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AR 15 Bore Sight Laser: Streamline Your Accuracy with Precision Aim

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Looking to sight in your AR-15 quickly and accurately? An ar 15 bore sight laser might just be the tool you need. This device projects a red or green laser beam onto your target, allowing you to adjust your sights accordingly without the need for live ammunition.

Bore sighting is an essential step in zeroing in on your rifle's accuracy, and a bore sight laser makes it all the more effortless. Not only does it save time, but it also saves money by reducing wasted rounds at the range. And with its compact size and ease of use, this tool can be used both at home during maintenance or out on the field.

But before we delve deeper into how an ar 15 bore sight laser works and what makes some models stand out from others, let's first understand what exactly is meant by "bore sighting." To find out more about this crucial technique for improving shooting precision with your AR-15 rifle through using a bore sight laser read on.

AR 15 Bore Sight Laser: An Indispensable Tool


AR 15 bore sight laser is a handy tool for gun enthusiasts and hunters. It is used to align the barrel of the rifle with the sights, making it easier to hit targets accurately. This device has revolutionized sighting in rifles, making it more convenient and faster than ever before.

What Is an AR 15 Bore Sight Laser?

An AR 15 bore sight laser is a small device that fits into your rifle's chamber. Once inserted, it projects a precise beam of light down your barrel onto your target or wall in front of you. Using this beam as reference, you can adjust the sights on your gun until they are aligned with the light.

This process ensures that when you fire at an actual target outside, whether hunting or shooting at a range; every shot will be on point without wasting time firing bullets endlessly.

Advantages Of Using A Bore Sight Laser

There are several benefits from using this amazing tool:

  • Quick Sighting In: The major advantage of using AR 15 bore sighter lasers compared to other traditional methods like live firing drills or eyeballing involves its speed and accuracy.

  • Saves Ammunition: Since you don't need to fire rounds while sighting-in with this tool; You save money spent purchasing ammunition needed for initial sighting-in drills.

  • Accuracy Enhancement: When lining up shots by eye alone without any reference point can lead to frustration resulting in inaccurate hits multiple times over; However when using arbor tools such as lasers which give precise information regarding alignment between barrels and sights (which helps prevent errors) — leading one closer towards achieving perfect accuracy levels overtime.

These advantages make arbor tools like bore sight lasers essential gear upgrades for both professional marksmen/hunters alike who desire precision shooting experiences!

One thing worth noting though while some people may prefer iron-sights due partly to traditional beliefs; I'd recommend using bore sight lasers for quick sighting-in and then fine-tuning with the iron-sights which will improve your overall shooting experience.

Comparing AR 15 Bore Sight Laser With Other Sighting-In Tools

The use of traditional sighting methods can be time-consuming and frustrating. For instance, manually adjusting sights on a rifle requires you to fire multiple rounds each time until the sight is aligned properly. This process can be exhausting and expensive in terms of ammunition spent.

On the other hand, laser bore sighters are faster and more convenient since they eliminate the need for live firing drills. They provide instant feedback on alignment without requiring any ammo expenditure whatsoever!

Comparatively when weighing up an arbor tool like a bore scope vs other options like red dots or holographic scopes – The latter two have advantages over scopes due partly because they allow you to keep both eyes open while aiming but at higher costs than scope-based alternatives (which still offer their own unique benefits).

Tips For Using An AR 15 Bore Sight Laser

To get started with your new gun accessory:

  • First, remove all ammunition from your rifle.

  • Once done that; insert arbor tool into chamber slowly ensuring not to damage it upon insertion.

  • Next adjust Your Scope: Make sure it's properly secured onto rails before attaching batteries/charging fully so that its laser is visible through crosshairs once turned off after usage.

Following these simple tips would ensure optimal performance from this indispensable tool making hunting season easier than ever before!


AR 15 Bore Sight Laser provides speedier as well as much accurate shots when compared with other sighting-in tools . It enhances accuracy levels leading one closer towards achieving perfect precision in every shot taken; saves money spent purchasing ammunition needed for initial drills amongst several others!

With thousands of satisfied customers worldwide who have improved their shooting experiences significantly using these devices just goes further to show how important making use of them truly is in today's world.


What is an AR 15 bore sight laser?

An AR 15 bore sight laser is a tool used to align the sights of your rifle with the barrel. It provides an accurate representation of where your bullet will hit when fired. This device employs a class IIIA red laser that projects from the muzzle to a target placed some distance away. Once aligned, you can adjust windage and elevation for perfect shots every time.

Using this tool saves you time, money and frustration by enabling faster zeroing in on your scope or iron sights. It eliminates wasted ammunition, which means it also allows for safer shooting by not having stray bullets go off in unintended directions.

AR-15s are notorious for having barrels that move around inside their receivers because they aren't fixed like bolt action rifles are – many other semi-automatic rifles have similar issues but none as famous as the AR-15 platform.

How does an AR 15 bore sight laser work?

As mentioned earlier, an AR 15 bore sight uses lasers to project light downrange towards its target. When inserted into the chamber of your rifle's barrel it creates a straight line through which light travels outwards towards wherever you're pointing at – typically at targets far off distances.

This line serves as sort-of virtual shooting guide so that both iron sights or scopes correctly align on targets; allowing shooters save ammo while sighting-in their guns quickly and safely without losing accuracy during long-range engagements such as competitions or hunting trips alike!

The best part about using one? There's no need for any misaligned scopes anymore since all adjustments can easily be made using only two dials: up/down (elevation) left/right (windage) until everything lines up perfectly before hitting even bigger game than before!

Is there anything I should know before buying one?

Yes! You need to make sure that you buy one specifically designed for your firearm model otherwise it might not fit right into its chamber. Also, it is important to note that not all bore sight lasers are created equal.

Some cheaper models may struggle with battery life or accuracy of the laser projection. The more expensive brands often have better warranties and give you a higher quality product that is easier to use.

Lastly, make sure to read reviews before buying since they can be very helpful in determining which model will work best for your needs!

How do I zero my rifle with an AR 15 bore sight laser?

First off, start by ensuring that your rifle is unloaded and pointed in a safe direction away from people – safety should always come first!

Once your weapon is secure point it at a target 25 yards downrange (some models might recommend different distances) and turn on the laser beam. This should produce a dot on whatever surface you're aiming at; adjust windage/elevation settings until they match up precisely with any sights or scopes mounted onto this gun's rail system.

From here just move back progressively farther ranges while making sure everything stays locked-in tight using those same adjustments mentioned earlier until you reach around ~200-300 yards depending on caliber/ammo… but remember never shoot without proper eye protection!

Should I buy an AR 15 bore sight laser if I'm new to shooting?

Yes! A beginner shooter’s greatest enemy when starting out usually ends up being misaligned sights or scopes – which wastes bullets and time plus leads to frustration.. With one of these nifty devices however getting started quickly becomes much easier than trying solely based off intuition alone whether shooting for sport or self-defense purposes alike: simply insert into your barrel hop into position then line-up the virtual guide beam using knobs located along both axes (windage & elevation).

With practice you'll soon learn how best utilize them so as hit targets accurately every time ;-).

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