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AR 15 Custom Takedown Pins: The Ultimate Upgrade for Your Rifle

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AR-15 custom takedown pins are an essential component of any rifle, especially for those who own an AR-15. These pins allow the user to easily disassemble and reassemble their rifle, making cleaning and maintenance a breeze. With so many options available on the market today, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which ones are right for you.

Custom takedown pins offer a variety of benefits compared to standard factory pins. They are often made with higher quality materials such as titanium or aluminum, allowing for increased durability and longevity. Additionally, customization options such as unique designs or colors allow users to personalize their rifles and make them stand out from the crowd.

If you're in the market for new custom takedown pins but aren't sure where to start looking or what features to consider, this article will provide all the information you need. From different materials used in construction to various customization options available on the market today – we've got you covered! So keep reading if you want to learn more about AR-15 custom takedown pins!

AR 15 Custom Takedown Pins: Upgrading Your Rifle for a Better Shooting Experience

When it comes to firearms, customisation is the name of the game. Every shooter has their preferences and modifications that make their guns unique. One popular upgrade for AR-15 enthusiasts is custom takedown pins. These pins are an easy and affordable way to improve your rifle's performance and functionality.

What Are AR 15 Custom Takedown Pins?

Before we dive into why you should consider upgrading your rifle with custom takedown pins, let's discuss what they are exactly. The stock takedown pins on an AR-15 serve as a means to separate the upper receiver from the lower receiver, allowing for cleaning or maintenance.

Custom takedown pins differ in design from factory-installed ones in several ways:

  • Material composition
  • Knurling or texture
  • Length/width
  • Shape

These differences can affect both functionally aspects like ease of assembly/disassembly as well as aesthetic appeal.

Benefits of Upgrading to Custom Takedown Pins

  1. Quick Assembly/Disassembly – The knurling and texture pattern featured on many aftermarket designs provide improved grip surface area making them much easier to remove than standard ones.
  2. Durability – Most commercial models come with stainless steel construction which enhances durability.
  3. Style – Apart from functionality improvements, you can also customize your gun’s appearance by choosing different coloured options available in various shops.
    4 .Affordability – For just a few bucks (usually less than $20) per set, it’s possible enliven up this often-overlooked component without breaking the bank!

Comparisons With Other Types Of Takedowns Pins

The market offers several types of aftermarket upgrades beyond basic replacements:

Push Button QD Swivels

Push-button quick-detach (QD) sling swivels are one such option worth considering instead of conventional components. They allow shooters to attach/detach slings from the rifle with ease, making them ideal for those who frequently move in and out of different firing positions or need to transition between a primary and secondary weapon quickly.

Extended Takedown Pins

Extended takedown pins are another type of aftermarket upgrade available that can be used to replace the factory-installed ones. These are usually longer than standard models which makes it convenient when separating the receivers for cleaning purposes since you don’t have to fumble around as much with pushing through smaller diameter pins.

Tips For Installing Custom Takedown Pins

When installing custom takedown pins on your AR-15, it is important to follow these steps:

1 .Ensure that you use proper tools: punches and a hammer.
2. Follow manufacturer instructions carefully.
3. Do not force anything; if something does not fit correctly, re-check alignment before attempting again using correct force only.
4 .Properly lubricate after installation

Conclusion – Upgrade Your AR 15 Today!

Customizing your AR-15 is an exciting process that can enhance performance while also making it unique among other rifles out there! Upgrading takedown pins is an affordable way of upgrading without compromising quality or functionally aspects like assembly/disassembly time.

Choose from various designs available in shops worldwide at pocket-friendly prices – stainless steel construction ensures durability so go ahead and give your rifle some love today!


What are AR-15 custom takedown pins?

AR-15 custom takedown pins are aftermarket parts that replace the original, factory-installed takedown pins on an AR-15 rifle. These specially designed pins can be customized to fit specific needs or preferences of the shooter and can provide some advantages over standard, off-the-shelf options.

Customizing your takedown pins gives you more control over how your rifle operates. For instance, you might want to swap out the standard hinge pin for one that is easier to remove or install in the field. You could also opt for a pin made from a different material such as titanium which would provide more durability than a standard steel pin.

Apart from functionality improvement, these replacement parts are often used by gun enthusiasts who seek personalised aesthetics in their firearm by selecting colours or designs that suit their style while taking pride in knowing they have something unique.

How do I install custom AR-15 takedown Pins?

Installing new AR 15 custom TDPs is relatively easy and straightforward with no need for professional help. The first step is always safety precautions; ensure the weapon's magazine is removed before proceeding with any installation process.

The next step involves using specialized tools like punch sets suitable for firearms and pushing out the old factory-installed pin(s). After removing them successfully follow it up by replacing them with your customized version at similar positions: rear and front-bottom of upper receiver assembly respectively.

It’s crucial to ensure correct alignment when installing these TDPs since improper placement may cause malfunctions requiring re-installation.

Assembling firearms should not be taken lightly; if there's any doubt regarding proper installation steps consult experts within this field before attempting DIY installs without proper guidance.

What benefits come with using an upgraded TDP on my gun versus stock ones?

Upgrading from stock TDPs presents several benefits depending on selected customization options:

Firstly being able easily remove/assemble the upper receiver from the lower receiver assembly can save time when cleaning or maintenance is required. Secondly, Custom TDPs can be made of more durable materials than factory-installed ones. For instance, titanium-made pins offer greater strength and corrosion resistance compared to their steel counterparts.

Customization options also allow for better ergonomics like knurling that provides improved grip compared to smooth surfaced TDPs which may slip during use.

Finally, aesthetic appeal factors in since custom takedown pins come in various designs and colours if you have a preference for uniqueness.

Can I install AR-15 takedown Pins on my own?

Yes! Changing out your standard AR-15 TDPs with customized versions is an easy process commonly done by gun enthusiasts without professional help. However, ensuring proper alignment of both front-bottom and rear hinges requires special attention since improper placement might result in malfunctions such as difficulty locking bolt carrier group (BCG) into place after installation.

It’s essential before attempting DIY installations; owners should seek guidance from experts within this field regarding correct installation procedures or use online tutorial guides specifically geared towards achieving desired results without damaging expensive firearms.

Where do I get quality custom AR 15 takedown pins?

There are several places one could purchase high-quality replacement parts either online or at local gun stores specializing in firearm modifications depending on location availability.

Online purchases provide customers with access to vast collections of products designed by trusted manufacturers worldwide often accompanied by detailed descriptions making it easier to find suitable products matching individual preferences.

If shopping locally gets favorable then seeking advice from experienced professionals about product authenticity while comparing prices will reduce risk when deciding where best suits personal needs/preferences

When purchasing remember that reputable sellers must provide warranties covering manufacturer defects if they occur within certain periods giving customers peace-of-mind knowing their investments have protection against costly repairs needed unexpectedly later down the line.

In conclusion, upgrading your rifle's stock components adds value not just in terms of performance but the satisfaction that comes with a personalized weapon. Remember to follow safety precautions when handling firearms, and if uncertain about DIY installations, seek guidance from experts to avoid causing damage or firearm malfunctioning.

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