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AR-15 Full Auto Safety Selector: Choosing the Best Option for Your Rifle

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The AR-15 full auto safety selector is a crucial component of the popular firearm. It is one of the most important features that contributes to the safety and efficiency of its operation. This small but significant mechanism helps users control when and how their firearm discharges, giving them greater accuracy and peace of mind.

Many gun enthusiasts know that selecting the right AR-15 full auto safety selector can make all the difference in their shooting experience. However, choosing from among various models can be confusing for those who are new to firearms or not well-versed in technical details. With so much at stake, it's essential to find reliable information about this specific feature before making any decisions.

In this article, we will delve into everything you need to know about AR-15 full auto safety selectors – from what they are and how they work to different types available on today's market. By reading on, you'll gain valuable insight into one of the vital components that contribute significantly towards a safe shooting experience with your beloved firearm – The AR-15 Full Auto Safety Selector!

AR-15 Full Auto Safety Selector: Everything You Need to Know

If you're familiar with firearms, you know that the AR-15 is one of the most popular rifles in America. With its versatility and customizability, it's no wonder why gun enthusiasts love this weapon. One of the essential parts of an AR-15 is the safety selector.

In this article, we'll be discussing everything there is to know about AR-15 full auto safety selectors – how they work, their benefits and drawbacks, and some tips on choosing a good one.

What Is an AR-15 Safety Selector?

An AR-15 safety selector or "selector switch" is a small part located on either side of your rifle's lower receiver. It allows you to choose between three different positions: safe (the trigger cannot be pulled), semi-automatic (fires one round per trigger pull), and full automatic (fires continuously as long as the trigger is held down).

The ability to switch between firing modes makes the rifle more versatile for various types of shooting activities such as hunting or target practice.

How Does It Work?

When pulling back on an unlocked bolt carrier group handle located at the rear end of your upper receiver assembly chambered by a magazine attached via release button beneath said assembly — which would then load rounds into position — it will create pressure against gas tube piston inside barrel extension walls that propels bullet through barrel interior out towards whatever target lies ahead; however before reaching its intended destination another small mechanism must engage first – specifically speaking about our topic today – The Safety Selector Switch!

The way it works can vary depending on what type you have installed in your rifle. For example:

  • A standard mil-spec selector has three positions: safe, semi-auto, and burst.
  • Some aftermarket selectors offer more customization options like adjustable pre-travel or over-travel distances.
  • Full auto select-fire versions are only available for military personnel or law enforcement agencies.
  • A binary trigger is a newer technology that allows for semi-automatic and full-auto firing modes with just one trigger pull.

Benefits of an AR-15 Safety Selector

The main benefit of having a safety selector on your AR-15 rifle is the ability to switch between different firing modes depending on what you need. In addition, it also provides added security by preventing accidental discharges when the gun is not in use.

Another benefit of having a safety selector is that they are relatively inexpensive compared to other upgrades you could make to your firearm. You can easily replace your stock selector with an aftermarket option without breaking the bank.

Lastly, some specific models offer customization options such as adjustable pre-travel and over-travel distances which allow users to fine-tune their shooting experience further than before; this feature proves beneficial for competitive shooters who have specific preferences related to how much pressure must be applied before triggering off rounds downrange or those who want more responsive controls (especially useful during stressful situations).


While there are plenty of benefits associated with owning an AR-15 safety selector switch, there are also some drawbacks that come along with it. One major drawback includes potential legal issues if caught using certain types in banned states/cities/areas – especially ones made specifically for military personnel should never be owned by civilians unless licensed accordingly & authorized under proper jurisdiction laws governing them within said locality!

Another drawback includes malfunctions resulting from poor craftsmanship or usage resulting in accidents caused by accidentally engaging fire mode instead safe mode due lack attention paid while handling firearms at all times; as well improper installation causing mechanical failure altogether rendering rifle obsolete until fixed properly again through upgrade replacements parts replacement procedure performed correctly according manufacturer's guidelines listed within product packaging materials.'

Tips For Choosing An AR-15 Safety Selector

When choosing an AR-15 safety selector switch, consider factors such as personal preferences regarding ease-of-use and feel while handling weapons, the type of shooting you plan on doing with your rifle, and what features are most important to you.

It is also essential to conduct proper research before making a purchase regarding different brands available in the market. Some popular options include Geissele Automatics Super Select-Fire (SSF), Radian Weapons Talon Ambidextrous Safety Selector (ASS), and Battle Arms Development Enhanced Modular Selector (EMS) – which all have their own unique set of perks worth exploring further.

