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AR-15 Auto Sear: The Ultimate Guide for Gun Enthusiasts

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AR 15 auto sear. These words may seem unfamiliar to some, but for gun enthusiasts and firearm experts, it is a common term that refers to a small component that can have big implications. An AR 15 auto sear is essentially the part of the rifle that allows it to fire in full automatic mode instead of semi-automatic mode.

The legal status of owning an AR 15 auto sear varies depending on the country and state you live in. In some places, it may be completely illegal while in others it could require special permits or licenses. The possession or use of an unauthorized AR 15 auto sear can result in severe legal consequences.

Curious about what else there is to know about this component? Keep reading as we dive deeper into the world of firearms and explore everything you need to know about AR 15 auto sears.

AR 15 Auto Sear: Everything You Need to Know

Are you a gun enthusiast? If so, then you must have heard about the AR 15 auto sear. This small component is very popular among firearm enthusiasts because of its ability to transform a semi-automatic rifle into an automatic one. In this article, we will be discussing everything that you need to know about the AR 15 auto sear.

What is an AR 15 Auto Sear?

An AR-15 auto sear is a small but essential part of the trigger assembly in an M16 or full-auto weapon. It's responsible for allowing firearms to fire more than one round with each pull of the trigger.

When installed in a semi-automatic rifle like the popular civilian version of the M16 – known as an "AR-15" – it can turn that gun into what's known as "full-auto." Full-auto means when pulling and holding down on your trigger, your gun will keep firing until your magazine runs out.

How does it work?

The basic function and design of an automatic machinegun are relatively simple – energy from burning propellant gases within each cartridge pushes bullets through barrels at high speeds; recoil from these forces moves parts inside guns back-and-forth repeatedly until they eventually eject empty shells while loading new ones automatically.

The ar 15 has three modes: safe, semi-automatic and fully automatic mode. The selector switch determines which mode you are currently using. When engaged in fully automatic mode, both hammer and bolt carrier move backward together under gas pressure after firing whereupon they separate again before returning forward for another cycle if held down long enough by user input via finger contact on trigger mechanism located near rear end connector pins between upper/lower receiver halves respectively (where connected).

However, adding this extra capability comes with legal consequences since most states consider any type of full-auto weapon illegal without proper permissions or licenses beforehand-which is where the issue of legality arises.


The National Firearms Act (NFA) strictly regulates the possession and transfer of full-auto weapons, including machine guns. It's illegal for an individual to own or possess a machine gun manufactured after May 19, 1986. The only exceptions are for government agencies and entities that meet specific criteria.

Although auto sears were once readily available on the market, they became illegal in May 1986 when President Ronald Reagan signed into law legislation that was intended to curtail violent crime. Therefore it's crucial to understand laws surrounding owning automatic firearms before considering purchasing one legally or illegally – consequences can be severe depending on ones' intent.


The primary benefit of having an AR-15 auto sear is increased firepower during rapid-fire situations such as self-defense scenarios or situations where your life may be in danger from multiple attackers simultaneously attacking you at close range with little time-response window between their attacks preventing escape without neutralizing them first hand; other benefits include enhanced accuracy control due ease/simplicity added by more predictable trigger pull under stress/tense conditions etcetera …


However, there are also several downsides to consider when adding this aftermarket component:

  1. Risky Legal Status: Owning an automatic firearm without proper documentation could lead to criminal charges.
  2. Increased Maintenance: Automatic firearms require higher maintenance than semi-automatic versions because they have much more complex internal mechanisms.
  3. Costly Affair: Auto sears will cost anywhere from $10k-$20k plus additional fees like tax stamps/licenses required beforehand which can cause financial strain if not planned accordingly beforehand especially since prices usually increase over time due limited supply-demand dynamics involved just like any other rare commodity good out there today!


In conclusion, AR-15 auto-sears remain popular among gun owners despite their high cost and legal status issues associated with ownership thereof; but for those who value enhanced firepower and control in rapid-fire scenarios, it can be a valuable addition. However, as with any gun-related topic the legality aspect is always worth considering before committing to such purchases- especially since consequences of breaking laws governing automatic firearms can be severe both legally and financially speaking!


1. What is an AR-15 Auto Sear and how does it work?

An AR-15 auto sear or selector is a small, metal piece that controls the firing mode of an AR-15 rifle. It is also known as a full-auto sear or M16 auto sear because it mimics the functionality of the full-auto version found on M16 rifles used by military personnel. The auto sear keeps the hammer cocked in preparation for rapid-fire shooting.

When installed properly, this tiny part allows an AR-15 rifle to fire fully automatically, meaning it can shoot multiple rounds with just one trigger pull until ammunition runs out. This happens because once you pull and hold down the trigger after installing an auto-sear device into your weapon; each time you release it; new bullets are fired instantly due to this attachment triggering off-round after round – at incredible speeds!

However, owning or even buying such parts could be illegal in various areas of US states since having them immediately converts your semi-automatic gun into machine guns which are highly regulated.

2. Where can I find a genuine Auto Sear for my AR-15 rifle?

Owning genuine automatic machine-gun conversion parts like these may be illegal in many places outside government agencies' jurisdiction (including law enforcement). However, if you're acquainted with any Federal Firearms License holder who specializes in purchasing NFA items (Licensed Dealer), they might be able to provide you access via their "Special Occupational Tax" license where they can own automatic weapons and related items legally.

As stated before though it's important to mention again: Attempting installation without proper credentials will land someone behind bars quickly so make sure all legal requirements have been met before proceeding with purchase/installation process!

3.What kind of legal issues may arise from owning/using such devices?

Owning or even possessing automatic firearms without federal licenses may lead people straight towards legal trouble, since it is illegal in most states to own or even buy an auto sear. As per the National Firearms Act (NFA), owning a full-auto machine gun requires a federal license and registration of your firearm ownership.

If you do decide to purchase an auto sear without following NFA guidelines, you can face criminal charges with severe consequences including significant fines and lengthy jail time. Therefore, make sure you know all relevant laws before even considering purchasing any such device for your personal use!

4.Is it possible to convert my semi-automatic AR-15 into a fully automatic weapon using Auto Sear?

Yes! Installing an auto-sear on your AR-15 rifle instantly converts it from semi-automatic mode into full-auto mode. But as mentioned earlier, this action could cause legal issues if not done under proper authorizations.

Moreover, trying to modify one's gun poses another danger aside from legal issues: since converting a semi-automatic rifle into full-auto requires professional knowledge regarding the parts involved their interaction – which makes attempting this very dangerous – both for the individual trying out his/her installation skills on his/her own weapon as well as bystanders in close proximity during accidental discharge incidents that might happen due lack of understanding about how modifications affect operation.

5.What are some alternative options available if I want my AR-15 Rifle to shoot at higher rates of fire?

The simplest answer is buying trigger upgrades that feature lighter pull weights than standard mil-spec triggers – but they still won’t turn your AR-15 rifle fully automatic!

Another viable option could be purchasing pre-built rifles designed explicitly for high rates-of-fire shooting like Machineguns where there are no restrictions preventing its ownership once NFA requirements have been met accordingly via FFL dealers who specialize specifically in selling these types weapons legally despite their hefty price tags compared with similar models falling under government agency jurisdiction instead; these firearms provide constant bursts while holding down trigger without need extra modifications.

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