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AR-15 7.62×39 40 Round Magazine: The Ultimate Weapon Upgrade

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The AR-15 is one of the most popular and versatile rifles on the market today. With its sleek design and customizable features, it's no wonder why gun enthusiasts love this firearm. One of the latest modifications to hit the market is the 7.62×39 40 round magazine.

This new magazine allows for even more firepower in an already impressive weapon system. The increased capacity means less time spent reloading and more time focused on shooting accurately downrange. But what makes this mag so special? And how does it perform compared to other magazines? In this article, we'll explore everything you need to know about ar-15 7.62×39 40 round magazines, from their construction and performance to their advantages over other types of magazines on the market today.

Read on as we dive deep into what makes these magazines a must-have for any serious gun owner looking for enhanced firepower in their AR-15 rifle setup.

AR-15 7.62×39 40 Round Magazine: The Ultimate Guide

The AR-15 platform is one of the most customizable and versatile firearms on the market today. However, there are few things more frustrating than running out of ammo when you need it most. That's where a high-capacity magazine like the AR-15 7.62×39 40 round magazine comes in handy.

In this article, we're going to take a deep dive into what makes this particular type of magazine so special, why you might want to consider using one for your own firearm, and some tips for getting the most out of it.

What Is an AR-15 7.62×39 40 Round Magazine?

First things first: let's define our terms here. An "AR" or "assault rifle" is a type of firearm that has been around since World War II – but these days, when people talk about an "AR," they're usually referring specifically to the semi-automatic civilian version known as an AR-15.

The number after "AR" refers to the caliber or size of ammunition that particular model is designed to fire – in this case, we're talking about rifles chambered for .223 Remington/5.56mm NATO rounds adapted with AK magazines (or designed similarly.) The AK ammunition types tend not fit properly in standard M16 style magazines hence why manufacturers have created specific ones such as these ones reviewed herein.

So what about that mouthful at the end? This refers specifically to two different features: first off, it uses a caliber generally associated with Soviet-designed weapons like the famous AK47; secondly (and perhaps more importantly), it holds up forty rounds at once instead of just thirty-round standard M16-style magazinesso you can shoot longer without reloading.

Why Choose an AR-15 with a 7.62×39 40 Round Magazine?

There are a few reasons why you might want to choose an AR-15 with this type of magazine. Here are just a few:

  1. Increased Capacity – As we mentioned earlier, the biggest advantage of a high-capacity magazine is being able to shoot for longer periods without reloading.

  2. Less Reloading Time – When you do need to reload, having more rounds in your mag means fewer opportunities for mistakes and fumbling around.

  3. Better Versatility – The 7.62×39 round is one of the most widely-used calibers in the world today, meaning that if you have an AR-15 chambered for it, you'll have access to plenty of different types of ammo at reasonable prices.

  4. More Fun! – Having fun at gun ranges or hunts require less downtime and more time shooting which can be achieved via increased capacity magazines

Of course, there's always going to be some pushback from those who feel like high-capacity magazines should be banned outright due their potential use by criminals or mass shooters– however statistically speaking these make up only minute percentage point and regulations on possessing such ammunition exist within most countries so obtaining them illegally is not as simple as one would think.

How To Choose The Right Style Of Magazine

There are many different styles available when it comes down choosing your perfect AR-15 7.62×39 40 round magazine . Some factors that could inform your choice include:

Material Construction

Most magazines come in either polymer (plastic) or metal designs– both having their own pros & cons.

Polymer Magazines:

  • Lightweight
  • More Affordable
  • Can crack under certain stress conditions

Metal Magazines:

  • Durable
  • More Expensive than Polymer Counterparts

Brand Reputation

The brand reputation should play quite an important role when deciding on what magazine to purchase. Brands like Magpul and D&H have a well-known reputation for their quality magazines that feed the rounds with precision, every-time.


One of the primary determinants in your decision is going to be how much you're willing or able to pay. It's essential to find something that fits your budget but also takes into account factors such as durability, reliability and functionality

Tips For Using An AR-15 7.62×39 40 Round Magazine

Here are some tips for using this type of magazine:

  1. Break It In – As with any new piece of equipment, it's important not just jump right into heavy usage out-of-the-box without properly breaking it in first.

