for some individuals who do not have the required physical ability needed to endure longer shooting sessions comfortably without hurting their shoulder area – especially if using high calibered rounds such as; 7mm–08 Remington or .308 Winchester.

Hence one significant benefit of using a rifle built on this platform and chambered for Winchesters's new .

Tips When Using An AR-15 Chambered For A 350 Legend Round

As with every firearm, there are tips and tricks that gun enthusiasts should take note of while handling them:

Pay Attention To Your Bullet Selection

When picking out ammunition keep in mind that not all bullets were made equal – Some bullet designs may perform better than others due to various factors such as powder scaling, casing size differences or even primer composition changes!

Always Wear Eye & Ear Protection!

This is something many shooters tend to overlook but never forget how incredibly important eye/ear protection really is! So make sure always wear them before heading out onto your next range session outing no matter what type of ammunition your firing since malfunctions can happen at any time regardless whether its an old trusted favorite load-out or something entirely different altogether like this newer option from Winchester.


In conclusion; The AR-15 chambered for the new straight-walled cartridge design known as “The 350 Legend” provides hunters looking for enticing yet practical options close ideal balance between stopping power, recoil reduction and cost effectiveness – a winning combination in any gun enthusiasts' book.


What is the AR 15 350 Legend?

The AR-15 rifle has been a popular platform for years, thanks in large part to its modularity and versatility. The AR-15 is designed to handle a wide range of calibers, making it an excellent choice for hunting and self-defense applications. One of the latest additions to this venerable platform is the .350 Legend.

The .350 Legend cartridge was developed by Winchester Ammunition as a straight-walled alternative to traditional bottleneck cartridges like the .223 Remington or .308 Winchester. The advantage of using straight-walled cartridges is that they are often legal in states where bottlenecked rounds are not allowed for hunting.

What makes the AR 15 350 Legend unique?

One of the main features that sets apart this caliber from others on an AR-15 platform is its ability to use typical magazines without issue (unlike other larger-caliber rounds). Additionally, this round has some serious stopping power while maintaining less recoil than many other similar-sized rounds out there today.

Furthermore, hunters can expect accurate shots hitting their target at distances up to or past three hundred yards with ease when compared with other typical short-range calibers such as Hornady's "Blackout" series ammunition(s).

The average bullet weight ranges from around one hundred thirty-five grains all-the-way-up-to two-hundred-and-twenty-grains respectively depending on manufacturer and style preferences which turns out great knockdown power at close range but still operates well out further without over-penetration concerns.

Can any standard AR-15 lower receiver be used with an upper receiver chambered in .350 legend?

Yes! One aspect making this caliber especially attractive among enthusiasts who own multiple platforms already: it requires no additional modifications – nor special receivers – different than what they might already have laying-around lying about their household gun-safe!

With minor adjustments only necessary if users decide later-on down-the-line to upgrade their trigger, stock, or hand-guard, this makes the investment into a new build or conversion project significantly less expensive and cumbersome overall.

What kind of hunting is the AR 15 350 Legend best suited for?

The .350 Legend is an excellent round for hunting medium-sized game like deer. Its straight-walled case design allows it to be legal in states with strict hunting regulations on traditional bottlenecked cartridges. With its low recoil and high accuracy at distance when compared to other short-range calibers commonly found among hunters today, you can expect a clean kill shot even from further distances than traditionally expected.

This round is also suitable for home defense applications due to its stopping power, but keep in mind that over-penetration could still be a concern if using hollow-point rounds indoors.

Can I use any standard .223/5.56mm AR-15 magazines with an upper chambered in .350 legend?

No! When using an upper receiver chambered in .350 Legend you will need dedicated magazines due to the size difference between these two calibers (i.e., one has straight walls while another tapers). Fortunately there are many options available from manufacturers such as CMMG which offer five-rounds up-to thirty-round-capacity magazines specifically designed around handling this caliber seamlessly during reloads without fail so long as they remain properly maintained overtime – especially after extended periods laying unused atop shelves within gun safes all across America!

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