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AR 15 Free Float Tube: Ultimate Guide and Recommendations

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The AR-15 Free Float Tube is an essential component for those who own an AR-15 rifle. It provides a stable platform for the barrel, which enhances accuracy and enables smoother target acquisition. The free float tube is designed to replace the traditional handguard of the rifle, creating a gap between the barrel and forearm. This allows for better thermal dissipation, reducing heat transfer to your hands while firing.

Due to its popularity among gun enthusiasts and military personnel, there are numerous options available in terms of material type, length of rail system, diameter size and weight. Whether you're looking for something lightweight or heavy-duty that can withstand extreme conditions in combat zones – there's an option out there that will meet your specific needs.

In this article we'll take a closer look at some of the best AR-15 free float tubes on offer in today's market; providing you with insights into their features so you can make an informed decision when it comes time to purchase one yourself. So if you're interested in optimizing your shooting experience with improved accuracy and reduced recoil – read on!

AR 15 Free Float Tube: A Comprehensive Guide

If you're looking to upgrade your AR 15 rifle's accuracy, stability, and overall performance, then you might want to consider investing in a free float tube. The free float tube is an essential component of the rifle that can make a big difference in how it handles and performs.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the AR 15 free float tube. We will discuss its benefits over traditional handguards on an AR-15 platform. We'll also compare some of the best products currently available on the market.

What Is A Free Float Tube?

A free-float tube is a type of handguard that attaches to your rifle without touching or interfering with its barrel or gas system. This design allows for more consistent and accurate shot placement as it eliminates any potential stress points created by mounting accessories directly onto your barrel.

Another advantage of using this kind of handguard is that it provides more real estate for mounting various accessories such as flashlights, bipods, lasers etc., providing greater flexibility for shooters who usually have specific setup preferences.

Benefits Of Using An AR-15 Free Float Tube

There are numerous benefits when upgrading from factory-installed parts to more specialized components such as ar-15 free-floating tubes; here are some key advantages:

Better Accuracy

One significant benefit why most gun enthusiasts prefer this type compared with standard types (like drop-in) rests on their ability to improve accuracy significantly by eliminating sling tension against barrel pressure caused by direct attachment points between stock designs creating deviations in shots fired from point-of-aim downrange within longer distances – which could make all difference between hitting bullseye targets or missing entirely!

Improved Heat Dissipation

AR-15 rifles get hot fast! This becomes even worse during rapid firing sessions where heat builds up quickly causing barrels overheat leading degradation surface layers affecting shooting performances eventually hurting guns lifespan. Free float tubes help in dissipating heat from your barrel, helping to keep it cool and preventing overheating allowing you to shoot for longer and more reliably.

Increased Modularity

Using a free-float tube provides more room for accessories such as tactical lights, lasers sights along with other rifle upgrades like bipods etc. This increased real estate enables shooters to have better control over their rifles' setups that are tailored specifically towards individual preferences during shooting activities enhancing overall performance.

Comparison Of The Best AR-15 Free Float Tubes

Here are five of the best ar-15 free-floating tubes currently available on the market today:

Brand Length (inches) Weight (oz.) Material
M-Lok by Aero Precision 12" – 15" 11 oz Aluminum
Rise Armament RA902 10",12", &14" 13 oz
MAGPUL MLOK 9.5"-13"
Radian Weapons Raptor 7"-9",&12" 6.1oz
Fortis Switch 7"&14" 4 oz

When choosing an AR-15 free float tube, there are many factors to consider such as weight and length; however, most importantly is material quality since it affects affordability while maintaining durability.

Of all these choices above that stand out due their popularity amongst users online include Rise Armament RA902 because they're known for producing high-quality products at affordable prices made with premium materials coming in various lengths customised according shooter's preference without compromising accuracy or modularity.

Another popular choice is MAGPUL MLOK whose main strength lies in its lightweight construction making them ideal when looking for mobility during outdoor shooting sessions where hunters need quick movements while having excellent stability even when firing off-hand stances.

Tips For Buying An AR-15 Free Float Tube

When considering an AR-15 free float tube, it's important to take into account the length and weight of these upgrades. Longer barrels will generally provide better accuracy at longer ranges while also being slightly heavier; therefore, you should balance your needs accordingly based on what you plan to do with your rifle regularly.

It's also essential that you pay attention to material quality since this factors heavily in cost versus durability factor. Generally speaking, aluminum is a popular choice due its affordability and low density compared with other metals like steel or titanium making them ideal for most shooters' applications without compromising accuracy or modularity.

