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AR 15 California Ban: What You Need to Know

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AR 15 California ban is a subject that has been making rounds in the news and social media recently. It's causing quite a stir among gun enthusiasts, collectors, and hunters alike as they worry about their rights to own such firearms. Some are even concerned that this could be the start of more restrictions on gun ownership.

The AR-15 is one of the most popular rifles in America, with millions sold nationwide. However, after several mass shootings across the country, including California, lawmakers have introduced various legislation aimed at restricting or banning certain types of weapons like AR-15s. This has led to confusion among gun owners who want to know what this means for them and their right to bear arms.

If you're interested in learning more about AR 15 California ban and how it might affect your rights as a gun owner or enthusiast while living in California or planning on visiting there anytime soon then keep reading!

AR 15 California Ban – What You Need to Know

The AR-15 is one of the most popular rifles in America, with its versatility and reliability making it a favorite among gun enthusiasts. However, in California, owning an AR-15 can be tricky due to the state's strict gun laws. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the AR 15 California ban.

Understanding California's Gun Laws

California has some of the strictest gun laws in America. The state has implemented stringent measures that regulate firearms ownership and usage within its borders. These measures are aimed at reducing incidents involving guns and enhancing public safety.

Some of these measures include a ban on assault weapons such as the AK-47 and other high capacity rifles like the Barrett M82A1 .50 cal sniper rifle. In addition, handguns must meet certain requirements such as having microstamping technology that imprints unique identifying information onto each cartridge case when fired.

What is an Assault Weapon?

Assault weapons have been defined differently over time depending on who you ask or which law is being referred to at any given time; however currently under California Law "assault weapon" means any firearm listed under Penal Code section 30510(a), (b), or (c) including duplicates and replicas with certain features added that make them functionally similar or identical regardless of their actual manufacturer/model name if they meet those criteria as well.

These features include:

  • A pistol grip protruding conspicuously beneath
    the action of the weapon.
  • A thumbhole stock.
  • Folding/telescoping stocks
  • Grenade launchers
    and more…

The bottom line here is that almost all variants length up into 'assualt' type weaponry hence why many fear for their freedom around owning something like an Ar-15 in California

Can You Own An Ar-15 In CA?

Yes! But there are some caveats. You can legally own an AR-15 in California, but it must be a compliant model that meets the state's regulations and requirements.

For example, the AR 15 California ban requires firearms to be fitted with a bullet button or similar device that makes it difficult to detach magazines quickly without using special tools. This is because detachable magazines are considered too dangerous for public safety.


  • No pistol grips
  • No adjustable stocks
  • Magazines cannot contain more than ten rounds of ammunition

How To Comply With The Ar-15 California Ban?

To comply with the AR 15 California ban, you need to ensure your firearm has all necessary features required by law and follows strict guidelines set forth by the state.

One popular way of complying is purchasing an "AR Maglock" which replaces your lower receiver parts and results in locking your magazine in place until you separate upper from lower receivers then push a specific button before being able to eject magazine for reloading.

Another option is installing fixed stock instead of telescopic stocks not only does this make it legal but also increase accuracy over other types of weapons as there will less wobble when firing at range.


In conclusion, owning an AR-15 in California can be tricky due to its restrictive gun laws; however compliance options such as installing compliant parts onto your rifle are available through companies like CAV Arms along with many others offering products specifically tailored towards making sure you stay within CA law.

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What is the California ban on AR-15 rifles?

The California ban on AR-15 rifles is a law that restricts the use and possession of these types of firearms in the state. The law was introduced in response to several high-profile mass shootings, including an incident at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. The AR-15 rifle has been used in multiple mass shootings across the United States. In California, this gun has been classified as an "assault weapon" under state law and its ownership or transfer requires registration with the Department of Justice.

Under this restriction, it became illegal to sell or purchase any new CA-compliant models of AR-15 rifles after 2016. Also, if you owned one before 2017 but didn’t register by June 30th that year then your rifle becomes unlawful for use. Additionally, certain modifications were required on existing firearms such as getting rid of adjustable stocks & bullet buttons which are now considered “evil features” making them compliant with CA DOJ regulations.

Can I still own my pre-ban AR-15 rifle?

Yes! Residents who owned their guns before January 1st 2000 can still possess them even though these weapons are banned from transferring within California unless they were registered with DOJ prior deadline which was June 30th 2018. As long as owners have had said firearm(s) since before Jan1st2000 they can keep it as long as it remains compliant under current laws i.e., modified without prohibited features like detachable magazines among others

However what happens when you move into State from another area – bringing along your pre-ban gun? You may be able to keep your firearm if transferred through a licensed dealer who registers it w/CA DoJ otherwise you risk confiscation by local authorities.

What modifications do I need to make my existing AR-15 legal under CA Law?

To ensure compliance under current laws governing AR-15 ownership in California, modifications may be required to existing firearms. These include getting rid of adjustable stocks, bullet buttons as well as high capacity magazines. Any magazines with a capacity exceeding 10 rounds are now illegal for sale, purchase or use in the state of California.

Also conversion kits that allow converting a gun into an assault weapon are illegal under CA law regardless of whether it was used before registration deadline passed or not.

Is there any way to own an AR-15 rifle legally in California?

Yes! You can own an AR-15 rifle legally if you meet certain requirements and follow specific regulations laid out by the state government. There is also a featureless version which doesn't have any "evil features" that make it compliant under current laws i.e., making sure your firearm lacks detachable magazines among others.

Other options include buying models such as the Mini-14 from Ruger which meets all criteria necessary for legal possession within CA’s borders so long you don't modify them into prohibited features

If you live outside CA — although many states have similar bans on assault weapons like NY & NJ — some states allow possession without registering while other states may require owners register their firearms before bringing them home.

How do I ensure that my firearm is compliant with current regulations?

To ensure compliance with existing regulations governing the ownership and use of AR-15 rifles in California, owners should familiarize themselves with each one when customizing their firearms especially ones coming from out-of-state where laws differ significantly than here locally (i.e: Pistol grips w/thumbs hole at rear).

Additionally there's no substitute conducting thorough research about what rules apply and consulting w/ experts – licensed dealers can provide answers after examining your gun(s) – so they comply accordingly ensuring trouble-free operation within our State's boundaries.

It's important to note though even if deemed “compliant” by one authority this doesn’t necessarily mean another authority (police or DoJ inspection) will agree with said compliance.

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