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AR-15 Ammo Guide: Which Type of Ammo Does AR-15 Use?

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Are you a gun enthusiast looking to learn more about the AR-15 rifle? Then you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll be exploring one of the most commonly asked questions regarding this weapon – what type of ammo does an AR-15 use?

The AR-15 is a popular choice among gun owners for its reliability and accuracy. It's common knowledge that choosing the right ammunition can significantly impact your shooting experience, but with so many options available on the market today, it's easy to get confused.

In this article, we'll delve deep into understanding what type of ammunition works best with an AR-15 rifle and why. Whether you're new to shooting or just want to brush up on your knowledge on guns and ammo, keep reading as we explore everything there is to know about ammo for AR-15 rifles!

What Type of Ammo Does AR-15 Use?


The AR-15 is one of the most popular rifles in the United States. It's versatile, customizable, and has a reputation for being reliable. One question that many people have when they're considering buying an AR-15 is what type of ammo it uses.

In this article, we'll answer that question and give you all the information you need to know about what kind of ammo to use with your AR-15.

Understanding Ammunition

Before we get into which types of ammunition are best for an AR-15, let's take a quick look at how ammunition works.

Ammunition consists of three parts: a casing or shell (usually made from brass), gunpowder (also known as propellant), and a projectile (the bullet). When the trigger is pulled on your rifle, it ignites the gunpowder inside the casing. The pressure from this ignition forces the projectile out through the barrel at high speed towards its target.

There are different types of ammunition available in terms of caliber size – which refers to both diameter and length measurements. Each cartridge also has unique characteristics like weight distribution/shape/velocity – making them suitable for specific purposes such as hunting or defense situations.

Types Of Ammo For The AR 15

An important thing to understand about choosing ammo for your firearm is confirming exactly what calibers are compatible with each weapon system.

The most common type used with an Ar 1) .223 Remington / 5.56 NATO
2) .300 Blackout
3) .458 SOCOM
4) 6.5 Grendel

Between these options there may be slight differences between manufacturer compatibility so always check before purchase!

.223 Remington / 5.56 NATO:

This round was designed originally by Remington Arms Company way back in '64 but later was adopted by NATO in 1980's as their standard rifle ammunition. At present this is the most commonly used type of round in an AR-15 platform firearm.

.300 Blackout:

The .300 Blackout was created with one goal: to be able to use a larger caliber bullet while still being compatible with existing magazines and components designed for the 5.56mm cartridge.

Many hunters prefer this cartridge because it's effective at medium-range hunting and can take down small-to-medium-sized game effectively.

.458 SOCOM:

The .458 SOCOM is built for power, with large projectiles capable of taking down big game like deer or wild boar. This round has been known to do well in close quarters combat zones such as urban environments due to its stopping power.

6.5 Grendel:

This round has risen up recently due to its capability of engaging targets beyond typical ranges seen from other intermediate cartridges (like 5.56). It also offers improved penetration and terminal ballistics.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Ammo

When choosing ammo for your AR-15, there are several factors you should consider:

  1. Purpose
  2. Range
  3. Cost


Now that we have gone through all potential ammo types appropriate for an AR-15, hopefully you have a better understanding about which type(s) may suit your needs best.
Don’t forget that understanding ammunition compatibility is important when selecting any firearm so if ever unsure read manuals or seek professional guidance before shooting!


What type of ammo does an AR-15 use?

The standard ammunition used in the AR-15 rifle is the .223 Remington or 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge. It is a small-caliber, high-velocity round that provides excellent accuracy and range. The bullet weighs between 55 and 77 grains and travels at speeds ranging from 3,000 to over 3,300 feet per second depending on how it’s loaded.

This cartridge was originally designed by Eugene Stoner for use in the M16 rifle during the Vietnam War era. Its design includes a small case size that allows for lightweight magazines to be used, which makes it ideal for military applications where weight savings are critical.

The .223 Remington/5.56x45mm NATO caliber has become extremely popular among civilian shooters as well due to its flat trajectory and relatively low recoil compared to larger calibers like .308 Winchester or .30-06 Springfield.

Can you shoot other types of ammo in an AR-15 besides .223/5.56?

While it’s technically possible to shoot other cartridges out of an AR-15 such as the .22LR or even shotgun shells with specialized adapters – these are not recommended as they can cause serious damage both physically (to your gun) and legally (if you’re found using them improperly).

It's important always to check your firearm's owner manual before trying different ammunition types because some models may have specific limitations on what they can safely fire without risking damage.

Is there any difference between shooting commercial vs military-grade ammo?

Military-grade ammunition typically contains harder primers than commercial grade due mostly because military firearms have stronger firing pins than their commercial counterparts do; this helps ensure proper ignition even with rough handling while performing in combat conditions.
Commercial manufacturers' ammunition usually isn't made using mil-spec components which means that they don't go through rigorous testing procedures like military-grade ammo does.

Ammunition manufacturers that produce military-grade ammo typically test their product for reliability, penetration consistency and accuracy in all environmental conditions under which they may be used.

Can you use .223 Remington in a rifle chambered with 5.56 NATO?

Yes, you can use .223 Remington rounds in an AR-15 rifle chambered for 5.56x45mm NATO cartridges without any issues; however, the opposite is not true.
The reason why it's safe to fire .223 rounds through an AR-15 designed for the higher-pressure 5.56 NATO cartridge has to do with how these cartridges are rated – while both have the same diameter case at their base (the wider part of the casing), there's a difference where it counts: pressure.

When fired out of hot barrels like those found on automatic rifles (like M16 or civilian equivalent) – many mil-spec bullets generate more internal pressure than their commercial counterparts due primarily because they feature thicker walls specifically designed for dealing with rougher handling and hotter temperatures.

What is the effective range of an AR-15 using standard ammunition?

The effective range of an AR-15 using standard ammunition depends on various factors such as bullet weight, barrel length, shooting conditions like wind speed/direction/temperature/humidity/etc., your skill level as a shooter among others.
Generally speaking though most experienced shooters agree that accurate hits can be made at distances up to around 600 yards away from point-blank range; beyond this distance precision drops off quickly diminishing effectiveness significantly making longer shots very difficult even when handled by well-skilled marksmen firing highly customized rifles equipped with high-quality optics/optical sights etc..

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