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AR-15 Complete Lowers: The Ultimate Guide for Building your Custom Rifle

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AR 15 Complete Lowers – these three words may not seem like much, but they hold a world of meaning for anyone who is passionate about the world of firearms. An AR 15 complete lower receiver is essentially the backbone of an AR-15 rifle. It's where all the important components such as trigger, bolt catch, magazine well and buffer assembly are housed. In other words, it's what makes your gun work!

For those just starting in the firearm community or even seasoned veterans looking to start a new build project, selecting an AR 15 complete lower can be overwhelming due to a huge variety available in today’s market. Should you go with forged or billet? Aluminum or polymer? And how do you know which one will work best for your specific needs?

But fear not! In this article we will break down everything you need to know about AR 15 complete lowers and help guide you towards making an informed decision that meets your individual requirements. So strap on tight and get ready to delve into the fascinating world of firearms!

AR 15 Complete Lowers: An Overview

What are AR 15 Complete Lowers?

AR 15 complete lowers are an essential part of any rifle build. The lower receiver is the main part of the rifle that contains all the critical components such as trigger, magazine well, bolt catch assembly, buffer tube and stock assembly.

A complete lower means that you get everything you need to assemble your own firearm at home or have it assembled by a gunsmith. With so many options available out there on the market today, finding the right one can be a daunting task.

In this article we will be discussing some of our top picks for AR 15 complete lowers along with their features and benefits.

Benefits of Owning an AR-15 Complete Lower

One major benefit to owning an AR-15 complete lower is it allows greater flexibility in terms of customization. By purchasing a quality-made receiver set that fits your needs for both quality and price point there's no limit to what kind-of build or caliber conversion project can be accomplished with ease!

Secondly, having an extra stripped lower on hand provides additional insurance against possible changes in federal law affecting assault weapons ownership; during times when politics may sway politicians into enacting new legislation against guns manufactured within certain specifications like those seen on most standard model ars (and others).

Finally – but not least important – many enthusiasts enjoy being able do-it-themselves! Whether this means building up rifles from scratch using parts found online or just swapping out different pieces until achieving desired results,

An enthusiast who wants full control over every aspect regarding their firearms life-cycle would see building custom models using these receivers as appealing.

Our Top Picks for Best AR-15 Complete Lowers

When searching for quality made parts we've compiled a list below featuring some popular choices among other gun enthusiasts:

Aero Precision M4E1 Stripped Lower Receiver

The Aero Precision M4E1 stripped lower receiver is a great option for those looking to build an AR-15 from scratch. Made from 7075-T6 aluminum, this lower receiver is incredibly durable and lightweight.

One of the unique features of this stripped lower receiver is that it has a threaded bolt catch pin; something commonly found on more expensive billet receivers. This allows for easier installation compared to standard pins, which can be quite difficult to install correctly.

Another benefit of the M4E1 stripped lower receiver is its compatibility with both forged and billet upper receivers. This level of flexibility allows builders greater customization options when it comes time to assemble their rifle.

Palmetto State Armory Complete Classic Lower Receiver

The Palmetto State Armory complete classic lower receiver kit includes everything you need (minus stock) to get your AR-15 build started off on the right foot. Featuring a mil-spec trigger group, buffer tube assembly and Magpul MOE grip, this kit provides excellent value at an affordable price point.

Assembled in-house by PSA themselves, all parts have been quality checked before shipping out ensuring 100% functionality once received by customers!

Spike's Tactical STLS019 Stripped Lower Receiver

Spike's Tactical has long been known in gun enthusiast circles as one of the premier manufacturers when it comes high-quality AR parts sets/components – fittings such as barrels or hand guards are always top-notch quality too! The STLS019 stripped lower matches up perfectly with many other high-end components offered by Spike's tactical such as their Jack line rifles etc..

Crafted out if aircraft grade 7075-T6 aluminum alloy material that provides excellent durability without adding unnecessary weight – making it perfect if you're building-out your own rifle system geared toward hunting or other outdoor activities;


In conclusion we hope that you’ve found our guide useful when considering purchasing an ar-15 complete lowers . Remember always make sure any product you're buying is from a reputable manufacturer, has been tested before releasing it to the market and that you purchase your gun parts from licensed dealers only.


What is an AR 15 complete lower receiver?

An AR-15 complete lower receiver is the foundation of any AR-15 rifle. It houses the trigger group, hammer, magazine well, and buffer assembly. It is also where the stock attaches to the rifle and provides a solid foundation for all other components to attach.

A complete lower receiver comes fully assembled with all parts required to build a fully functioning firearm except for the upper receiver assembly and buttstock. The beauty of buying a completely assembled lower instead of building one yourself is that it saves time as well as money.

AR 15 lowers come in two types: stripped lowers or complete lowers. A stripped lower only has what you need to house your fire control group but no additional parts like stocks or assemblies necessary for proper function.

The advantage of having an AR-15 complete lower receiver over its counterparts cannot be understated since it's less complicated than doing everything from scratch.

Are there different types of materials used in manufacturing ar 15 complete lowers?

Yes! There are many different materials used in making ar 15 completes; three most commonly seen methods are aluminum, polymer/plastic material and steel (primarily billet). For decades now aluminum alloy has been popular among gun enthusiasts because they have excellent resistance against corrosion without being too heavy like steel would be compared with plastic ones that are much lighter weight than either option yet still offering strength at cost point far below either type mentioned before!

Most manufacturers use high-grade aircraft aluminium which can withstand harsh conditions while maintaining accuracy throughout countless rounds fired preserving durability long term.

Can I build my own ar 1s5lower using parts off shelf?

Yes! You can purchase all necessary tools required to assemble/build your own Ar-1s5 Complete Lower Receiver from scratch by ordering them online or purchasing locally if available.Some people prefer building their rifles so they can customize them according themselves giving personal touch taste which cannot achieve using a Complete Pre-assembled Lower Receiver.

However, it is important to note that building your own firearm requires strict adherence to all laws and regulations surrounding the process of manufacturing firearms, so you should only attempt this if you are confident in your knowledge of gun laws.

What is the difference between a billet lower and forged lower?

Billet lowers have been machined from solid blocks of metal – typically aluminum. They are considerably heavier than their forged counterparts but offer superior strength due to their construction technique. During machining processes cnc machines remove excess material which makes for quality looking designs also provide more room play around aesthetics. Billet lowers tend be much more expensive than other types being made by specialist manufacturers hence they appeal to those who take pride in owning unique builds while remaining functional.

Forged AR 15 low receivers use hammering/presses techniques on metallic sheets or castings with heavy pressure along with heat application making them lighter weight compared those made out billets yet still providing resilience needed withstand heavy firing rate without breaking apart easily during use . Forged receivers can also come at less cost since companies like Anderson Manufacturing are producing them en masse which means reduced costs for materials and labor.

Is there any special license required when buying ar 15 complete lowers?

You do not need any special licenses when purchasing an AR 15 complete lower unless you live in California where additional paperwork may be required before purchase (proof residency). However, if your state has restrictions on certain types or features of firearms please familiarize yourself accordingly before making orders online or visiting local shops selling these parts since rules regarding guns ownership differ from one region another often complicating things so better safe than sorry!

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