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AR-15 Extended Bolt Release: Enhance Your Rifle’s Performance

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Are you tired of the hassle that comes with releasing the bolt on your AR-15 rifle? Do you often find yourself fumbling with small buttons or awkwardly manipulating the charging handle just to chamber a new round? If so, then it's time to consider an upgrade: The AR-15 extended bolt release.

The extended bolt release is a simple yet highly effective modification that can make all the difference when it comes to ease of use and efficiency. Designed for rapid and intuitive access, this feature allows you to quickly and easily release your rifle's bolt without having to take your eyes off the target or break your firing grip. With its streamlined design and durable construction, this accessory is perfect for anyone who demands speed, precision, and reliability from their firearms.

If you're looking for an easier way to operate your AR-15 rifle without sacrificing performance or control, then read on. In this article we'll explore everything there is know about the AR-15 extended bolt release – from how it works and why it matters, down to choosing the right one for your specific needs. So whether you're a seasoned shooter or just starting out in the world of firearms ownership – buckle up! You are in for a ride full of valuable insights that will help elevate both your shooting skills as well as overall experience as an avid gun enthusiast

AR-15 Extended Bolt Release: A Must-Have Upgrade for Your Firearm

As a gun enthusiast, you know that the AR-15 is one of the most popular rifles in America. It's versatile, customizable and reliable. But like any firearm, it can always benefit from upgrades and modifications to make it even better.

One such upgrade that has gained popularity among AR-15 owners is the extended bolt release. This simple but effective add-on makes operating your rifle easier, faster and more comfortable.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at what an extended bolt release is, why you might want one on your AR-15 and how to install it properly.

What Is an Extended Bolt Release?

A bolt release or bolt catch is a small lever located on the left side of the receiver that allows you to lock back or release the bolt carrier group (BCG) during operation. The standard or factory-installed version of this lever tends to be small in size which means activation can be difficult for some shooters especially those with smaller hands.

An extended bolt release replaces this standard lever with a larger aftermarket design which extends further out than normal thus making it easier for everyone regardless of hand size to operate without much hassle during fast-paced tactical situations having extra time due to reloading can save lives there are many variations made by different manufacturers each having their own unique features while keeping its main function intact they offer increased control over your firearm giving you quick access when needed making them perfect additions also make sure when choosing one compatible with your specific ar model

Why Should You Install an Extended Bolt Release?

There are several reasons why adding an extended bolt release could improve your shooting experience:

Faster Reloads

The first advantage offered by an extended  bolt catch/release is faster reload times since they extend outward beyond normal lengths these releases give users more room for quicker magazine changes allowing dynamic shooting scenarios where speed matters sudden engagements, competitions, self defense all become easier.

Easier Operation

As mentioned earlier, the standard bolt release on an AR-15 can be difficult to activate especially for people with smaller hands or less hand strength. Having a larger and more accessible lever makes it possible for anyone to operate their rifle efficiently without much hassle.

Increased Control

An extended bolt release also provides better control over your firearm in stressful situations since it's easier to reach and operate meaning you'll have a better chance of releasing the bolt carrier group when needed such as during malfunctions or stoppages.

Tips for Installing an Extended Bolt Release

Now that you know why an extended bolt catch/release is beneficial let's discuss how to install one. Although installation may vary depending on which manufacturer's design you opt for most share similar basic steps:

  1. Ensure safety first – always clear your firearm before carrying out any modifications.
  2. Remove the magazine and ammunition from your firearm.
  3. Disassemble  the upper receiver assembly by separating it from the lower receiver group
  4. Locate and remove spring retaining pin located behind current standard bolt catch using punch tool
    5.Use needle nose pliers remove small spring under previous retention pin
    6.Remove existing pushpin holding in place current factory-installed lever then slide off old lever carefully keeping track of installed parts
    7.Slide new aftermarket replacement onto its proper location aligning pushpin holes make sure no other parts are dislodged accidentally
    8.Insert pushpin back into designated holes securing everything again making sure everything is aligned correctly thus avoiding future issues


The addition of an extended bolt release is a simple upgrade that can improve efficiency, comfortability while shooting as well as providing quick access during emergency situations only takes few minutes installing giving so many advantages during use whether competing or defending yourself consider investing some time researching best options available allowing faster reloads increased control at low cost relatively speaking upgrade today!


What is an AR-15 extended bolt release and how does it work?

An AR-15 extended bolt release is a custom modification that improves the overall functionality of an AR-15 rifle. It replaces the original bolt catch, which can be easily reached with a finger or thumb for locking back the bolt in place. The extended version allows for quicker, more reliable and effortless reloads by extending the size of your standard button.

Once installed, it provides easy access to lock back on empty chambers while providing enough surface area to allow you to hold onto your weapon without any added stress or discomfort from constantly having to reach around and overhand grip like you do with most traditional-style releases.

In essence, when using this type of modified part in conjunction with other accessories such as magazine extensions or ambidextrous controls – you will have greater control over your weapon when reloading quickly under stressful situations where every second counts.

Why do people use an AR-15 extended bolt release?

There are several reasons why people choose to upgrade their standard-issue Bolt Release Button on their rifles.

Firstly, many people find that having a larger surface area makes reloading easier during high-stress situations where dexterity may degrade due to adrenaline rush.

Secondly, some users have reported experiencing malfunctions related directly caused by needing multiple attempts in order successfully initiate a quick reload because they couldn't find their original button fast enough otherwise resulting into fumbling around trying located them again causing delays between shots fired down range which could compromise safety

Thirdly these modifications provide more leverage allowing one hand operation making reloading much easier especially if holding onto extra gear such as additional magazines while also keeping both eyes focused downrange.

How difficult is it install an AR-15 Extended Bolt Release Button?

The installation process requires basic mechanical skills; however its ease may vary depending on experience level and familiarity with working firearms parts. For those who are not familiar with gunsmithing, it is best to entrust a professional gunsmith for the installation process.

The most important part of the installation process is ensuring that it’s installed correctly and securely. If there are any issues with movement or wobbling after being installed then this could lead to safety concerns during use which can cause malfunctions while firing multiple rounds down range.

Overall, installing an AR-15 Extended Bolt Release Button should be done by someone who has a good understanding of firearms mechanics; somebody who has experience with weapons and knows how to handle them safely.

What materials are commonly used in constructing AR-15 extended bolt releases?

AR-15 Extended Bolt Releases come in various materials such as aluminum alloy, steel or polymer. The type you choose will depend on your preference regarding weight distribution and durability

Aluminum alloy extended bolt release buttons are lightweight yet durable enough for long term usage under extreme conditions where other less sturdy components may fail under similar circumstances.

Steel versions offer greater strength than their aluminium counterparts while some users prefer polymers because they weigh less making quick reloads easier without sacrificing any control over accuracy when using them.

Does every shooter need an AR-15 extended bolt release?

It depends on what kind of shooting you plan on doing – if speed reloading is essential (e.g., competitive shooting), then investing in one could be advantageous as it provides faster access than traditional style ones do.

However, if your primary focus revolves around hunting or long-range precision target shooting practice where quick follow-up shots aren't critical – then having one might not make much difference overall but still provides added value through improved ergonomics like larger surface area which makes locking back more comfortable from different angles compared to stock options available making rifle handling simpler when under stress situations arise

In conclusion: not every user needs an AR-15 Extended Bolt Release Button; however shooters looking for quicker reloads during high-stress situations would benefit from their use as they provide easier access to the bolt catch button, leading to faster lock-backs when it matters most.

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