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AR-15 Extended Takedown Pins: Upgrade Your Weapon with Easy Disassembly

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AR-15 Extended Takedown Pins – these simple components may seem insignificant to the uninitiated, but they are an essential part of any AR-15 rifle. The takedown pins are responsible for holding together the upper and lower receiver of a rifle. A standard AR-15 has small, easily misplaced takedown pins that can be difficult to remove if you don't have the right tools. This is where extended takedown pins come in.

Extended takedown pins make it easier and faster to take apart your firearm without using any special tools or implements. They provide a better grip than standard-sized ones, allowing you to quickly and easily separate your upper and lower receivers with just your fingers.This feature is especially valuable if you need to clean, repair or inspect parts on your rifle with frequency.

In this article, we will be discussing all things related to AR-15 extended takedown pins – from what they are used for, how they work differently from their standard counterparts,to their benefits,and most importantly which manufacturers produce high-quality ones.You do not want to miss out on this comprehensive guide! Read on more!

AR-15 Extended Takedown Pins: A Comprehensive Guide

As a gun enthusiast, you understand the importance of customisation when it comes to your firearms. One modification that many gun owners have made to their AR-15 rifles is installing extended takedown pins. These small parts may seem insignificant, but they can make a big difference in how quickly and easily you can take down and reassemble your rifle.

What are AR-15 Extended Takedown Pins?

The standard takedown pins on an AR-15 rifle are used to hold the upper receiver and lower receiver together. They allow for quick and easy disassembly of the firearm for maintenance or cleaning purposes. However, these pins can be difficult to manipulate with gloves or under high-stress situations.

Extended takedown pins are essentially longer versions of the standard takedown pins that allow for easier manipulation with gloves or under stressful conditions. They typically measure somewhere between 1/8" – 1/4" longer than standard ones.

Benefits of Using AR-15 Extended Takedown Pins

The primary benefit of using extended takedown pins on your AR-15 rifle is ease-of-use. The extra length makes them much easier to grip when wearing gloves or in other high-stress situations where fine motor skills may be compromised.

Another benefit is that they typically offer a tighter fit than standard takedown pins due to their increased length. This tighter fit can help reduce play between the upper and lower receivers, leading to improved accuracy over time.

Installing extended takedown pins also allows for quicker disassembly and reassembly times during maintenance procedures, which ultimately saves time in critical situations where every second counts.

Comparison: Standard vs Extended Takedown Pins

While there are benefits associated with using extended takedowns over standards ones on an Ar 15 rifle as mentioned above here's some comparison:

Standard Extended
Difficult to manipulate with gloves Easier to manipulate with gloves
Looser fit between upper and lower receivers Tighter fit between upper and lower receivers
Cheaper option Slightly more expensive option
Takes longer to disassemble/reassemble rifle during maintenance procedures Quicker disassembly/reassembly times

Tips for Choosing AR-15 Extended Takedown Pins

When choosing extended takedown pins for your AR-15 rifle, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Firstly, consider the length of the pins. They come in various lengths ranging from 1/8" – 1/4". Ensure that you choose one that is comfortable for you to handle.

Secondly, check the material used in manufacturing these extended takedown pins. A high-quality pin made of durable materials will last longer than cheaper alternatives.

Finally, make sure that the manufacturer provides clear installation instructions or consult a professional gunsmith if necessary.


In conclusion, installing an extended takedown pin on your AR-15 rifle may seem like a minor modification but can bring significant benefits such as easier manipulation when wearing gloves or under stress situations and quicker disassembly/reassembly times during maintenance procedures leading up better accuracy over time due no play between upper and lower receiver which standard ones don't provide. With careful consideration when choosing an extended takedown pin suitable for your needs, this simple upgrade can improve overall functionality while adding value to your firearm collection.


What are AR-15 extended takedown pins?

AR-15 extended takedown pins are modified versions of the standard AR-15 takedown pins. These small metal components attach the upper and lower receivers of an AR-15 rifle together. The modification to these parts is that they have been made longer than standard pins, allowing for easier assembly and disassembly of the firearm.

The extra length on these extended takedown pins makes it much easier for an individual to take apart their weapon and clean it thoroughly, especially in comparison to a regular-sized pin. Standard sized-takedowns can be difficult to grip securely, which can make them challenging to remove or insert properly into the receiver during cleaning or maintenance.

Additionally, some users find that having longer takedown-pins makes it easier for quick disassembly in high-stress situations such as changing out malfunctioning parts on-the-fly.

Are all Extended Takedown Pins compatible with my Weapon System?

Compatibility will depend on your particular rifle platform since there is no standardized size or design among manufacturers producing Extended Takedowns. Before purchasing any set of extended-take-downs you should double-check compatibility with your specific variant model.

While many retailers sell “universal” fitment sets by quality manufacturers like KNS Precision and Strike Industries who meet industry-standard specs – Those who want peace-of-mind should verify via brand homepages or Rifle Forum communities prior purchase.

What benefits do Extended Take Down Pins offer over Standard Size ones?

Extended take down-pins offer several advantages over traditional sizes; one significant advantage is improved ergonomics when field stripping your weapon system without tools: providing greater control while cleaning firearms due to ease-of-use compared against factory-spec alternatives.

Another benefit from aftermarket options may also include added durability from materials used (such as corrosion-resistant stainless steel), reducing long-term wear-and-tear stress caused by repeated use/abuse.

Some users report improved accuracy from the improved lock-up found with extended pins, which can be a result of less movement between upper and lower receiver components.

What materials are AR-15 Extended Takedown Pins made of?

Extended takedown-pins come in a variety of materials. The most commonly used material for these parts is stainless steel due to its high resistance to corrosion and long-lasting durability. However, some individuals may prefer aluminum or other lightweight alloys for their rifles to reduce weight where possible.

Depending on your particular weapon system configuration, you may find that different material types can provide benefits like improved reliability or easier maintenance tasks (such as cleaning). As when choosing any replacement component research prior purchase is always best-practice.

Can I install Extended Takedown Pins myself?

Yes! Installing extended takedown pins is an easy process that typically requires only the use of simple hand tools such as pliers or pin punches.

The first step would involve identifying the location where your standard sized-takedowns are located; note: one will be longer than another since they both serve slightly different functions when locking together your upper/lower receivers.

Once removed, insert new set and reattach all necessary hardware using tooling you already have on-hand; it’s important not to overtighten screws which could damage threading on internal components/systems during installation – especially if working with aftermarket options.

In conclusion

AR-15 extended takedown pins are an excellent upgrade option for anyone looking to make their rifle more user-friendly while also providing added durability over time.

When making purchasing decisions related upgrades – compatibility should always take priority foremost followed by product build quality/reputable brands known within firearm communities.

Ultimately if installed correctly they offer significant improvements in ease-of-use during regular maintenance/heavy-duty cleaning scenarios without breaking through ammunition savings potential due being priced affordably relative against similar upgrade options available from OEM factory brands.

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