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AR-15 450 Bushmaster Mags: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Options

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In the world of firearms, there are a plethora of accessories and add-ons that can enhance your shooting experience. One such accessory is the AR 15 450 Bushmaster mag. This specialized magazine allows for more efficient and effective use of your firearm.

The AR 15 is a popular rifle platform used by military personnel, law enforcement officers, and civilians alike. The addition of the 450 Bushmaster mag makes it even more versatile, as it allows for increased accuracy at longer ranges and better stopping power for hunting or self-defense situations.

But what exactly is an AR 15 450 Bushmaster mag? How does it work? And what are its benefits compared to other types of magazines available on the market? In this article, we will explore all these questions in detail so that you can make an informed decision about whether this accessory is right for you. So sit tight and read on!

AR-15 450 Bushmaster Mags: The Ultimate Accessory for Your Rifle

If you own an AR-15 rifle, you know how important it is to have the right accessories to optimize your shooting experience. One such accessory that has gained popularity in recent years is the AR-15 450 Bushmaster Mag. In this article, we will talk about everything there is to know about these magazines – from their features and benefits to why they are becoming increasingly popular among gun enthusiasts.

What are AR-15 450 Bushmaster Mags?

AR-15 450 Bushmaster Magazines or simply "mags" are detachable magazines designed specifically for the .450 bushmaster cartridge used in certain rifles like the AR platform. These mags hold up to five rounds of ammo and fit perfectly with rifles chambered in .450 bushmaster.

Most standard .223/5.56mm metal-bodied magazine can’t accommodate .45o cartridges due its larger size so having a dedicated mag saves time and hassle of manually loading individual rounds into a multi-caliber mag which further affect accuracy as well.

Benefits of Using an AR-15 450 Bushmaster Magazine

Improved Accuracy

Using a dedicated magazine like the one made for your specific cartridge ensures better feeding precision by reducing jams and misfeeds resulting from using multi-purpose mags on incompatible cartridges that aren't designed for them causing shooters frustrations with malfunctions or accuracy issues.

Better Performance

The increased capacity provided by these magazines allows users higher firepower without reloading frequently giving tactical advantages over traditional rifling while hunting big game animals commonly chased mid-western united states hunters making it ideal choice when facing tougher targets up close where more power is necessary than traditional deer hunting roundings may provide at longer distances .

Increased Versatility

With compatibility being key when selecting rifle parts or ammunition adding another caliber option can be beneficial if you want flexibility without investing hundreds maybe thousands into separate rifles or caliber conversions. With an AR-15 rifle, you can switch uppers and bolt assemblies with ease providing a multi-purpose firearm that can serve different needs.

Comparison of the Best AR-15 450 Bushmaster Mags

There are several models available in the market when it comes to choosing the best AR-15 450 Bushmaster Magazines. The following are some of our top picks:

Brand Material Capacity Price
D&H Industries Magazines Aluminum/Steel Five rounds $22-$28
Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle Magazine .450 BM. CA Compliant Black Polymer 3/rd MAG932-BLK CA $51

D&H Industries Magazines

These magazines are made from high-quality aluminum and steel, offering durability and reliability for your shooting experience. These magazines have a capacity of five rounds, making them ideal if you prefer single-shot accuracy over rapid-fire situations.

Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle Magazine

The Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle Magazine is specifically designed for use with .450 BM cartridges in rifles like the OEM scout rifle manufactured by Ruger firearms.This magazine has a polymer build which makes it really lightweight hence not adding additional weight to an already heavy chambered gun while still maintaining its sturdiness that otherwise may be compromised on other polymer magzines.making this mag choice especially useful for hunting purposes where less noise is key factor.

Tips When Choosing Your Next AR-15 450 Bushmaster Mag

When selecting an AR-15 450 Bushmaster magazine, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Material Quality

Choose magazines made from durable materials such as aluminum or steel that offer rust resistance ensuring longevity while also providing reliable performances under various conditions when used correctly.

Price Point

Price shouldn't be your only deciding factor but it's worth knowing you can find magazines at different price points based on quality, features and brand name.


