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AR-15 Full Auto Bolt Carrier: Everything You Need to Know

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The AR-15, also known as the Armalite Rifle, is a popular firearm among gun enthusiasts. This semi-automatic rifle has been around since the 1960s and has undergone several modifications over time. Today, we will be discussing one such modification – the AR-15 full auto bolt carrier.

The bolt carrier group is a vital component of any firearm, and this holds true for the AR-15 as well. With an automatic bolt carrier group installed in your rifle, you can convert it into a fully automatic weapon that fires rounds rapidly with just one pull of the trigger. However, before we dive deeper into how to install this modification or its legality status in various states/countries, let's understand what exactly is an AR-15 full auto bolt carrier and how does it work?

If you're curious to know more about this topic or considering modifying your own rifle with an AR-15 full auto bolt carrier; stay tuned! In this article next section we will be covering everything there is to know about making this upgrade – from its functioning mechanism to legal restrictions that come along with it.

AR 15 Full Auto Bolt Carrier: The Ultimate Guide

If you're a gun enthusiast, you've probably heard of the AR 15 rifle. It's one of the most popular rifles in America and has been around for more than six decades. One crucial component that makes up this rifle is the bolt carrier group (BCG). And if you're looking to increase your firing speed, then an AR 15 full auto bolt carrier is what you need.

What is an AR 15 Full Auto Bolt Carrier?

Before we delve into why an AR-15 full auto bolt carrier might be a good choice for your weapon, let's first explain what it is.

The BCG or bolt carrier group contains three primary components – a bolt assembly, gas key with fasteners and firing pin retaining pin. The mechanism inside makes it possible to fire multiple rounds without having to pull the trigger each time manually.

An automatic or full-auto BCG allows semi-automatic firearms like the popular Ar-15 rifle platform to perform like fully automatic firearms by increasing their rate of fire significantly.

Comparing Semi-Auto and Full-Auto BCGs

The two types are quite similar in shape but have some differences when it comes down to functionality:

Semi-Automatic BCGs

Semi-auto BCgs are designed for use with civilian-style rifles that comply with state and local regulations. They work by releasing only one round from your firearm every time you press its trigger.

Fully Automatic (Full-Auto) BCGs

On the other hand, fully automatic carriers provide higher precision when shooting at targets because they allow greater control over how many rounds get fired per second — these devices can shoot as much as hundreds of bullets every minute.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Bolt Carrier Group

Here are some reasons why upgrading your standard semi-auto BCg will change things entirely:

  1. Increased Accuracy – With more precise functionality, full-auto BCGs improve accuracy by ensuring that rounds are fired consistently and precisely.

  2. Faster Firing Rate – The firing rate of a semi-automatic rifle is limited by the user's ability to pull the trigger quickly. By contrast, upgrading to an automatic bolt carrier group can help increase your firing speed significantly.

  3. Better Functioning- When it comes down to performance and durability, an AR 15 Full Auto Bolt Carrier provides better functioning than its semi-automatic counterpart.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect AR 15 Full Auto Bolt Carrier

If you want your firearm to function efficiently and achieve higher accuracy rates when shooting at targets,

  1. Go for Quality – Ensure that you purchase from reputable manufacturers like Bravo Company Manufacturing (BCM), Spike's Tactical or Geissele Automatics Industries Inc., who have been around for years producing quality products.

2.Mil-Spec Parts – Your full auto BCG must include mil-spec parts such as Carpenter 158 steel bolt, HPT & MPI tested with chrome-lined interior so it doesn't wear out anytime soon

3.Cost Consideration: Keep in mind that going automatic will cost more than staying with a standard semiautomatic carrier; therefore, make sure you budget accordingly before purchasing any upgrade kit.


An AR-15 rifle is undoubtedly one of the most popular firearms in America due to its versatility and ease of use. Upgrading your gun with an automatic or full-auto bolt carrier group improves accuracy while increasing firing speed significantly.

In conclusion, investing in a high-quality full auto BCG can take your firearm up another notch if used correctly; ensure that you follow our tips above when choosing one so as not to waste time spending money on sub-par products which won't provide optimal results.


What is an AR-15 full auto bolt carrier?

An AR-15 full auto bolt carrier is a component of the rifle's mechanism that facilitates its automatic firing capabilities. The bolt carrier operates within the upper receiver, moving back and forth to load rounds into the chamber before firing them. The term "full auto" refers to the ability of this particular type of bolt carrier to allow for continuous fire without having to manually pull back on the trigger after each shot.

The difference between a standard semi-automatic AR-15 and one equipped with a full-auto capability lies in how quickly it can shoot bullets downrange. With a semi-automatic firearm, you have to squeeze the trigger once per bullet fired, but with an automatic weapon like an M16 or military-style rifles such as AK series or M4/AR platform rifles fitted out with fully automatic features including Full Auto Bolt Carrier groups your firearms will continuously fire until you release pressure from your finger on their triggers.

It's worth noting that owning or using fully-autonomous weapons content requires special licensing from ATF (Bureau Of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms & Explosives).

How does an AR-15 full auto bolt carrier work?

When pulled back by recoil energy generated by shooting off previous round(s), then released by spring tension inside buffer tube assembly – A properly installed Full Auto Bolt Carrier group allows rapid cycling without being affected negatively due-to heat buildup caused by high volume shooting activities; this improves accuracy while reducing wear & tear which ensures long-term reliability under extreme conditions.

A typical cycle starts when you pull your ar 15 trigger; causing hammer (or striker) fall which hit primer igniting powder causing gas build-up pushing bullet through barrel forcing BOLT CARRIER GROUP rearward inside RECEIVER EXTENSION TUBE until it hits RECOIL SPRING where tubes compresses allowing cyclical action continued forward momentum delivering additional rounds accurately.

It means if you have proper training in handling these types of weapons, you can effectively unleash a significant amount of firepower in seconds. However, the ability to fire continuously also makes these firearms more challenging to control and less accurate than their semi-automatic counterparts.

Is it legal to own an AR-15 full auto bolt carrier?

Owning an AR-15 full auto bolt carrier is legal only if you have the appropriate license from ATF. The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms & Explosives regulates ownership and use of automatic firearms through a licensing system that requires extensive background checks and fingerprinting before approval.

If you are interested in obtaining one for your rifle, it's highly recommended that you consult with licensed professionals knowledgeable about federal regulations on weapon modifications.

What benefits do I get from using an AR-15 full auto bolt carrier?

The primary advantage of using a Full Auto Bolt Carrier Group is rapid-fire capability without having to manually cycle between shots as other rifles require (unless set up with Binary Trigger or similar). This means quicker follow-up shots during combat situations (home defense) or faster target acquisition while shooting at ranges practice sessions where reaction time counts most.

Another benefit associated with this type of component is longevity due-to its construction quality; materials used typically offer better heat resistance through prolonged firing activities which increases overall lifespan ensuring reliability when needed most under extreme conditions such as military operations in harsh environments overseas or via Law Enforcement activities domestically within United States Borders).

How easy is it to install an AR-15 full auto bolt carrier?

Installation process should only be done by experienced gunsmiths since improper installation can lead not just poor performance but dangerous malfunctions putting shooters at risk.

When installing Full Auto Bolt Carrier group yourself ensure all parts fit correctly paying close attention any deficiencies ensuring no major defects exist prior assembly completion check each component functionally individually verifying they work correctly under required parameters for optimal performance after installation has been completed.

However, once installed by a professional gunsmith following manufacturer's instructions, the full-auto bolt carrier group should operate smoothly without any issues arising.

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