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AR 15 But Stock Pad: Enhancing Comfort and Accuracy During Shooting

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AR 15 but stock pad is a term that has been gaining popularity in the firearms industry. It refers to an accessory that can be added to the back of an AR 15 rifle, making it more comfortable and less painful to fire. The but stock pad is a cushioning material that is attached directly onto the buttstock of the rifle, providing shooters with improved grip and recoil control.

As one might imagine, having a comfortable shooting experience can make all the difference when it comes to accuracy and precision. The AR 15 but stock pad not only helps reduce fatigue during long shooting sessions, but also provides additional support for those who may need it – particularly new or inexperienced shooters.

If you're interested in learning more about how this accessory can improve your shooting experience, read on as we explore everything there is to know about AR 15 butt stock pads.

All About the AR 15 Butt Stock Pad

If you are a frequent shooter, you know how important it is to have a comfortable shooting experience. That's why upgrading your AR 15 with the right equipment is essential. One such accessory that can enhance your shooting experience and reduce recoil is an AR 15 butt stock pad.

What Is an AR 15 Butt Stock Pad?

An AR-15 butt stock pad, also known as a recoil pad or shoulder pad, attaches to the end of your rifle's stock and provides cushioning against hard recoils when firing shots. The cushioning feature absorbs some of the shock from each shot by distributing pressure across its surface area.

The standard factory-installed stocks for most rifles come with little-to-no padding on them. This lack of padding can cause discomfort after multiple rounds fired or negatively impact accuracy due to having difficulty holding steady during shots.

Benefits of Using an AR-15 Butt Stock Pad

There are several benefits to using a buttstock pad for your rifle:

Reduced Recoil

As mentioned earlier, one crucial benefit that comes with installing an ar 15 buttpad onto your firearm helps in reducing recoil felt while firing rounds off at targets on range day.

Improved Accuracy

Reduced felt recoil leads directly towards improved accuracy while aiming downrange because less jerking around occurs in response from heavy kickback after each shot fired off successfully – making sure every bullet lands where intended!

Enhanced Comfort

The extra layer provided by adding this item onto any gun makes handling easier as well as more comfortable than without one installed; keeping things steady while delivering shots becomes much less strenuous over long periods spent shooting (such as hunting trips).

Types of Material Used for Butt Pads

Butt pads come in different materials ranging from rubberized plastic to leather depending on what shooters prefer:

Rubberized Plastic

Rubberized plastic ar-`5 buttstock pads are becoming increasingly popular with new buyers. Rubberized plastic butt pads provide an affordable option for those that desire to reduce recoil and increase comfortability.


Leather is a more traditional material when it comes to gun accessories, but it provides the same cushioning effect as rubberized plastic while adding style points. Leather also has a more luxurious feel than cheaper materials used in other types of butt pad products, so they're perfect for people who want something both practical yet stylish.

Choosing the Right Size

It is important to know what size you need before purchasing an AR 15 stock pad; getting one too big or too small could mean not having enough coverage over your shoulder area or causing discomfort during usage due to incorrect fitment.

To find out the right size for you, measure from top of your shoulder down towards lower part near armpit where rifle rests against chest – this should give indication about length needed based off individual body dimensions as well which can vary significantly between different individuals using firearms regularly.


Overall, investing in an ar-15 buttpad has many benefits such as reduced recoil felt when firing rounds off at targets on range day providing improved accuracy along with enhanced comfortability during handling and shooting time spent on long periods outdoors hunting trips.

To choose the best AR 15 stock pad suitable for you involves taking into consideration factors like materials used (rubberised plastic vs leather), what sizes are available depending upon personal preference/handling needs.
The right selection will make all difference when it comes down finally using firearm confidently without any hindrance or unexpected reactions happening while discharging bullets accurately towards intended targets!


What is an AR 15 butt stock pad?

An AR 15 butt stock pad is a device that attaches to the end of the rifle's buttstock. The primary function of a buttstock pad is to reduce felt recoil and absorb shock when the shooter fires their weapon. Additionally, it can also provide added comfort when shouldering your firearm for extended periods.

When shooting an AR 15, felt recoil can make it difficult for shooters to stay on target and fire accurately. This not only makes shooting less enjoyable but also decreases accuracy and precision. A good quality buttpad will greatly enhance your experience by reducing fatigue in your shoulder during extended shooting sessions.

A well-made buttpad will utilize materials such as rubber or synthetic gel that are designed with specific shock-absorbing properties which help mitigate felt-recoil from high velocity rounds.

What are some benefits of using a Butt Stock Pad?

The primary benefit of using an AR-15 Buttock Stock Pad is its ability to reduce recoil impact significantly while firing at high velocities, thus making it more comfortable for users even during prolonged use or practice sessions with their rifles.

Additionally, when you add this accessory onto your firearm's stock you get better shoulder contact which translates into better stability overall allowing you steadier aim throughout time spent on the range – something every shooter needs!

Another significant advantage provided by incorporating this accessory into one’s setup would be extending the life span of certain firearms over time due to reduced wear & tear sustained from repetitive discharge patterns once implemented correctly!

How do I select a suitable Butt Stock Pad?

Before selecting any given product related to ACCURACY INTERNATIONAL BUTT STOCK PADS, here are some things one should pay attention too:

  1. Material – Synthetic compounds tend to offer higher durability with stable performance whilst being gentle enough against user’s shoulders.
  2. Thickness – Make sure that you’re getting sufficient padding so as not compromise comfort levels.
  3. Compatibility – Ensure that you’re getting the correct size & fitting according to your model of firearms and its specific stock dimensions.

Once these factors have been considered, it's best to go with a reputable brand. Finally, choose one which has good reviews from other users who’ve already tried using the product before committing fully on purchase decisions.

Are there any disadvantages of using a Butt Stock Pad?

There are not really any significant downsides associated with incorporating an AR-15 buttpad into your firearm setup.

However, some accessories may compromise the overall aesthetic or impact on weight distribution if added without thought as to what effect they could have on performance in general; therefore careful consideration is required before deciding whether this device is ideal for your needs as shooting enthusiasts who demand accuracy and reliability out of their rifle equipment throughout extended periods!

One slight disadvantage could be that some buttstock pads may add extra length to the overall length-of-pull (LOP). This can make it harder for shorter-statured shooters or those wearing thicker clothing like winter coats when shouldering their weapons properly due to changing balance points within firearm handling habits developed over time by every user based upon individual preference preferences.

How do I attach my Butt Stock Pad onto my AR 15?

Attaching an AR 15 Buttock Stock Pad requires little effort since its design allows easy installation. However, following basic steps will ensure everything goes smoothly:

  1. First off clear off any debris around mounting area
  2. Position pad over end of stock and center correctly
  3. Tighten screws until secure but don’t overtighten them either – just enough so padding feels snug against shoulder whilst maintaining rigidity

Make sure there’s no wobbling after tightening screws in place – then you're ready-to-go!

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