Lastly, always remember that safety should be your top priority when handling firearms; make sure you understand how each option works before installing it on your rifle!


In conclusion, an AR-15 full auto safety selector switch can significantly enhance the versatility and functionality of your firearm. With its ability to switch between firing modes quickly and easily while providing added security by preventing accidental discharges – this particular upgrade proves beneficial for those looking for more responsive controls during high-stress situations or competitive scenarios alike!

Remember always practice gun safety procedures properly at all times whenever handling weapons regardless if they come equipped with any specific modifications or not – as such precautions save lives daily around world due lack accidents caused through negligence exercised carelessness along way!


What is an AR-15 full auto safety selector?

An AR-15 full auto safety selector is a device that enables a shooter to switch between semi-automatic and fully automatic modes of fire on an AR-15 rifle. It's essentially a lever or button located near the trigger that allows the shooter to select either "safe," "semi-auto," or "auto" mode, depending on their preference. The device controls whether one round fires per trigger pull (semi-automatic) or multiple rounds fire continuously while holding down the trigger (fully automatic).

It's worth noting that in most cases, ownership of fully automatic firearms is highly regulated in the United States by federal law. As such, it can be difficult for civilians to legally obtain true full auto selectors.

Is it legal to own an AR-15 full auto safety selector?

The legality of owning an AR-15 full auto safety selector depends largely on where you live and what kind of firearm you're attaching it to. In general, possession and use of fully automatic firearms are heavily regulated under federal law.

To legally own a true M16-style firearm with a select-fire option requires thorough background checks by both state and federal authorities as well as paying taxes for special permits under Title II provisions dating back decades known as National Firearms Act (NFA), which also apply silencers/suppressors, short-barreled rifles/shotguns among others..

However some companies sell so called Binary Trigger Systems & Laws regarding them are easily changeable thus may be legal at State level but not Federally if new laws get passed.

AR 15s fitted with burst triggers meanwhile fall into grey area because they aren’t classified traditionally as machine guns yet They do allow multiple rounds per single pull

Full Auto Safety Selectors alone does not make any gun capable firing Fully Automatic since physical modification must also be done internally which would require expertise & could damage gun parts if done improperly.

It's important to research your state and federal regulations before attempting to purchase or use any select-fire device.

How does an AR-15 full auto safety selector work?

An AR-15 full auto safety selector works by controlling the flow of gas that powers the firearm. When a round is fired, some of the gas produced by burning gunpowder is redirected through a small tube located near the barrel. This gas travels back towards the receiver where it pushes on a piston, which in turn drives back the bolt carrier group (BCG).

In semi-automatic mode, this process happens once per trigger pull. The BCG moves backward just far enough to eject spent brass and load another round into position for firing.

In fully automatic mode on M16-style guns with Select-Fire option, pulling and holding down trigger releases sear making hammer move forward as many times as there are rounds available while constantly providing pressure from disconnector & resulting in bursts or constant fire depending how long trigger is pulled.

However Binary Triggers function differently: After pulling both triggers once allowing cartridge casing leaving chamber hammer will reset but not yet touch firing pin at this point adding pressure/resistance onto second stage trigger allows release of hammer creating binary effect giving impression that weapon fired multiple rounds one after another

Can I install an AR-15 full auto safety selector myself?

It is possible for someone with technical skill could attempt installation themselves but its strongly discouraged since incorrect modification might lead not only firing malfunctions but also could potentially make their firearm illegal if altering internal parts according to ATF guidelines triggers machine gun classification

Even if technically feasible it would require understanding precise dimensions required during installation process & thorough knowledge about local laws regulating firearms modification attempts however without expertise trying DIY approach may lead disaster especially regarding modifying mechanism itself instead relying on drop-in kits designed specifically for certain models

It's highly recommended that you seek professional assistance when installing any kind of select-fire device such as an AR-15 full auto safety selector. The process can be complex, and any mistakes made during installation could result in malfunctions or even illegal modification of your firearm.

Where can I purchase an AR-15 full auto safety selector?

Purchasing an AR-15 full auto safety selector is difficult if not impossible since it falls under category of machine gun part hence heavily regulated under NFA & ATF guidelines as mentioned earlier

Binary Triggers technically are legal for use but their legality status may change quickly based on the latest laws enacted by state/federal governments

That being said there are third-party manufacturers that produce specialized triggers that offer a rapid-fire function. These devices do not convert a semi-automatic rifle into fully automatic fire mode, however they allow for quicker follow-up shots in burst firing mode while still being classified as semi-auto by law enforcement agencies.

It's important to research and understand the federal and state regulations governing select-fire devices before attempting to purchase one online or from another source.

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