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AR-15 Laser Sights: Enhancing Accuracy and Precision in Shooting

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If you are someone who is looking for ways to enhance the accuracy of your AR-15 rifle, then you might want to consider adding a laser sight. The AR-15 Laser Sight is an accessory that can be easily mounted onto your gun and provides a precise aim point. This device emits a beam of light that allows you to acquire targets quickly and accurately.

The use of the AR-15 Laser Sight has been gaining popularity amongst shooters, both novice and experienced alike. With its increasing demand in the market, many manufacturers have come up with their own versions of laser sights that cater to different needs and preferences.

In this article, we will discuss everything about AR-15 Laser Sights – from their benefits, types available in the market, how they work and how to choose one for yourself. So if you're interested in learning more about this exciting piece of technology for your rifle, keep reading!

AR-15 Laser Sight: Improving Your Aim

If you're looking to improve your aim, an AR-15 laser sight is a must-have accessory. This device projects a beam of light onto your target, allowing you to get a precise view of where your bullet will land. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the benefits of using an AR-15 laser sight and compare some popular models on the market.

Benefits of Using an AR-15 Laser Sight

Improved Accuracy

One of the biggest benefits of using an AR-15 laser sight is that it can significantly improve your accuracy. With traditional iron sights, it can be difficult to line up your shot perfectly every time. But with a laser sight, all you need to do is align the dot with your target and pull the trigger – making for quicker and more accurate shots.

Better Target Acquisition

Another advantage that comes with using an AR-15 laser sight is better target acquisition. Whether hunting or shooting at targets on the range having quick visual access to where you are aiming means much faster adjustments overall.

Range Estimation

An often overlooked benefit from utilizing lasers in conjunction with other technologies available like rangefinders allows for greater estimation abilities when gauging distance in particular situations.

Popular Models Comparison

Now that we've covered some general benefits let's examine specific models available:

Model Price Features
Streamlight TLR $130 800 lumens flashlight/laser combo
Crimson Trace LiNQ $500 Wireless control grip activated green Laserguard paired w/ tactical light unit
Viridian X5L-RS $300 (1) RGB (Green/Red/IR) Laser (2) Tactical Light

Each model has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. The Streamlight TLR is an affordable option that offers a powerful flashlight/laser combo for low light scenarios.
The Crimson Trace LiNQ has wireless control, making it easier to activate the laser sight from your grip while still maintaining excellent accuracy overall. Finally, the Viridian X5L-RS provides two additional colors of lasers (red and IR) alongside its tactical light.

Tips for Using an AR-15 Laser Sight

Always Observe Proper Safety Precautions

As with any firearm component, proper safety precautions are essential when using an AR-15 laser sight. Ensure that you read your device's manual thoroughly before use.

Zeroing in Your Laser

The first step to getting the most out of your new accessory is zeroing in or calibrating the laser on target at a range where you can safely test fire several rounds while adjust as needed.

Battery Replacement

Regularly replacing batteries in accordance with manufacturer recommendations ensures reliability and prevents malfunctions when they are most unwanted.


In conclusion, investing in an AR-15 laser sight can significantly improve accuracy and target acquisition abilities overall. Some models offer additional features such as different colored lasers which may be useful depending on environmental factors or situational requirements but each model should be considered based upon individual needs. Remember always observe proper safety protocols when handling firearms components like these devices & equipment; read manuals thoroughly prior to utilizing them; zero-in/calibrate after installation; Replace batteries regularly according to manufacturer suggestions so as not have unexpected failures during operation times otherwise needed most!


What is an AR-15 laser sight and how does it work?

An AR-15 laser sight is an accessory that attaches to the rifle's barrel or rail system. It emits a focused beam of light onto the target, allowing for increased accuracy when aiming. The laser sight works by projecting a beam of light that aligns with the shooter's line of vision, indicating where the bullet will hit.

The use of a laser sight on an AR-15 rifle can significantly improve shooting accuracy in low-light conditions or situations where targets are difficult to discern. Laser sights project a visible red dot onto your target which appear as if you were using iron sights but without obscuring your field of view.

Can any type of laser be used on an AR-15?

No, not all types of lasers are suitable for use on an AR-15 rifle. The most common types used include red and green lasers because they offer excellent visibility in varying lighting conditions.

Red lasers are typically cheaper and more commonly available than green lasers.They're ideal for use in low-light environments such as indoors or early dawn / late dusk outdoors

Green Lasers usually cost more but provide better visibility during daylight hours making them great outdoor options.They tend to have better battery life than their red counterparts

When choosing a laser specifically designed for firearms be sure to pick one rated at 5mw or lower so as not exceed legal limits.

How do I properly install my new ar 15 Laser Sight?

Installing your new ar 14 lazer requires careful attention since proper alignment ensures optimal performance.Start by removing all ammunition from firearm then disassemble it according manufacturer instructions . This way you'll know exactly what tools will be needed

Once taken apart , find appropriate mounting point which could either one clamp directly onto barrel itself ,or along rail systems around handguard . Once mounted ensure its level before tightening screws down completely.Cross check with bore-sight tool (if available) to double check that the laser is aligned directly with barrel

After tightening everything up, make sure to test fire a few shots and make any necessary adjustments.

Is it legal to use an AR-15 laser sight?

Yes, as long as you comply with all federal and state laws regarding firearms accessories. However It's important to note that some locations may have specific regulations prohibiting its use in certain environments so be sure to check your local laws before using one outdoors or in public areas.

What are some benefits of using an AR-15 laser sight?

Using a laser sight on an ar-15 rifle offers several benefits including improved accuracy , increased speed when aiming for targets at short range distances,giving the shooter a better chance of hitting targets accurately without deviating too much from intended impact point.

Laser sights also provide more flexibility when shooting under low-light conditions by providing visibility where traditional iron sights would fail due tue diminished lighting. Lastly,the addition of the lazer helps new shooters become accustomed quickly since they can easily see where their shots land—allowing them adapt faster than without one

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