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AR 15 Build Kits: The Ultimate Guide for Building Your Own Rifle

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AR 15 build kits have become a popular choice among gun enthusiasts who want to customize and assemble their own rifles. These kits are designed to provide you with all the necessary parts and tools that you need to build your AR-15 from scratch. With the right skills and knowledge, building an AR-15 can be a fun, challenging, and rewarding experience.

The popularity of AR 15 build kits has grown in recent years due to their flexibility, affordability, and customization options. They enable gun owners to create a weapon tailored specifically for their needs. Whether it's for hunting or personal defense purposes, these customizable rifles offer unmatched versatility.

If you're interested in learning more about AR 15 build kits or looking into assembling your own rifle, then read on as we explore this topic further in detail!

AR 15 Build Kits: Everything You Need to Know

Are you an avid firearm enthusiast looking to build your own custom AR-15? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll be discussing all that you need to know about AR-15 build kits. From comparisons and benefits to tips and tricks, we’ll cover everything in detail.

What are AR-15 Build Kits?

AR-15 build kits include everything you need to assemble a rifle from scratch. It provides the user with complete control over every aspect of their rifle's construction, allowing them the freedom of customization without having any prior knowledge or experience of gunsmithing.

The best part is that it saves money when compared with purchasing a fully assembled weapon from manufacturers. The cost savings begin at around $300 but can quickly add up depending on your preferences.

Benefits of Using an AR-15 Build Kit

Purchasing an ar 15 kit has various advantages:


One significant advantage is that using a kit allows for full customization according to personal taste and preference making it perfect for enthusiasts who want something unique.

Cost Savings

Another plus point is its affordability as building your rifle saves money – especially if done wisely.

Convenient Assembly Process

Furthermore, assembling an ar 15 kit isn’t complicated as most come equipped with assembly instructions which make constructing easier than one would expect.

Comparing Different Types Of Ar 15 Kits

There are two main types – stripped uppers receiver builds or complete upper receiver builds:

Stripped Upper Receiver Builds

Stripped upper receivers give builders more flexibility in terms of parts compatibility since they don't have pre-installed components such as barrels or handguards; however this means additional costs involved when buying separate parts like barrel nuts etc., so keep this in mind!


  • More options for customizing
  • Lower weight due less components


  • More work needing to be done
  • Costly since you're buying additional parts

Complete Upper Receiver Builds

On the other hand, complete upper receivers come pre-assembled with all necessary components and are ready to attach to the lower receiver upon receiving, making assembly much easier.


  • Pre-assembled for easy convenience.
  • Everything is included.


  • Less flexibility in terms of customizing as everything has been put together already.
  • Slightly more expensive than stripped uppers.

Tips For Building Your AR-15

Building an AR-15 requires a bit of time and attention to detail so we've compiled some tips that will make things a little bit easier:

  1. Plan ahead! Make sure you have all the necessary tools before starting the process.

  2. Choose quality parts even if it means paying more money upfront.

  3. Research thoroughly before purchasing any components or kits; not all brands are equal so take your time!

  4. Be patient – building an ar 15 is no quick task but well worth the effort in end.


In conclusion, building an AR-15 using build kits can provide firearm enthusiasts with customization options at affordable prices whilst offering convenience during assembly for those who don't have prior knowledge about gunsmithing. When choosing between stripped or complete builds keep pros & cons in mind – both offer different advantages but ultimately it comes down personal preference!


What is an AR-15 build kit?

An AR-15 build kit is essentially a collection of parts that allow a person to assemble their own semi-automatic rifle. These kits typically include items such as the upper and lower receivers, barrel, bolt carrier group, trigger assembly, buffer tube and stock. Essentially everything that you would need to put together your own custom version of the popular AR-15 firearm. Build kits are often preferred over buying a fully assembled firearm because they offer greater customization options and can often be more cost-effective.

One thing to keep in mind if you decide to purchase an AR-15 build kit is that there may be legal restrictions depending on where you live. In some states or cities ownership of certain parts or components may be restricted or even outright illegal. It's important to do your research beforehand so you don't accidentally run afoul of any laws.

Can I customize my AR-15 build kit?

Absolutely! One of the biggest advantages of choosing an AR-15 build kit over purchasing a pre-assembled rifle is the level of customization available. There are countless variations on every single component part in these kits allowing for near-endless combinations.

For example, if accuracy is one of your primary concerns then upgrading your barrels smoothness could give it better precision at longer range than other standard rifles

The most popular upgrades include changing out stocks for adjustable ones which help with stability when shooting long-range targets; swapping out triggers for lighter ones; installing different optics like holographic sights or red dots; adding bipods/foregrips (for more stable aiming); and swapping out handguards so shooters can have easier access while maneuvering through tighter spaces.

Are all parts included in an AR builds built equal?

Nope! As with any product there will always be variation between different manufacturers models Some companies use higher quality materials than others which means their products will last longer without breaking down as quickly.

When looking at AR-15 build kits, it's important to consider the manufacturer's reputation as well as reviews from other users. This will give you a good idea of what to expect in terms of quality and overall performance.

In addition, be sure to read up on any warranties or guarantees offered by the manufacturer before making your purchase. Some companies may offer limited lifetime warranties while others may only cover specific parts for a certain period of time.

How difficult is it to assemble an AR-15 build kit?

Assembling an AR-15 build kit can be a bit intimidating if you've never done anything like this before but with the right tools and some patience anyone can do it! The process generally consists of fitting together various components with screws or pins until they form a complete rifle.

One thing that makes building your own rifle more accessible than ever is that there are plenty of online resources available such as instructional videos which walk you through each step in detail. You could also reach out experts who specialize in assembling rifles for advice on how to go about doing this safely and efficiently.

It's worth noting that some specific steps such as mounting sights/optics, require particular attention since these affect accuracy dramatically so its best practice not try rush through them.

Is building my own AR-15 cheaper than buying one already assembled?

In many cases yes – depending on what kind assembly skills/knowledge someone has when compared head-to-head with buying one pre-assembled!

The cost savings come mostly from avoiding additional fees associated with purchasing firearms (background checks etc.) If you're able save money by spending time researching different manufacturers/models before making your purchase decision then there are potential savings here too..

However, keep in mind that while initial costs might seem lower when using kits instead ordering each part separately, sometimes purchasing all these parts at once might mean sacrificing quality due trying lower prices ranges – leading ultimately added expenses down road should something break or not work properly as the rifle and its components are used over time.

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