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AR 15 Carry Handles: The Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Best Handle

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AR 15 Carry Handles: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you a gun enthusiast looking for the perfect AR accessory? Look no further than an AR 15 carry handle. These handles are not only functional but also stylish and can boost your rifle's performance. The AR 15 carry handle is a top choice among military personnel, law enforcement agencies, and competition shooters alike.

The AR 15 carry handle provides several benefits to users. It allows for fast and accurate target acquisition by providing a rear sight that lines up with the front sight post of an attached iron sight or optics. Additionally, its ergonomic design ensures comfortable carrying of your rifle during long-distance travels or extended shooting sessions.

In this article on ar 15 carry handles, we will explore everything you need to know about these essential accessories. From their history to how they attach to your firearm – we've got you covered! So buckle up as we dive into the world of ar 15s in more detail!

AR 15 Carry Handles: The Ultimate Guide

If you are an avid shooter, then you know just how crucial it is to have a reliable and sturdy carry handle for your AR 15. The right carry handle can provide stability, accuracy, and control when shooting. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into everything you need to know about the best AR 15 carry handles.

What is an AR-15 Carry Handle?

An AR-15 carry handle is a fixed component that sits on top of the upper receiver of your rifle. It serves as both a rear sight and a carrying point for your weapon. Originally designed as part of the Vietnam-era M16A1 rifle, it has since become a popular aftermarket accessory for many modern-day shooters.

The role of an ar-15 carry handle in shooting cannot be overstated – it's responsible not only for aiming but also plays an essential role in maintaining balance while firing multiple rounds quickly.

Top Benefits of Using An Ar-15 Carrying Handle

There are many reasons why using an ar-15 carrying handle can improve your shooting experience:

Improves Accuracy

With proper adjustment by aligning with front sight post wings through elevating or lowering its position relative to barrel lengthens the distance between front post sights where bullet impacts typically occur; thus enabling better targeting capabilities at longer ranges.

Enhances Control

Additionally providing features such as increased grip surface area or textured finishes allow users greater ease in manipulating their firearm during heavy recoil moments (e.g., rapid fire) by reducing slippage rate – thereby providing more control over shots fired per unit time than would otherwise be possible without aid from added accessories like foregrips or angled grips that complement this function.

Provides Stable Platform

Carry handles offer gun owners with alternative ways beyond Picatinny rail mounting options onto which they may affix other accessories like scopes/red dot sights/light systems/other night vision devices, having already guaranteed support from a secure attachment point at the rear of their weapon.

The Best AR 15 Carry Handles

Now that you know the benefits of using an ar-15 carry handle, it's time to review some of our favourite handle models and brands. Keep in mind that each brand has its own unique set of strengths and weaknesses, so it's important to choose one based on your individual needs.

1. A.R.M.S., Inc. #50C

This is a high-quality carry handle that comes with both windage and elevation adjustments for precision shooting accuracy. It is also designed to fit most standard rail systems with ease.


The BCMGUNFIGHTER™ Mod 3 is another top-performing carrying handle choice for your AR-15 rifle platform, made by Bravo Company USA (BCM). It features an extended latch design (large charging handle) over other designs on this list which makes manipulation easier while wearing gloves or under stress – something very useful when speed can be critical.

3. Daniel Defense A1.5 Fixed Rear Sight Assembly

Daniel Defense has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers in firearm accessories making their fixed rear sight assembly known for its rugged durability but may require skillful gunsmithing if not already versed in such modifications.

Tips For Choosing The Right Carry Handle

When selecting an ar-15 carrying handle, there are several factors worth considering:

  • Durability
  • Compatibility with your rifle model
  • Adjustability
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Brand reputation


In conclusion, choosing the best AR-15 carry handles can make all the difference between accurate shots or missed targets entirely; more control during heavy recoil moments; solid platforms onto which you can mount other tactical gear items like scopes/red dot sights/light systems/night vision gear; and even better aesthetic appeal by adding customization options for those who desire it. By using this guide, we hope to have provided valuable insights that will help you make an informed decision when choosing the right carrying handle for your AR-15 rifle platform.


