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AR 15 5.45×39 Barrel: Enhance Your Shooting Experience with this High-Performance Upgrade

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If you're interested in firearms, then the AR 15 platform is probably a familiar one. It's a versatile rifle that can be customized to fit your specific needs and preferences. One aspect of customization that many gun enthusiasts focus on is swapping out the barrel for one that suits their needs better.

The AR 15 5.45×39 barrel is an option worth considering if you're looking for improved accuracy and range compared to the standard .223/5.56 NATO cartridge often used in this platform. This barrel caliber offers some unique advantages over other calibers, such as increased velocity and flatter trajectories.

But why choose this particular barrel? What are its benefits compared to other options available on the market? In this article, we dive into everything you need to know about the AR 15 5.45×39 barrel so that you can make an informed decision when choosing which components go into your prized firearm collection.
Read on to learn more about how investing in this caliber could potentially enhance your shooting experience!

AR 15 5.45×39 Barrel: Everything You Need to Know

The AR-15 rifle is one of the most popular firearms in America. It is versatile, customizable and reliable, making it perfect for hunting, self-defense, and range shooting. One of the key components that make up an AR-15 rifle is its barrel.

In this article, we will be discussing everything you need to know about the AR-15 5.45×39 barrel – from its features and benefits to how it compares with other barrels on the market.

What Is an AR-15 5.45×39 Barrel?

An AR-15 5.45×39 barrel is a type of rifle barrel made specifically for use with an AK-style cartridge known as the “74.” It typically has a length ranging from around sixteen inches to twenty-four inches or more depending on your preference.

This type of barrel has several unique characteristics which distinguish it from other types of barrels on the market:

  • The bore diameter measures approximately .220 inches.
  • The rifling twist rate usually ranges between one-in-seven and one-in-eight.
  • The chamber mouth dimensions are slightly different than those found in standard NATO-specification chambers.

Benefits Of An AR-15 5.45×39 Barrel

There are several benefits associated with using an AR-115 .545X30mm caliber:

Increased Versatility

One advantage that comes with owning an ar upper receiver chambered in this caliber relates to versatility; because ammunition can be obtained at relatively low cost compared by purchasing many others such as NATO rounds like ,223 /556 ammo or even larger cartridges like .308 Winchester or similar calibers built off A R platforms but closer related could be considered something like USSR's Mosin Nagant platform which uses similar manufactured rounds .

Improved Accuracy

Another benefit associated with using this type of gun part relates directly towards accuracy; because the rifling twist rate is optimized for this particular cartridge, it tends to perform better when compared with other types of barrels. Additionally, you may experience less recoil and muzzle rise due to the decreased size of ammo used.

Comparing The AR-15 5.45×39 Barrel

When it comes to comparing the AR-15 5.45×39 barrel with others in its class, there are several factors that you should consider:


The weight of a barrel can have a significant impact on your rifle’s handling and maneuverability; some users prefer lighter-weight options , whilst others prefer heavier variants . Keep in mind however that using any weapon becomes burdensome over prolonged periods.


Another factor worth considering relates towards materials used during manufacture : Some example materials include stainless steel or chrome-moly-vanadium (CMV) – which one you choose will depend on how much strength or resilience you require from your gun part .


Finally length plays an important role as well: longer barrels tend be more accurate but also weigh more while shorter ones provide easier mobility at cost accuracy performance.

Tips For Choosing An AR-15 5.45×39 Barrel

If you're considering purchasing an ar upper receiver chambered in the aforementioned caliber, there are several things that will help make sure get most out such investment:

  • Choose wisely: buying quality should always be at top priority.
  • Do some research beforehand so as not become victimized by marketing hype .
  • Consider getting assistance from professionals who know what they’re talking about .


In conclusion we’ve gone through everything related around “AR 15 5.45×39 Barrel” – from features benefits comparison o tips ensuring satisfaction after purchase whether opting for standardized built parts off pre-manufactured platforms or custom built pieces specifically engineered around user requirements . Remember no matter what type gun component being selected always take time conduct extensive research and ask advice from professional gunsmiths or experts who can provide insights assist decision-making process.


What is the AR 15 5.45×39 Barrel and how does it differ from other AR 15 barrels?

The AR-15 barrel chambered in 5.45x39mm is a popular choice among gun enthusiasts because of its unique characteristics that set it apart from other types of barrels available in the market today. It is designed to be used with an AK-74 magazine, making it easier for shooters to use their existing stockpile of such magazines.

One characteristic that differentiates this barrel from others is its small bore size which provides better accuracy and longer range compared to the traditional .223/5.56 NATO rounds used by most AR-15 rifles. The smaller diameter also means users can enjoy more recoil control, faster follow-up shots, and less muzzle blast when firing.

Another significant difference between a standard .223/5.56 NATO barrel and an AR-15 chambered in 5.45x39mm is that the latter has a more aggressive rifling twist rate (usually around1:8) which stabilizes heavier bullets typically used with this cartridge type.

In summary, if you are looking for improved accuracy at longer ranges while enjoying better recoil control than traditional barrels while still being able to use your existing AK-74 magazines, then an Ar-15 chambered in 5.45x39mm could be just what you need.

Can I install an AR-15 Chambered In the Popular Cartridge Caliber Of 7N6 From Russian Military Surplus On My Own?

Yes! Installing new or swapping out old parts on your firearm can be done without any difficulty so long as you follow proper procedures carefully.

If you have basic mechanical skills and knowledge about guns or firearms installation process then installing a new part like ar -155-.4S-x3e9k10d54g78r567t101 may not pose much challenge for you. However, for those who feel less confident or unfamiliar with installing such parts, consulting a professional gunsmith is always recommended.

Before starting the installation process make sure you have all the tools and equipment required to complete the job correctly. This includes torque wrenches, vise blocks, punches and hammers among other things.

What Is The Best Twist Rate For An AR-15 5.45×39 Barrel?

The twist rate of an Ar-15 5.45×39 barrel mainly depends on your specific shooting preferences and bullet weights used in firing it; however, most common twist rates are between 1:8 to 1:10 which ensures proper stabilization of heavier bullets that provide better accuracy at longer ranges.

If you prefer using lighter bullets like FMJ or HPBT rounds then go for a faster twist rate such as1:8 while heavier ones like solid copper hollow point (SCHP) round should be paired with slower rates around 1:9to ensure proper stability.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Chrome-Lined Ar-15 Barrel Chambered In 5.45X39mm Cartridge Type?

Chrome-lined barrels offer several advantages over conventional barrels when it comes to long-term use without causing any damage due to erosion caused by friction from heat generated during firing cycles.

These types of barrels are more durable and can withstand higher temperatures compared to traditional steel alloys used in regular gun manufacturing processes which makes them ideal for heavy-duty usage scenarios where reliability is key factor needed under adverse conditions..

Additionally chrome lining improves corrosion resistance against rusting by providing an additional layer that prevents oxidation from atmospheric moisture exposure thereby increasing longevity of your firearm.

How Does Bullet Velocity Change When I Use A Different Weight Bullet With My AR-15 Chambered In 5.45X39mm Calibre?

Velocity changes based on bullet weight because each weight has its unique ballistic characteristics concerning velocity changes upon leaving the barrel.

In general, lighter bullets are faster than heavier ones because they produce less resistance upon leaving the muzzle. So if you change from a 60-grain bullet to a 90-grain bullet of the same caliber, you'll lose some speed in your shot.

Bullet weight changes can also affect trajectory by altering how much and when gravity affects it; therefore, it's essential to know precisely how each type of ammunition behaves during flight before shooting activities commence for accurate calculation of trajectories.

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