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AR-15 Ambidextrous Safety Selector: The Ultimate Guide

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The AR 15 Ambidextrous Safety Selector is a crucial component of the popular firearm. As its name suggests, this safety selector can be operated by both right-handed and left-handed shooters alike. This feature provides greater versatility and ensures that the shooter's dominant hand remains on the grip while they manipulate the safety.

When it comes to firearms, safety should always be a top priority. The AR 15 Ambidextrous Safety Selector helps to ensure that users can safely handle their weapon without compromising accuracy or control. Whether you are a seasoned shooter or just starting out, having an ambidextrous safety selector on your rifle can make all the difference in terms of comfort and convenience.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at what makes an AR 15 Ambidextrous Safety Selector so important and explore some of its key features. So if you're looking to upgrade your rifle's functionality with one of these innovative components – read on!

AR 15 Ambidextrous Safety Selector: The Ultimate Guide


The AR 15 is a highly versatile and customizable rifle that has become increasingly popular among gun enthusiasts, hunters, law enforcement agencies and military personnel worldwide. One important component of the AR 15 is the safety selector switch which allows users to engage or disengage the rifle's safety mechanism. In this article, we will focus on one particular type of safety selector – the ambidextrous safety selector.

What is an Ambidextrous Safety Selector?

An ambidextrous safety selector can be operated by both left- and right-handed shooters without any disadvantage. It allows for quick manipulation with either hand without having to shift your grip on the weapon, making it ideal for tactical situations where time is of essence.

Unlike traditional single-sided selectors that are typically located only on one side (usually on the right), an ambidextrous version features identical levers that extend from both sides of the lower receiver assembly (the part which houses most of a firearm’s operating components). This means that you can engage or disengage its function with either your thumb or index finger regardless if you’re shooting from a prone position or standing upright.


There are several different types and brands available in today's market. Some popular ones include:

  • Radian Weapons Talon Ambi
  • V Seven Weapon Systems Titanium
  • Battle Arms Development Combat
  • Seekins Precision Ambi
    Each brand offers its own set proprietary mechanisms but they all function similarly in providing dual control over operating functions.


There are various benefits to using an ambidextrous safety selector switch when compared to traditional options :


An ambi-selector enhances versatility by catering better towards individuals who may not only be right-handed shooters but also those who prefer their left-hand as well, ultimately increasing accuracy through precision control.


With an ambidextrous safety selector, one doesn't need to change their grip to manipulate the switch. This allows for a comfortable and stable grip on the rifle while still being able to access both levers at any time.


Another benefit of using an ambidextrous safety selector is that it increases overall weapon safety by allowing users greater control over the firing mechanism. In high-stress or low light situations, this increased level of control could be crucial in preventing negligent discharges or other accidents.


To better understand how different brands compare with each other, we have created a table below highlighting some key features:

Brand Material Weight (oz) Price
Radian Weapons Talon Ambi Aluminum/Steel 0.8 $60-80
V Seven Weapon Systems Titanium Titanium/Steel .5 $70-90
Battle Arms Development Combat
          	        			     	  	              	    	             			    	          		                           			    		  		    				      	        	    	                      		        		      	       		 	         			 		 			 	        	   	                   	    	 	                 	    		    		    				     		    	            				                       				   		     				     	         	 		                     			  		 	       		  			       							  					 					  					    				 					     					    			     																	    	   					    				        				  	 $75-$100 |

Seekins Precision Ambi

As you can see from the table above, there is a difference in material selection and pricing among these four popular brands producing ambi-safety selectors.

Radian Weapons Talon Ambi uses aluminum alongside steel components making it lightweight but durable enough for rugged use scenarios; V Seven Weapon System's Titanium version is even lighter than Radian's but comes with a higher price tag due to its use of titanium.

Battle Arms Development Combat is another popular choice, featuring two different lever sizes that can be swapped for customization. Finally, Seekins Precision Ambi offers an affordable and reliable option for budget-minded shooters.


Installing an ambidextrous safety selector switch is straightforward and can typically be done in under 30 minutes using basic tools.

