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AR-15 Carry Handle: The Ultimate Guide for Proper Usage and Maintenance

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The AR-15 carry handle has been an essential component for gun enthusiasts and military personnel alike. It is a versatile piece of equipment that has undergone numerous modifications to improve its functionality. The carry handle is the perfect accessory for those who desire precision shooting or tactical engagements.

Whether you're a soldier on active duty, a hunter in search of game, or just another enthusiast looking to hone your skills at the range, the AR-15 carry handle provides unparalleled accuracy and stability. It's easy to install and can be attached or detached with ease. With so many variations available in today's market, it’s important to choose one that suits your individual needs.

If you're interested in learning more about this crucial piece of firearm equipment, then keep reading as we explore everything there is to know about the AR-15 carry handle – from its history and design features all the way through how it functions during use.

AR-15 Carry Handle: An Essential Accessory for Your Rifle

The AR-15 is an iconic rifle that has been the choice of many law enforcement agencies, military personnel and gun enthusiasts. This rifle has come a long way since its inception in the 1950s, and with time, it has evolved into a highly customizable firearm. One of the essential components that make this rifle so versatile is its carry handle.

What Is an AR-15 Carry Handle?

An AR-15 carry handle is a detachable accessory mounted on top of the receiver’s rear end. It serves as both an iron sight and a carrying point for your rifle. The carry handle attaches to your upper receiver via two mounting screws or clamps onto picatinny rails atop your upper receiver.

The first-generation M16 rifles used fixed iron sights integrated with their carry handles during their deployment in Vietnam War-era combat zones. Later models like M4A1 carbine were equipped with removable sights catering to different shooting styles.

If you are looking for aftermarket options, some models feature adjustable windage/elevation knobs while others have integral apertures built into them which can provide precise aiming positions without taking up too much space on top rail receivers where other accessories might be installed.

Benefits of Using an AR-15 Carry Handle

There are several benefits to using an AR-15 carry handle:

Improved Accuracy

The primary function of any sighting system attached to your rifle is aiming at targets accurately. The same theory applies when you put a scope or red dot sight on top rail receivers but bear in mind that those modern optics require batteries which may fail during critical moments leading you back down towards ironsights.

In contrast, using traditional iron sights allows shooters improved accuracy because they depend solely upon shooter's skillset rather than relying upon batteries.


Carry handles serve multiple purposes – not only do they offer better control over your rifle but also provide space for other attachments like scopes, red dots, or even night vision devices. You can also install magnifiers in conjunction with flip-up iron sights to enhance your shooting accuracy during longer distances.


The carry handle is a solid piece of metal that will withstand the rigors of heavy use over time. It is made from high-quality materials such as aluminum alloy which means it won't corrode or rust quickly.

Comparing Different Types of AR-15 Carry Handles

There are several types of AR-15 carry handles available in the market each with its own benefits and drawbacks:

Type Features
M16A1 Type Carry Handle Fixed rear sight similar to those used on original M16 rifles
M4/M4A1 Type Carry Handle Removable A2-style rear sight that may be adjusted for windage/elevation
Railed Gas Block Sights Detachable front/rear sights built into railed gas block

When choosing an AR-15 carry handle, you should consider what works best for you based on your shooting style and needs.

Tips When Using an AR-15 Carry Handle

Here are some tips when using an AR-15 carry handle:

Practice Makes Perfect

As with any accessory attached to a firearm, practice makes perfect. Spend time at the range honing in on different iron-sight positions until they become second nature.

Check Your Eye Relief

Make sure that you position yourself correctly behind the rifle so as not to suffer eye strain after prolonged usage periods.

Use Quality Ammunition

Use quality ammunition instead of budget-friendly options since cheap ammo may result in inconsistent performance leading towards inaccurate shot placement.


In conclusion having an adjustable detachable carrying point mounted atop your receiver helps stabilize aim by increasing control over firearm while providing secondary sighting option during critical moments whenever electronic optic fails.
Whether you are a seasoned pro or a beginner shooter, an AR-15 carry handle is an essential accessory that every gun owner should consider adding to their rifle. It provides improved accuracy, versatility and durability in a single compact package. So, invest in one today and see the difference it makes!


What is an AR-15 carry handle?

An AR-15 carry handle is a detachable accessory that can be mounted on the top of the receiver of an AR-15 rifle. It was originally designed to help soldiers easily transport and maneuver their rifles during combat. The carry handle provides a sturdy grip for carrying the rifle, as well as additional features such as rear sight aperture and elevation adjustments.

The modern version of the AR-15 has evolved significantly since its creation in 1959 by Eugene Stoner. One feature that has remained consistent, however, is the use of a detachable carry handle on top of the receiver. While it was initially used primarily by military personnel, many civilian shooters have found them to be useful accessories for hunting or target shooting.

AR-15 carry handles come in various shapes and sizes but typically mount securely onto either side of your upper receiver with two thumbscrews or some sort of locking mechanism.

What are some benefits to using an AR-15 Carry Handle?

There are several benefits to using an AR-15 Carry Handle.
Firstly, it offers a comfortable grip when transporting your firearm from one place to another.
Secondly, it provides additional features like rear sights which can improve accuracy when firing.
Thirdly you can mount optics rails underneath which provide more customization options for adding scopes or red dots onto your rifle.
Lastly if you want something more traditional looking than just mounting optics directly onto your gun then this could serve as a great alternative.

Additionally they are also helpful because they act as backup iron sights generally made out aluminum making them tough enough for any kind environment while keeping weight low compared other traditional iron sight designs

Can I purchase just any type/brand/make/model  of AR‐15 carry handles out there?

While there may be many different types and brands available in today's market place not all products offer same level quality construction or even compatible with your specific AR model. It is important to choose a carry handle that fits securely onto the receiver of your specific AR-15 model. You should always do research on the product and ensure it meets industry standards for durability, reliability, and compatibility before purchasing.

One thing to note is that some carry handles come with built-in optics such as telescopes or red dots while other may not so you will also need decide which features are most important for you based on what type shooting activities plan use handle

Can I install an AR-15 carry handle myself?

Yes, installing an AR-15 Carry Handle can be a straightforward process if done properly however it does require some technical knowledge about firearms since there are certain aspects like gas tube alignment that must be taken into account before mounting.

Before starting installation make sure firearm is cleared unloaded with no live ammunition present.
After removing any existing sights you will want clean channel off dust debris using compressed air then apply gun oil lubricant ensure smooth fitment upon reassembly.

Always refer manufacturers manual when installing any new accessories or modifications to firearms system ensuring proper safety by following instructions correctly avoiding possible damage between parts or even yourself during attachment

Do I need special tools to mount an AR‐15 carry handle?

Most types of AR‐15 Carry Handles require no special tools except secured Allen wrenches or flathead screwdrivers depending on manufacturer design.
You might also find these tools useful when adjusting windage/elevation knobs located rear sight assembly although simple turn knobs generally designed finger adjustments without requiring additional tooling

It’s also good practice keep spare set screws handy just in case one goes missing over time replacement doesn’t hinder usage rifle fear losing vital component rendering useless at range

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