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AR-15 Action Rod: The Ultimate Guide for Smooth and Reliable Weapon Functioning

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In the world of firearms, it's important to have the right tools and accessories to keep your weapon in top shape. One such tool is the AR 15 action rod. This item may not be as well-known as other firearm parts, but its importance cannot be denied.

The AR 15 action rod is a specialized cleaning tool that aids in disassembling and assembling your rifle. It's designed to fit perfectly into the barrel of an AR 15 rifle and guide the cleaning patches through for a thorough clean-up. With regular use, this accessory can help extend the life of your rifle by keeping it free from buildup and other issues that could cause malfunctions.

If you're serious about maintaining your firearm or want to improve its lifespan, then you'll definitely want to learn more about how an AR 15 action rod can benefit you. In this article, we will delve deeper into what makes this tool so special and how it can help improve your overall experience with using an AR 15 rifle. So read on!

AR 15 Action Rod: The Ultimate Guide

If you own an AR-15 rifle, keeping it maintained and functioning properly is essential. One of the most important tools in your arsenal should be an AR-15 action rod. In this article, we'll cover everything you need to know about this critical component for your rifle.

What Is An AR 15 Action Rod?

An action rod is a long tube that runs through the center of your upper receiver and into the buffer tube at the rear of the lower receiver. It's designed to push out any stuck cases or other debris from inside your barrel chamber, which can cause malfunctions or damage to your firearm.

Why Do You Need An Action Rod For Your AR 15?

There are many reasons why having an action rod for your rifle is crucial. Here are some benefits:

Cleaning Your Rifle

Cleaning carbon buildup from inside a semi-automatic weapon can be challenging without proper tools like an ar 15 cleaning kit with bore cleaner and gun oil . The use of solvents alone may not help you clean certain parts entirely since they tend to stick around even after applying cleaners several times, affecting accuracy significantly.

However, using an Ar-15 action rod ensures that all fouling gets pushed out by following up on cleaning patches with repeat passes back-and-forth between flash suppressor threads while applying pressure downwards at each pass until there’s no more fouling left behind on subsequent passes using solvent-soaked patches..

Unjamming Your Rifle

Having a round get jammed in the chamber during shooting practice will slow down anyone's progress towards their target objectives quickly! Using force won't help much either as it could potentially damage both bullet and casing rendering them useless altogether; instead one needs specific tools intended for removing such obstructions safely like those found within rifles themselves – like our trusty friend here – The Ar-15!

This tool works wonders when attempting dislodge cartridges stuck inside barrels causing stoppages. The tool's design is meant to exert pressure on both ends of the hollow rod which gets pushed into place through the upper receiver until reaching its intended target where it applies additional force acting like a pry-bar to disengage any obstructions.

Comparing Action Rods For Your AR 15

When shopping for an action rod, you'll find that there are several different options available. Here are some things to consider when comparing them:

Construction Material

Action rods can be made from various materials, including aluminum and steel. While aluminum is lighter and more affordable, steel is more durable and long-lasting.


The length of your action rod will depend on the specific model of your rifle. Be sure to choose one that matches your rifle's specifications exactly – using an incorrect length could damage your firearm or cause malfunctions.


Action rods come in a range of prices depending on their construction material, brand name reputation etc., so be sure to factor this into account while making a purchase decision!

Tips For Using Your AR 15 Action Rod

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your ar-15 cleaning kit with bore cleaner and gun oil :

  1. Always follow manufacturer instructions carefully when installing or using an action rod.
  2. Make sure you choose one that fits properly with our model before purchasing!
    3.You should clean up after every use by wiping down all components involved gently with warm soapy water followed by drying them off completely afterward while paying particular attention areas prone corrosion buildup overtime such as within barrel chambers.
    4.This will ensure longevity preventing unnecessary maintenance costs associated such conditions later down line if left unattended!!


In conclusion, owning an AR-15 action rod is essential if you want to keep your firearm functioning properly over time without experiencing any issues like failure-to-fire scenarios during critical moments leading up successful outcomes without fuss!. Be sure to choose one that fits your rifle's specifications exactly and always follow manufacturer instructions carefully when using it. With proper care and maintenance, your action rod will last for years to come!


What is an AR-15 action rod and why is it important for maintenance?

An AR-15 action rod, also known as a cleaning rod or bore guide, is a tool used for the proper maintenance of your AR-15 rifle. It serves as a guide to ensure that your cleaning patches and brushes are properly aligned with the barrel's bore. The use of an action rod minimizes any unnecessary damage to the bore or crown which could affect accuracy.

One important benefit of using an action rod during maintenance procedures on your firearm is that it provides stability and precision when cleaning. By keeping the barrel stationary while you clean, you are less likely to cause damage by accidentally scraping against the interior surface of the barrel or damaging any rifling within.

Maintenance work on guns can be tricky, but with an AR-15 action rod in hand; you can be sure that each step will be done correctly without risking further harm to your firearm.

How do I choose which type/size/action rods work best for my specific rifle?

When choosing what size/type/action rods might work best for your specific rifle there are several factors you should consider such as caliber type (e.g., .223 Remington), overall length (e.g., 16 inches), twist rate (e.g., 1:7 inch) among others depending on how often you will need to use them. Some firearms may require different types due their unique mechanisms like gas systems etc..

You must check thoroughly in order find out if there’s anything special about disassembly before buying one especially since some rifles require more attention than others upon disassembly

The most common sizes available in today's market range from .22 caliber up through .45 caliber and beyond based off both brand names like Dewey Rods & Tipton gun cleaners whose products have been tested over time by shooting enthusiasts worldwide

With this information at hand navigating through all these variants should become much easier, and you will be able to find what works best for your rifle.

How do I properly clean my AR-15 using an action rod?

First and foremost, ensure the weapon is unloaded before beginning any maintenance procedures. Remove all ammunition from your firearm. Then remove the bolt carrier group (BCG) and charging handle so that you can easily access the barrel of your gun.

Apply a liberal amount of solvent to a cleaning patch or bore brush and attach it to your AR-15 action rod. Insert the rod into one end of your barrel while also ensuring it's aligned with proper boresight in order for proper cleaning procedure with each rotation thereafter until residue has been effectively removed

Repeat this process until no more dirt or other residues appear on new patches that come out after each pass through the barrel itself

This may take several passes depending upon how dirty or fouled up things are inside so don't get discouraged if it takes some time!

Can I use any type of oil on my action rod?

No, not all types of oil are appropriate for use on an action rod due to its potential impact toward potentially damaging coatings such as bluing etc.. Some specific oils can attract debris too making them less effective over time when used with rods like these.

It is recommended that you opt for lubricants specifically designed for firearms since those aren’t subject too damage by guns in comparison; which makes them perfect companion during maintenance work without harming delicate parts/components within either piece altogether!

For example – Hoppe's No 9 Gun Bore Cleaner is perfect choice since they have been tested over years by shooters worldwide who swear by their effectiveness among others available today across different brands around world as well..

Is an AR-15 Action Rod safe to use?

Yes! When used correctly, an AR-15 action rod is perfectly safe to use during routine firearm maintenance procedures. There should be no danger posed when used with care and common sense.

Before beginning any maintenance procedure, it's important to ensure the weapon is unloaded. Always handle your firearm carefully, and never force a cleaning rod or bore brush down the barrel if it feels like there is resistance as this could be a sign of some kind of damage already present.

If anything doesn't feel right during maintenance work don't hesitate asking for help from someone more experienced who can guide you through the process safely until confident enough in your own abilities to do so without any error whatsoever giving ultimate peace mind whenever working on firearms in future by yourself!

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