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AR 15 Bench Block: A Must-Have Tool for Gun Enthusiasts

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The AR 15 Bench Block is a specialized tool designed to make the process of cleaning and maintaining your AR 15 rifle easier. It is an essential tool for any gun enthusiast who wants to keep their firearm in top condition. This block provides a stable surface on which you can place your AR 15, allowing you to disassemble it with ease.

With the help of this bench block, you can easily access all parts of your rifle, including the trigger group, bolt carrier group, and buffer tube assembly. This makes it easy for you to clean and lubricate all moving parts properly. The bench block also helps prevent unnecessary damage that may occur while working on other surfaces such as tables or floors.

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at what exactly an AR 15 Bench Block is and how it works. We will explore its features and benefits in detail so that you can understand why it is such a valuable tool for gun enthusiasts everywhere. So keep reading!

AR 15 Bench Block: A Comprehensive Guide

If you are a gun enthusiast, then the chances are that you own an AR-15 rifle. The AR-15 is one of the most popular rifles in America and is used by both military and civilian shooters alike. However, with great power comes great responsibility, which means that proper maintenance is crucial for your weapon's longevity. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the AR 15 bench block.

What Is an AR 15 Bench Block?

An AR 15 bench block is a handy tool designed to make cleaning and assembling your rifle easier. It's essentially a block made of plastic or rubber with various shaped holes specifically designed to hold individual parts of your gun during disassembly.

The use of an ar 15 bench block makes it much easier to work on your firearm without worrying about damaging delicate parts or losing them altogether.

Benefits Of Using An Ar 15 Bench Block

Using an ar 15 bench block has several benefits that make it essential for anyone who owns an ar-!5 rifle:

Easy Gun Maintenance

One significant benefit of using an ar-!5 bench lock is easy maintenance. With all the necessary components held securely in place on the rack while being cleaned or assembled correctly eliminates any chance for damage due to clumsiness or dropping tiny pieces into cracks beneath furniture. This can also save time when working on specific aspects like trigger pins as they tend not always stay put without support from tools such as these blocks.

Organization & Convenience

Another added advantage provided by using these blocks includes organization and convenience while performing tasks like field stripping where every small part lives up its nameplate at some point during disassembly before reassembling again afterward onto designated areas ready waiting patiently within their corresponding holes until completion.

Types Of Ar-!5 Bench Blocks Available

There are different types of ar-!5 benches available in the market. The most common material used to make these blocks is plastic or rubber. Here are some of the types available:

Plastic Blocks

Plastic blocks are known for being lightweight, affordable and long-lasting. With their fantastic durability characteristics, they provide a perfect solution for both hobbyists who tend not to use their rifles frequently and professional users that require daily use.

Rubber Blocks

Rubber ar 15 bench block’s user-friendly design allows it to absorb shock which provides safety while working with delicate parts on your firearm during maintenance. Another added benefit that is significant among rubber blocks includes anti-slip features, making them ideal for any surface type without fear of slipping or sliding around.

Tips On Maintaining Your Ar-!5 Bench Block

Maintaining your ar-!5 bench block will ensure its longevity and effectiveness in cleaning your rifle every time you need it clean or maintain it to function correctly without causing unnecessary wear on components over time.

When using an ar 15 bench block, it is essential always wipe down after use with a cloth dampened with oil because this will prevent dust from accumulating between crevices leading up damage through corrosion by eating away at metal surfaces beneath those areas where lubrication has been neglected over prolonged periods.


An AR 15 Bench Block makes cleaning much more manageable while ensuring proper handling of gun parts when disassembling/reassembling as well as keeping things organized during field stripping exercises; these tools come made out of plastic/rubber materials providing unique benefits like durability & resistance against shocks/slips making them a valuable addition worth investing into owning if you want accurate results on all fronts possible regarding firearm maintenance needs!


What is an AR 15 bench block and how does it work?

An AR 15 bench block is a tool used by gun enthusiasts, hunters, and gunsmiths for disassembling, cleaning, repairing or modifying the AR-15 rifle. It provides a stable platform to hold the upper receiver of the rifle during maintenance. The block consists of several shaped holes that allow you to securely place your rifle's upper receiver in different positions for easy access to its components.

The bench block serves as an important accessory because it allows users to work on their rifles without damaging them or scratching sensitive parts. The user places their upper receiver onto the appropriate cutout on top of the bench block allowing them full access to all parts while keeping everything sturdy and protected.

Using this tool makes assembling or disassembling each component easier than when working with no tools at all. Additionally, using a proper tool like this ensures increased safety since you will be able control movements better since everything is kept steady throughout any phase of repair.

What are some benefits that come with using an AR 15 Bench Block?

When using an AR 15 Bench Block there are many benefits such as improving accuracy with precise assembly of every weapon part which ultimately leads towards better overall performance from your firearm. This makes it possible for you to make modifications faster than if done by hand alone – saving time overall!

Moreover, owning one means no more frustration over trying DIY methods when performing repairs; they're made specifically for these tasks ensuring maximum effectiveness so there won’t be any problems down while handling firearms.

AR-15 lovers know just how intricate these weapons can be which requires precision instruments like these blocks designed precisely so that they do not damage anything working on under pressure due their sturdiness being unparalleled among other accessories out there today.

How do I choose my ideal size/shape/design?

Choosing your ideal size/shape/design depends mostly on what type(s) of AR-15 rifles you own. Bench blocks come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different models, but the most popular options are designed for standard AR-15 uppers.

You’ll also want to consider the design and construction material of your bench block which should be made from sturdy materials such as aluminum or polymer since these will stand up against wear-and-tear over time. The shape of the cutouts is another important factor to consider because if there isn't a specific cutout that matches your rifle model, it won't work well.

Finally, look into specialty features available with some blocks like those incorporating magnets or suction cups for added stability while working on more complex repairs etc.

How do I properly use an AR 15 Bench Block?

Using an AR 15 bench block is quite simple. Place the upper receiver onto its corresponding slot on top of the bench block once you’ve chosen which one works best. This will allow access to all parts without making any unnecessary movements or risking damage.

Next step would be ensuring that everything stays stable – this way you can focus solely on what needs fixing without having anything shift around during repair – remember safety first!

Additionally, it's important make sure each component fits correctly before finalizing assembly process when putting parts back together again (after cleaning) so nothing gets jammed causing issues down line!

Where can I purchase an AR 15 Bench Block?

AR 15 bench blocks are not hard to find; they're available at many online retailers such as and amongst others stores selling gun accessories across America both online & physical locations coast-to-coast!

Be sure when looking for one though that you only buy from reputable dealerships as there have been counterfeit products sold in past years through fake websites claiming they sell genuine pieces but ultimately end up scamming customers out money with fake items instead. Be wary and check reviews beforehand whenever possible just avoid issues!

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