Lastly, before making any purchasing decisions online – make sure read reviews from customers who have used the product already so that their experiences can help guide decision-making process ensuring satisfaction once delivered finally!


In conclusion, if you're looking for improved stability and performance out of your ar 15 rifle then investing in a free float tube is definitely worth consideration upgrade over traditional handguards which come as standard equipment on most rifles sold today. With so many options available on market right now particularly those mentioned above – finding perfect fit can be daunting task but ultimately rewarding experience leading smoothly towards shooting excellence!


What is an AR 15 free float tube?

An AR 15 free float tube, also known as a handguard, is an essential component of the rifle. It functions to protect your hands from the heat generated by firing and gives you better control over your weapon. The "free-float" aspect refers to its design, which allows the barrel of the rifle to be completely isolated from any external forces that may affect accuracy.

In other words, when using a traditional handguard or stock plastic guard on an AR-15 there are points where it comes in contact with the barrel which can cause vibrations during firing and affect accuracy. A free-floating handguard eliminates these issues by mounting directly onto or around your upper receiver without contacting either it or your barrel at all.

The result is improved accuracy and overall performance for shooters who demand precision from their equipment. Free-floating tubes come in different lengths, materials, shapes, and designs allowing you to customize them based on individual preferences.

Why should I upgrade my AR 15's standard handguard with a free float tube?

Upgrading from a standard plastic guard that may have been included with your rifle package will provide several advantages over conventional guards such as enhanced shooting comfort due to reduced heat transfer while also allowing for greater customization options for accessories like lights or laser sights if desired which cannot be installed on stock rifles very easily if at all!

A modernized look might not be enough motivation alone; however upgrading provides more stability because they make contact only where they need too rather than causing pressure along various points throughout their length leading towards less wear-and-tear damage over time making them more durable long-term investments compared against cheaper alternatives out there today.

Another advantage of this upgrade would be weight reduction since aluminum alloy construction often uses denser materials resulting in light-weight additions that don't add bulkiness but instead improve handling capabilities providing faster follow-up shots even under stress situations thanks largely due reduced recoil sensations felt by the shooter.

What are some factors to consider when choosing a free float tube for my AR 15?

There are various types of handguards available in the market, and you should choose one that suits your needs. When deciding on which handguard to purchase, take into consideration many different factors. The first factor is its length; choose one that fits your rifle's barrel length without looking too long or short out of proportion with other aspects like style design etc., while also keeping within your budget constraints.

Another aspect worth considering is attachment methods: Some options may require gunsmithing skills while others can be an easy DIY install requiring only a few basic tools and minimal experience/knowledge as well as compatibility with any accessories already owned or desired.

Materials used in construction should also be thought about carefully — titanium, aluminum alloy & carbon fiber all have their pros/cons so research beforehand before making final decisions based on individual needs/preferences along with potential trade-offs such as price point versus weight reduction goals if applicable.

Finally – Practical concerns include heat dissipation abilities due to prolonged high-temperature exposure during firing sessions along with overall grip quality since it’d impact how comfortable firearm feels while being held throughout extended periods ultimately affecting accuracy levels attained during live-fire exercises at shooting ranges or competitions alike!

How do I install a free float tube on my AR 15?

Installing an AR-15 Free Float Tube may seem intimidating at first but following these simple steps will help make it easier for you:

  1. First, disassemble your rifle according to manufacturer's instructions ensuring safety measures are followed.
  2. Remove existing components including delta ring assembly/muzzle device (if necessary) using proper tools such as spanners/wrenches where needed.
  3. Install new gas block (if included) onto receiver section aligned properly according specs listed product documentation using torque wrench if advised/specified otherwise.
    4.Mount clamps / rails onto upper receiver section of rifle & attach free float tube over these clamps/rails securely so it doesn't move or twist while in use.
  4. Double-check all connections are tight, install any desired accessories and reassemble the rifle according to manufacturer's instructions after ensuring everything is secured properly.

What are some popular brands of AR 15 free float tubes?

There are many different manufacturers offering a variety of options when it comes to selecting an AR-15 Free Float Tube. Some well-known and reputable brands include Magpul Industries, Aero Precision, BCM (Bravo Company Manufacturing), Daniel Defense – just name few from short-listed companies for quality products and customization opportunities available that cater towards individual preferences regarding style/design/materials used etc., which make them ideal choices when looking for reliability coupled with features/functionality!

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