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AR-15 Laser Mounting Guide: Where to Mount Your Laser for Optimal Accuracy

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When it comes to mounting a laser on your AR-15, there are several factors to consider. The placement of the laser can affect its accuracy and effectiveness, making it crucial for gun enthusiasts to choose the right spot.

As an AR-15 owner, you are likely aware of the importance of precision in shooting. A laser sight can enhance your shooting skills and allow you to hit targets with increased accuracy. However, where should you mount it? This is where things get tricky – choosing a wrong spot can lead to incorrect aim or even cause damage to your firearm.

If you're looking for guidance on "where to mount a laser on an AR-15," then this article is for you. We'll look at various factors that influence optimal placement and provide expert advice so that you can achieve better results from your weapon system. Read on!

Where to Mount Laser on AR-15: Tips and Comparisons

The AR-15 is a versatile rifle that can be customized with various accessories, including lasers. A laser sight can greatly enhance your accuracy and shooting speed, especially in low-light conditions or when you need to engage targets quickly at close range.

But where should you mount the laser on your AR-15? There are several options available, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. In this article, we'll explore the most popular choices for mounting a laser sight on your rifle.

Top Rail

The top rail of an AR-15 is often the first place people think of when it comes to mounting accessories. This rail runs along the top of the receiver and provides ample space for attaching scopes, red dots or other optics as well as lasers.

Mounting a laser sight on this rail has several advantages: it's easy to install and remove; it provides a stable platform for zeroing in your weapon; it won't interfere with other accessories like front sights or flashlights.

However, there are also some downsides to consider. Mounting anything too high up may cause issues if you have cheek weld problems whilst aiming down sights as well causing issues due to being exposed above cover such as walls etc..

Handguard Rail

Another popular option is mounting the laser sight onto one of he handguard rails that run along either side/bottom/top portion of an ar 15 hand guard which offers great stability but requires more effort than simply slapping something onto top rails so might require professional help if done improperly.

This type of mount has some benefits over using only Top Rails such ass being able adjust positioning left/right forward/backward making getting correct alignment easier compared against solely going off just out-of-the-box attachments methods

Note however that not all handguards come equipped with accessory rails so check before purchase/installation

Barrel Mounted

While barrel mounted laser sights were a popular choice for many years, they're less common nowadays due to some significant drawbacks.

One of the biggest issues is that they can interfere with barrel harmonics and accuracy. Additionally, the heat generated by firing your rifle can cause drift in your optics or harm delicate electronics.

There are however benefits to this such as being able to shoot through gaps easily without catching on walls or other cover especially if using a small size laser sight attachment

Grip Mounted

Another option for mounting lasers on AR-15s is using grip-mounted devices which means placing it under trigger guard inside grip of weapon..

While these types of mounts offer great stability and allow you to operate the laser with one hand while holding onto your weapon with another, they do have some downsides as well. The first issue is that you need a specially designed grip which can be costly; secondly since its lower than most other mount points there's higher risk damaging lasers from brushing sands/mud etc..


In conclusion when deciding where exactly should one place their lase sight attachment remember always take into consideration factors like purpose (i.e close combat vs long range) stability provided by each type installation methods along how much effort/time/cost involved attaching them properly depending on experience level might even require help from professional gunsmiths too ensure everything done safely accurately so make sure consider all options before investing any money into additional attachments


Where is the ideal location to mount a laser on an AR-15?

Finding the best spot to place your laser on an AR-15 can be crucial when it comes to accuracy. Ideally, you would want to mount it in a location that offers quick and easy access while also being out of the way of other accessories. The top rail or just below it are popular choices for mounting lasers, as this allows for easy control and adjustment.

Mounting a laser sight directly onto your rifle may seem like an obvious choice but might not always provide optimal results. One reason for this is that mounting a laser too close to the barrel can cause issues with zeroing in at longer ranges since any slight movement in the barrel will translate into significant changes downrange.

Another thing you should consider when selecting where best mount your laser sight is how much useable space there will be around that area once mounted up – such as if there are other accessories (such as flashlights) competing with real estate nearby.

Can I install my own Laser Sight onto my AR-15?

Yes, installing your own Laser Sight onto your AR-15 can be done with ease provided you have some basic tools and knowledge about firearms maintenance. Most modern rifles come equipped with Picatinny rails which offer multiple attachment points for different types of optics including lasers sights.

However, before starting installation yourself, we recommend checking manufacturer’s guidelines thoroughly especially if still under warranty coverage since improper installation could potentially damage both firearm or accessory causing malfunction or accidents from misfire due lack proper safety precautions during assembly process such torque specifications using proper tools like torque wrenches instead haphazardly tightening screws by hand.

Remember also not all lasers sights are created equal so some might require more complicated installation procedures than others depending upon model purchased – one example includes red dot aiming devices which necessitate removal front rear iron If already mounted beforehand making sure room enough available prior beginning steps needed in adding new equipment.

What are the advantages of mounting a laser sight on an AR-15?

Mounting a Laser Sight onto your AR-15 can provide several tactical advantages. One of the most significant benefits is increased accuracy when firing from non-traditional positions or during low light conditions. A red dot or green dot laser sight offers greater visibility compared to iron sights, especially if you're shooting at mid-range distances.

Another benefit is that it allows for quick target acquisition and faster engagement times, which can be critical in situations where seconds count like self-defense scenarios. Also, having a Laser Sight mounted onto your firearm means you won't have to rely just on muscle memory and instinct alone but instead have visual cues guiding aim placement reducing stress levels further increasing proficiency understanding firearm handling skill set while under pressure.

Are there any downsides to mounting lasers on my AR-15?

While there are many benefits associated with using lasers sights for firearms, there are also some potential disadvantages that should be considered before making any modifications.

One disadvantage is that they require batteries which can drain quickly depending upon frequency usage – this means you need always carry spare batteries when going out shooting trips lest face real emergencies where your life may depend upon it needing functioning equipment not compromised by lack power other unforeseen issues such as ammunition jams misfires due negligence upkeep carelessness while handling weapons.

Another concern about using laser sights is their reliability particularly under conditions extreme weather temperatures humidity since foggy environmental factors could obscure beam path causing significantly lessened effectiveness during shootouts requiring repositioning resulting slower hit targets leading more dangerous outcomes overall safety risk level involved surrounding explosive situations regardless whether civilian criminal enterprise military operations so always best use only high-quality brands reliable accurately calibrated models ensuring maximum performance better survivability chances either way.

Do I need special tools to mount my laser sight onto my AR-15?

Installing a new accessory like lasers or scopes might sound intimidating. However, mounting a laser sight onto an AR-15 is relatively straightforward and requires only basic tools that most gun owners likely already have in their toolkit.

The necessary tools include a screwdriver, torque wrench (optional), Loctite thread locker (recommended), and the correct mounting hardware included with the laser sight kit itself. The process usually involves attaching the base of your laser sight to Picatinny rails along upper receiver before securing it utilizing screws but making sure torque values don't exceed manufacturer's recommendations. It's essential to follow all safety guidelines when handling firearms like wearing protective eyewear or gloves during installation procedures, always unload firearm first checking double verification before starting work also making doubly certain firearm unloaded prior to reassembling afterwards.

If you're unsure about how to install your new Laser Sight onto your AR-15 correctly or lack proper experience working on firearms at home always consult qualified professional gunsmiths for advice guidance since installing anything incorrectly could cause severe damage posing danger both owner others around them requiring swift action remediation preventive measures being taken minimize potential harm risks involved either financially physically emotionally socially thus preventing unwanted legal issues arising down line as well

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