Follow these steps to install your new ambi-selector:

  1. Ensure your firearm’s chamber is empty before starting any work on it.
  2. Field strip the AR-15 platform rifle by separating the upper receiver from the lower one.
  3. Remove the pistol grip from its housing by loosening its screw located near where it meets with trigger guard (make sure not to lose this small piece).
  4. Remove old safety selector switch if it has been previously installed.
  5. Install new ambidextrous safety selector onto both sides of lower receiver assembly (ensure proper orientation)
  6. Reattach pistol grip back in place securely
    7 .Re-assemble firearm


An ambidextrous safety selector provides versatility, comfort and enhanced control over shooting mechanisms when compared to traditional single-sided options available on most rifles today: while still allowing quick access for both right- or left-handed operators making them ideal for tactical situations where time may be limited.

Now that you know more about what makes this particular type of gear so popular among enthusiasts worldwide; how different brands compare against each other; installation process involved – hopefully we've given you enough information needed make an informed decision about whether or not buying one would benefit your own shooting experience!


What is an AR-15 Ambidextrous Safety Selector and how does it work?

An AR-15 Ambidextrous Safety Selector is a safety device designed specifically for the AR-15 platform. It allows shooters to manipulate the safety selector with either hand, making it an ideal choice for left-handed or ambidextrous shooters. Essentially, an ambidextrous safety selector replaces the standard single-sided safety that comes on most AR-15s. Instead of just one lever on one side of the receiver, there are two levers: one on each side.

When in its safe position, both levers will engage and prevent the trigger from being pulled. When in its fire position (or “off safe”), both levers will disengage and allow you to pull the trigger. The beauty of this design lies in its ability to be manipulated by either hand – whether you’re a lefty or need to shoot around corners.

Some models even give you additional control over your firearm’s functionality beyond just changing hands: they allow you to configure your rifle so that only certain modes are available depending on which way your selector is turned.

How do I install an AR-15 Ambidextrous Safety Selector?

Installing an ambi-selector isn’t particularly complicated as long as you have some basic knowledge about firearms disassembly/assembly procedures and own some basic tools like punch sets or screwdrivers.

Before attempting any installation procedure make sure that:

  1. Your gun is unloaded
  2. You’ve removed all magazine(s)
  3. The gun has been dismantled into separate components

Next, remove your existing single-sided bolt catch assembly from your lower receiver using a 1/16” punch tool (or equivalent). Once removed insert our new ambisafety assembly back into place starting at with removal process first pinching together both halves of our new mag release spring cup then pressing down until fully seated onto mag release button. This should be followed by securing the screws and pins, which come with the new selector?

It’s important to note that some models may require different installation procedures so it's always best to consult your user manual or a gunsmith for specific instructions.

What are the benefits of using an AR-15 Ambidextrous Safety Selector?

Using an ambidextrous safety selector offers several benefits:

  1. The ability to manipulate your firearm with either hand. Left-handed shooters can now enjoy all of the same advantages as their right-handed counterparts.
  2. A more ergonomic and comfortable shooting experience.
  3. Additional control over how your rifle functions based on where you’d like to place it in terms of safe or fire functionality.
  4. Increased versatility when firing around corners, through narrow spaces, or from awkward shooting positions.

Are there any downsides to using an AR-15 Ambidextrous Safety Selector?

While there are many upsides to using this particular accessory, there are a few potential downsides worth considering before making a purchase:

  1. Added weight: Some models can add weight and bulkiness (albeit minimal).
  2. Increased complexity: Some ambi-safety selectors have additional internal components that could potentially cause malfunctions if not installed correctly – especially if users attempt DIY installations without proper knowledge about firearms maintenance/assembly processes
  3. Cost: Expect prices higher than regular single-sided safeties due added features/complexity

Ultimately each shooter will need excellent training in order for these accessories work appropriately within high-pressure situations.

Are AR-15 Ambidextrous Safety Selectors legal?

Absolutely! Using one is completely legal provided you operate within state and federal regulations regarding firearms ownership/use.

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