What is an AR 15 carry handle, and what is it used for?

An AR 15 carry handle is a detachable or integrated part of the rifle that protrudes from the top of the receiver. It serves two primary functions: to provide a secure means of carrying the weapon, and as an iron sight. The carrying handles are usually made from lightweight materials such as aluminum or polymer to keep weight down. They attach to your firearm using screws that go through holes on either side of their base plate.

The carry handle's iron sights help in aiming at targets when shooting with open sights. They consist typically of an aperture and post setup mounted on top, which allows you to aim your rifle without optics when you need it most.

Are all AR 15s compatible with every type of carry handle?

Not all types of AR-15s are compatible with every type of carry handles due to varying sizes between models. Most manufacturers make their own proprietary designs that only fit certain models they offer.

However, there are some standard measurement specifications for mounting hardware like Picatinny rails which allow broader compatibility across different brands and makes than others do so be sure before buying one if it fits on yours because not all rifles will accept third-party products or ones made for other rifles.

What should I look for in an AR-15 Carry Handle?

When searching out ar 15 carries handles ensure they're durable since they'll withstand heavy use out in harsh conditions while still remaining functional even after months if not years have passed by depending upon how frequently someone uses them during training exercises over time; lightness can also be crucial since heavier items tend too much strain upon arms lowering handling speeds thereby reducing accuracy levels – especially critical when under pressure situations where split seconds matter more than ever before!

It's also essential that you choose one within your budget range but don't compromise build quality because this may mean sacrificing precision shooting accuracy later down the line when it counts most. Look for features such as a simple and straightforward installation system, compatibility with your rifle model, and overall ergonomics that will provide comfort during extended use.

Can I attach other accessories to my AR 15 carry handle?

Yes! The AR-15 carry handle is an accessory rail in its own right because it has a Picatinny or Weaver-style mount on top of it. You can attach anything that fits onto either of these rails to your rifle's carrying handles if you want; this includes scopes, red dots sights for faster target acquisition times when engaging multiple targets simultaneously at different ranges make them incredibly popular among competitive shooters who prefer accuracy over speed alone.

Additionally, many people like attaching tactical flashlights onto their weapons so they can quickly illuminate dark areas or blind attackers temporarily before taking action if necessary – just be sure not to go overboard with too much weight added which could cause strain injuries down the line!

How do I install an AR 15 Carry Handle?

The process of installing ar-15 carries handles varies depending on the brand and model you have but in general terms follow these steps:

  1. Clear your weapon: Before doing anything else always clear out any live ammunition from within your firearm!

  2. Loosen Screws: Locate the screws holding down both sides of base plate using appropriate screwdriver size then slowly loosen each one taking care not strip threads out while doing so.

3.Align Carrier Handle: Hold carrier handle firmly against receiver's top surface making sure all holes are lined up correctly before tightening screws back into place snugly but DO NOT overtighten them since this'll cause unnecessary stress upon underlying components leading eventually mechanical failure over time due constant wear tear associated w/firearms usage patterns.

4.Check Alignment And Rifle Zeroing Procedure (if applicable): After completing step three above check sight alignment by sighting through aperture post then adjust until desired shooting range distance has been achieved or rifle sighted properly according manufacturer's instructions.

In conclusion, an AR 15 carry handle is an essential accessory for owner of the firearm. It provides a secure means to carry the weapon and iron sights that help in aiming at targets when shooting without optics. When buying an ar 15 carries handle, ensure it fits your gun model and stays within your budget range while compromising build quality too much because this may mean sacrificing precision shooting accuracy later down the line when it counts most. Lastly, be sure to always follow proper installation guidelines before using one on any firearms in order avoid serious safety hazards caused by misuse!

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