Ensure that the magazine is compatible with your particular rifle to avoid any issues with feeding or jamming during use. Keep in mind some models may not work as advertised so it's best to read reviews from other firearm owners who have tested them.


AR-15 450 Bushmaster Magazines are a great addition to your firearm if you are looking for increased accuracy, better performance, decreased reloading time and versatility when compared to standard multi-purpose magazines. With the right research and attention to detail when selecting one of these mags for your rifle will help ensure a positive shooting experience both at the range or in the field.


What is an AR 15 450 Bushmaster Magazine?

An AR-15 rifle chambered in .450 Bushmaster requires a specific type of magazine for optimal performance. This type of magazine is designed to accommodate the larger casing size of the .450 caliber round, which wouldn't fit in a standard AR-15 magazine. As such, an AR 15 .450 Bushmaster Magazine features a modified follower and spring that improve feeding reliability and prevent jamming or misfeeds.

These magazines are available in various capacities, typically ranging from five to ten rounds. However, some manufacturers offer higher-capacity alternatives that can hold up to thirty rounds or more. When purchasing magazines for your rifle, it's essential to ensure they're compatible with your firearm and comply with local regulations regarding capacity limits.

When selecting an appropriate Ar 15 .450 bushmaster mag for your rifle model, you should consider factors like durability (most mags are constructed using high-quality materials such as aluminum), weight (lightweight materials enhance portability), ergonomic design (a good grip will improve handling comfort) and feed reliability.

Are There Any Special Considerations When Using An Ar 15 .450 Bushmaster Mag?

Yes! Although these magazines have been specifically designed for use with rifles chambered in this cartridge size (.45 cal.), certain precautions must be taken when choosing one that's right for you.

Firstly, it’s important to select those maintained by reputable brands—the kind trusted by law enforcement agencies—to enjoy quality performance without malfunctions during operation.

Another thing worth noting is that when compared against regular-sized mags used on other firearms types – these bigger-than-average replacements require frequent cleaning & lubrication maintenance due mainly due their extra length/size so they don’t get stuck inside gun chambers causing damage among other things over time.

Finally: always secure & store them properly too if not currently being used within any given gun set-up—whether stashed away in gun safe or ammo box—this will help avoid any accidental misfires caused by mishandling or exposure to environmental elements like heat, dust, etc.

Are Ar 15 .450 Bushmaster Mags Legal Everywhere?

Ownership of these magazines is legal in most states and countries that permit firearms. However, some jurisdictions have restrictions that limit the capacity of the magazine allowed. In certain states like New York and California, for example – there are strict limits on how many rounds a magazine can hold (10 round max).

It's essential to be familiar with local laws regarding firearm ownership and use before purchasing any AR-15 rifle accessories—including magazines—and ensure full compliance with all applicable regulations.

How Much Do Ar 15 .450 Bushmaster Mags Cost?

Prices for AR-15 .450 bushmaster mags vary depending on several factors such as brand reputation & quality level along with accessories included within each purchase package deal which may include additional items besides just magazines themselves.

However, when compared against standard AR-15 mags – whose typical price range falls between $10-$30 per mag unit—these caliber-specific replacements tend to cost slightly more due mainly because they require added material expense plus special engineering considerations while being manufactured & tested to meet higher performance standards given their increased size/capacity requirements overall.

Most reputable dealers sell from around $25-$50; however customers looking for a premium product should expect prices upwards of $100.

What Are Some Of The Best Brands For Ar 15 .450 Bushmaster Mags?

There are numerous brands available when it comes down to ar 45 bushmasters—from large manufacturers like Magpul Industries Corp. who make high-quality polymer-based designs at an affordable price point—to boutique custom solutions crafted by smaller family-owned businesses known for making precise parts using exotic materials.

Some well-known brands include Brownells Inc.'s exclusive supplier line-up, or the well-loved and widely celebrated Lancer Systems LLC.

Other big-name makers include names like Wilson Combat, Bushmaster Firearms International LLC, Surefeed by Okay Industries Inc., among others.

Ultimately it’s up to each buyer to conduct their own research & select based on personal preferences as well as budget considerations – in order to get best value for money spent while ensuring they have a quality product that will perform reliably over time given how vital these magazines are during actual use of your firearm in real-world situations

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