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AR 15 Flip Up Sights Reviews: The Best Options for Precision Shooting

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Flip up sights for AR 15 are an essential accessory for every gun enthusiast. They provide added accuracy and ensure that you hit your targets with precision. There are countless options available on the market, making it a daunting task to select the best flip-up sight for your AR 15.

To make this process easier, we have compiled a comprehensive review of some of the best flip-up sights available today. Our team has spent weeks testing different sights, assessing their quality and functionality to bring you an honest and unbiased review.

In this article, we will delve deep into these flip-up sights' features, discussing what makes them stand out from others in their category while outlining both their pros and cons. So stay tuned as we take you on a journey through our top picks of flip up sights for AR 15s!

Flip Up Sights for AR 15 Reviews: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to shooting with an AR 15, flip up sights are critical components that can significantly enhance your accuracy and ensure you hit your targets without fail. These sights come in a wide variety of designs and configurations, making it challenging to determine the best one for your needs.

In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive review of the best flip up sights for AR 15. We will also discuss different aspects such as benefits, comparisons, and tips when using these sights.

Benefits of Using Flip Up Sights on Your AR-15

Flip-up sights offer several unique benefits that make them indispensable accessories when using an AR-15 rifle. Here are some reasons why:

Accuracy Enhancement

One significant advantage of flip-up sights is their ability to improve accuracy by providing better alignment between the shooter's eyes and the target. This feature is particularly crucial when shooting at long ranges or small targets.


Most high-quality flip-up sight models are made from aircraft-grade aluminum or steel material designed to withstand harsh conditions over extended periods without wear or tear.


Flip-up sight systems offer versatile options that enable shooters to switch between multiple sighting modes depending on their preferences. Some models even allow users to co-witness iron-sighted optics if desired.

Top Picks: The Best Flip Up Sights for Your Rifle

Choosing from different brands' numerous offerings can be daunting; here we have provided our top picks based on performance quality features price etc., so you do not have too much hassle in determining which product suits you best;

Brand Model Material
Magpul MBUS Rear Gen Polymer
Troy Industries Micro HK Style Front & Rear Hardened Steel
Diamondhead USA Polymer Diamond Rear Polymer
Midwest Industries Inc. Combat Rifle Sight Set Aluminum

Magpul MBUS Rear Gen

The Magpul MBUS Rear Gen is a polymer flip-up sight that offers the best value for your money with its low price and high-performance ratio. The rear sight has an adjustable aperture design that allows users to customize their sights based on environmental conditions.

Troy Industries Micro HK Style Front & Rear

The Troy Industries Micro HK Style Front & Rear flip-up sights are made from hardened steel, making them one of the most durable options in the market today. They offer micro click windage adjustments, ensuring you get spot-on accuracy even when shooting at long range targets.

Diamondhead USA Polymer Diamond Rear

One of the unique features of this set is its patented diamond-shaped apertures allowing for lightning-fast target acquisition under any lighting condition.

This model's front/rear set provides excellent accuracy combined with excellent durability as it can withstand harsh environmental conditions without wear or tear due to its lightweight polymer construction.

Tips When Using Flip Up Sights on Your AR-15

To maximize your performance and get more out of using flip up sights here are some tips we would like to provide;

  1. Invest in quality – always go for reputable brands known for producing reliable products.
  2. Practice often – just like anything else, practice makes perfect; use these accessories frequently so you can familiarize yourself with how they work.
  3. Master zeroing – ensure that your rifle's zero before adding any accessories such as flip-up sights; this simple step will save you lots of time and frustration later.


Flip up sights add significant enhancements when using an AR 15 rifle by increasing accuracy levels while proving versatility and durability benefits alongside other advantages.

When looking for a suitable model amongst numerous brands available in today's market, it is essential to choose reputable brands and ones with features that suit your needs.

By following our tips, you can maximize the full potential of using flip-up sights when shooting with your AR 15 rifle.


What are flip-up sights for AR-15 rifles?

Flip-up sights for AR-15 rifles are backup iron sights that can be used in case your primary optic fails or needs to be removed. These types of sights sit at the same height as standard M16/M4 front and rear sight posts, allowing users to transition seamlessly between their primary and backup sighting systems.

Flip-up iron sights are perfect for those who want a reliable sighting option without the need to rely solely on an electronic optic. They're designed with sturdy materials such as aircraft-grade aluminum or polymer, making them durable enough to withstand harsh conditions.

Why do I need flip-up sights for my AR-15 rifle?

Flip-up iron sights provide an extra layer of protection against failure in any situation where your electronic optics may not function properly. Whether it's due to battery drainage or damage from impact, having a reliable set of flip-ups ensures you won't have issues aiming downrange when you need it most.

Additionally, many gun enthusiasts prefer using flip-ups over traditional fixed irons because they allow them more flexibility in customization without compromising accuracy. Flip-ups can also help improve accuracy by providing a wider range of adjustments than fixed irons offer.

How do I install flip up-sights on my AR-15 rifle?

Installing new flip up-sights onto your AR-15 rifle is simple and straightforward if you follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully. Generally, installation involves removing any existing sight assemblies before attaching each component separately with screws provided by the manufacturer.

Afterward, test fire your weapon before heading out into the field so that you can make sure everything is secure and aligned properly while shooting at different distances.

Alternatively, if you're doubtful about installing anything yourself (or just don't want to), there plenty of gunsmiths available who will handle all aspects of installation professionally so that everything runs smoothly right off-the-bat!

What should I look for when shopping for flip up-sights?

When buying flip-up sights, it's important to consider several key factors. First, you'll want to check the quality of materials used in their construction. High-quality aluminum or polymer will ensure that your sights are durable enough to withstand impacts and harsh conditions.

Next, take a look at how easy they are to install and adjust. Some manufacturers offer tools or instructions which can help make installation simpler while others require more work on your part.

Finally, don't forget about price! While many models come at affordable prices without sacrificing quality or functionality there may be some pricier options available depending on what features you're looking for in your sight set up.

What are some highly recommended flip-up sights for AR-15 rifles?

There are plenty of great options out there when it comes to choosing the right set of backup iron sights suitable for any AR-15 rifle owner's needs. Here are five excellent choices:

  1. Magpul MBUS
  2. Troy Industries Folding BattleSight
  3. Diamondhead USA Polymer Flip-Up Sight Set
  4. GG&G Spring Actuated A2 BUIS Frontsight Post – For Tactical Forearms & Gas Blocks (GGG-1245)
  5. Midwest Industries Combat Rifle Sights

With any one of these top-rated sets installed onto your rifle platform, you'll have peace-of-mind knowing these backup irons will always provide reliable aiming if something goes wrong with other sighting options available!

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