  2. Clean Regularly – To keep your mag functioning at its best over time ensure its clean by wiping down exterior surfaces after prolonged use.

  3. Reload After Use – You may be tempted try leaving rounds inside magazines indefinitely however we advise against doing so as bullets can generate pressure inside leading towards possible failure during next use due residual forces acting on internal components otherwise knowns as "spring fatigue.”

4 . Store Safely – Even when not being used store them safely away from moisture exposure which could affect the metal construction thus shortening lifespan.


Overall an AR-15 chambered for a 7.62×39 round & fitted with forty-round capacity magazine offers many benefits like increased capacity and versatility; The material construction options play part in finding the best fit for each individual whilst keeping cost considerations within mind.


What is an AR-15 7.62×39 40 round magazine?

An AR-15 7.62×39 40 round magazine is a detachable box magazine designed to be used with the AR-15 rifle platform chambered in the popular Soviet-designed cartridge, the 7.62×39 mm. This type of magazine has become increasingly popular among gun enthusiasts and tactical shooters due to its larger capacity compared to standard magazines which usually hold between ten and thirty rounds.

The AR-15 platform is known for its modular design, which allows users to customize their weapons according to their needs and preferences. The use of a detachable box magazine makes it even easier for users to switch out ammunition types or replace empty magazines, providing greater flexibility during shooting scenarios.

The specific size of this type of magazine offers an impressive balance between capacity and ease-of-use while maintaining compatibility with most standard-sized rifles within this caliber family.

How does an AR-15 7.62x39mm Magazine work?

Like any other box-type rifle mag, the user loads cartridges into individual slots within a thin metal shell casing that holds them in place until they are ready for firing through one's weapon system.

Once loaded up through various means such as stripper clips or individually pushing each bullet in by hand; upon discharge from one's firearm where bullets are propelled forward downrange at incredible speeds thanks mostly due factors like propellant powder ignition rates combined with physics principles like gas pressure expanding inside small spaces that create force behind projectiles themselves so they exit barrel ends before detonating primers ignite main charge powders placed behind each slug awaiting combustion

In general terms however all gun mags function similarly: Guns can fire multiple bullets by using spring-loaded followers located inside these slender shells holding ammunition together ,which enables fresh rounds into one's weapons chamber ensuring constant firepower available over extended shooting sessions.

Is it legal to own an AR-15 7.62×39 40 round magazine?

The legalities of owning an AR-15 7.62×39 40 round magazine vary depending on the state in which the owner resides. In general, states that have strict firearms laws tend to restrict magazine capacities beyond a certain limit (usually between ten and thirty rounds).

For instance, California law only permits magazines with a capacity of up to ten rounds, while Colorado limits it to fifteen. Conversely, states such as Texas do not impose any restrictions on magazine size.

It is essential for gun owners to be aware of their state's firearm laws before purchasing or transporting any weapon or ammunition-related equipment across different regions.

What are some benefits of using an AR-15 7.62x39mm Magazine?

One significant benefit of using an AR-15 7.62×39 mm Magazine is its increased cartridge capacity compared to standard magazines available in this caliber range.

Another advantage is having higher levels of customization options when choosing ammunition types based on shooting scenarios or personal preferences rather than being limited by lower-capacity alternatives that may not meet specific performance requirements for given users' needs

The detachable box design ensures ease-of-use when replacing empty magazines during critical moments without time-consuming reloading procedures; quicker shooting sessions allow one greater confidence over oneself where time limitations don't permit slower manual chamber loading steps more typical seen with older military weapons primarily used last century

How can I maintain my AR-15 7.62x29mm Magazine?

Maintaining your AR-15 Magazine requires regular cleaning and inspection after use as well as ensuring proper storage conditions like avoiding moisture exposure where possible along with other environmental factors like heat/cold extremes prolonged exposure times which could potentially degrade internal components faster than usual wear patterns associated through normal usage periods represent.

Most factory-made products provide detailed instructions regarding maintenance procedures alongside common recommendations made by industry professionals who specialize within this field so as to ensure optimum performance out of each product sold. Users are advised to follow these recommendations accordingly for optimal outcomes when using their equipment regularly over any prolonged period.

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